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My tardiness in answering your letter was not due to press of business. Do not listen to that sort of excuse; I am at liberty, and so is anyone else who wishes to be at liberty. No man is at the mercy of affairs. He gets entangled in them of his own accord, and then flatters himself that being busy is a proof of happiness.


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「手紙の返信が遅れたのは仕事のせいじゃあないんだ。そんな言い訳をするつもりはないよ。私は自由に生きているし、誰だってそのように生きたいはずだよね。誰も仕事に振り回されている訳ではないよ。でも中には自分から振り回されに行く奴もいてね、忙しくしているのが幸せの証しみたいに思っている勘違い野郎もいるのさ。」 以上、参考まで。





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    Happiness is like an unexpected visitor. You can't command her appearance; you can only appreciate her when she dose show up. And you can't force happiness to happen. But you can make sure you are aware of it when it dose. While you're walking home with a head full of problems, try to notice the sun set the windows of the city on fire. Listen to the shouts of kids playing in the fading light, and fell your spirits rise,just from having paid attention. Happiness is an attitude, not a condition. It is in the present, not in the distant promise of a "someday when ". How much more happiness we experience. If we can fall in love with the life we're living. Happiness is a choice. Reach out for it at the moment it appears. 長い文章ですみません。和訳を教えてください。 よろしくお願いします!

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    英文和訳お願いします。 In general, my music is just quiet because it’s not the kind of music that is supposed to be loud, there is not really anything more to it than that. It would be pretty silly to blast strings and piano at 105db. こちらなのですが、英文和訳をお願いします。どうもthere is not really anything more to it than that.のあたりが不明で・・・。

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    The aim of the physicianin the treatment of insanity is to bring the means at his command to bear, directly or indirectly , on the disordered nerve elemnt. But, in striving to do this, he soon learns with how many bodily organs and functionshe has really to do. to callmind a function of the brain may lead to much misapprehension, if it be thereby supposed that the brain is the only organ which is concerned in the function of mind. There is not an organ in the body which is not in intimate relation with the brain by means of its paths of nervous communication, which has not , so to speak, a special corresopondance with it through internuncial fibres, and which does not, therefore, affect more or less plainly and specially its[ist=the brain's] function as an organ of mind. It is not merely that a parpitating heart may cause anxiety and apprehension, or a disorderedliver[may cause] gloomy feelings, but there are good reasons to believe that eachorgan has its specific influence on the constituiton and function of mind; an influence not yet to be set forth scientifically., because it is exerted on that unconscious mental life which is the basis of all that we consciously feel and think. were the heart of one man to be placed in the body of another it would probably make no difference in the circulation of the blood, but it might make a real difference in the temper of his mind. so close is the physiological sympathy of parts in the commonwealth of the body that it is necessary in the physiological study of mind to regard it as a function of the whole organism, as complehending the whole bodily life.

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    次の二文の和訳お願い致します! The American is not expected to bow without question to the wishes of authority, whether it is found in family,traditions, or some organization. This is now happening in China---where disappering forests and eroding croplands are converging to create a dust bowl of historic dimensions.

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    英文の和訳をお願いします。 A useful tool at this point would be an account of bulimia that is both plausible and parsimonious. It should be plausible in that it fits the known facts about bulimia, and it should be parsimonious in that the phenomenon is not overexplained by many concomitant, nonindependent forces. An appropriate theory should define the people at risk for the disorder as well as those not at risk. A good theory should also describe the process of acquiring the symptoms themselves. None of the existing theories can do all of these things. Although the sociocultural approach can define who is at risk, it neither effectively defines who is not at risk nor how bulimics acquire the binge-eating behavior. The clinical perspective is well suited to defining who is at risk and who is not at risk but has not carefully spelled out how it is that the symptoms are acquired. The epidemiological approach, like the clinical approach, is better suited to defining risk factors than to describing processes of symptom acquisition. I wish to propose a model that is well suited to describing the symptom acquisition process, based on social psychological processes.

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    2つの英文があるのですが、長くて訳しづらいので載せました。 力を貸して下さると助かります!! 1.We do not understand what happiness is any better than Aristotle did, and as for learning how to attain that blessed condition, one could argue that we have made no progress at all. *Aristotle = アリストテレス   *blessed = 恵まれた 2.The fact that the traditional cultural mind-set of the Japanese is based in significant part on the ambiguities as well as the seeming contradictions of life has turned out to be one of the greatest strengths of the Japanese in dealing with the growing complexities of the modern world. よろしくお願いします!

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    大学入試の過去問を解いていて、分かりにくいところがありました。 下記の英文の和訳をお願いします。片方だけでも構いません。 (1) The fundamental nature and meaning of music lie not in objects, not in musical works at all, but in action, in what people do. It is only by understanding what people do as they take part in a musical act that we can hope to understand its nature and the function it fulfills in human life. Whatever that function may be, I am certain, first, that to take part in a music act is of central importance to our very humanness, as important as taking part in the act of speech, which it so resembles, and second, that everyone is born with the gift of music no less than with the gift of speech. (2) So far as I know the word “musicking” does not appear in any English dictionary, but it is too useful a conceptual tool to lie unused.

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    翻訳をしていただけるかた、 お願いいたします。 There will be quarrels, violent verbal quarrels in this relationships, from time to time. When so much bottled up anger will flare up. To remedy this is better not to suppress all the small irritations, until they explode, but to deal with them more calmly one at a time as they arise, instead of letting them build up silently and unspoken into a volcano of rage. The anger in this relationship and quarreling will seem to be triggered by some trivial thing, and will seem to be an over reaction to that trivial thing. But it is really not about the trivial thing at all, that is simply the last straw of a long build up. A load of petty that is held in mind. If you reduce the build up by tacking things as they arise, then there will be no load of anger waiting to triggered by one last thing, everything will be calmer and more reasonable. The other trigger is jalousies. If you both deal with the inner jealousy it will prevent much strife and rows.. You are competitive and trigger the other's impatience and desire to be #1. You are easily irritated with each other for not making you #1, at the same time that you are attracted to one another. The sexual energies between the two of you are strong and can be channeled into sports and or creative projects.

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      If there is one opinion that dominate in the Third World, at least among its politicians and intellectuals, it is that there is little hope for Third World countries to get over poverty unless they free themselves from their present state of dependency on the rich of countries. I think one must begin any discussion of policy choices for the Third World, assenting to this opinion.  It is, in its essence, a correct and very important definition of the situation. This need not mean that one has to assent to the opinion in all its forms. Thus I wouldn't assent to the view that the poverty of the Third World was historically caused by its invasion by Western imperialism, nor that the wealth of the West continues to be based on the sacrifice of the Third World, nor that revolution in the Third World are the only way to change the condition of dependency.  It is to the point, however, to say that much of economic relations between Third World countries and the northern half of the globe is harmful rather than useful for the former. Put simply, in a lot of bargains between the poor and the rich, ( ) get richer and ( ), at best, don't gain much. It is also clear, in the case of the Third World, that development, if it means anything at all must mean a change in this relationship. ( )にはformer かlatterが入るようですが… 1行目から文の構成がいまいちわからず… 2文目のassentingは分子構文?

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    A particular branch of knowledge is chosen, whether about the physical universe as in the sciences or about man himself as in the humanities. The aim of this study is not just to learn new facts, but to relate them to each other in an ordered whole. It is not enough to know things, like a walking encyclopedia. We have to aim at that understanding and wisdom which is the fine fruit of a university education. Thus in the sciences we learn how to draw general conclusions from various facts; and in the humanities we obtain a deeper understanding of human life from the reading of various authors. 長い英文ですがよろしくお願いします