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英訳おねがいします。 We hope you will join in this worldwide circle of prayer, that men and women everywhere may awaken to a greater realization of the divine power within, and that it may be expressed without as peace and fellowship among all people. (http://www.yogananda-srf.org/uploadedFiles/spiritual/prayer/World_W... 引用) それと、1行目の, thatの所がどういう構造になっているのでしょうか。 関係代名詞?なのか良くわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。


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    that は、接続詞です。    すなわち、「世界中の男女」を主語とする文の内容、祈リの目的節の開始マークです。


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  that は、接続詞、関係代名詞ではありません。内容は宗教団体の広告です。





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    Or perhaps we should say rather that the dichotomy between primitive and revealed religions is false, for there is a sense in which all religious are religions of revelation; the world around them and their reason have everywhere revealed to people something of the divine, of their own nature and destiny.

  • 文章の文法的構成と意味について

    Our winter issue of Self-Realization magazine features the following "Prayer for Peace on Earth" by Paramahansa Yogananda, a guided meditation that all can use to help spread peace around the globe. In introducing this powerful invocation of God's blessings, given by Paramahansaji more than 60 years ago, Sri Daya Mata wrote: "I would ask the thousands of devotees today who participate in the Self-Realization Fellowship Worldwide Prayer Circle to join in the spirit of Paramahansaji's timely words by praying daily for world peace and harmony among all peoples and all nations."  上記の2行目の英文の文法的構成と意味について教えてください。  “that(meditationを修飾する文章を繋げている関係代名詞ですね) all can use(関係代名詞で繋がれる文章の中の主なる述語で、みんなが使うことができるという意味ですね) to help spread peace(目的を表現するto-Infinitiveですね。そして動詞はhelpですね。) ”  1. そう致しますと、“spread peace”の“spread”の品詞は形容詞でしょうか?  2. 直訳しますとどうなるでしょうか?  すみません、よろしくお願い申しあげます。

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    長いのですが、英訳お願いします。 困っています…涙。 However secularized our modern civilization may become,this sacred tradition remains like a river in the desert,and a genuine religious education can still use it to irrigate the thirsty lands and to change the face of the world with the promise of new life. The great obstacle is the failure of Christians themselves to understand the depth of that tradition and the inexhaustible possibilities of new life that it contains.

  • 英訳お願いします。

    Here let it be noted for the benefit of any bemused doubting Thomas who may be reading this that Texas Senator John Cornyn called attention to this Obama list of enemies and demanded that Obama stop it.

  • 以下の英訳をお願いします

    Nickel crops may be so productive and profitable that fears that farmers may push for open tropical forests to plant, which heralds another situation, such as palm oil, a cash crop that has damaged the original forests of Borneo.

  • 医学論文英訳

    以下の記述の意味がどうしてもわかりません。大体でいいので、教えてください! The long term effect of a specified absolute reduction in LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and homocysteine expressed as the proportional reduction in the incidence of IHD events and stroke was taken from published sources that were based on systematic reviews of cohort studies.

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    以下の文章の英訳をお願いします。認知心理学に関する論文です。 functional comparison of involuntary and voluntary remembering. Functional accounts of autobiographical memory have postulated three separate purposes for this memory system: directive (helping to guide future behavior), social (enhancing social cohesion among individuals), and self function (helping to facilitate and maintain conceptualizations of the self). White there has been little work done in the area of function with involuntary memories, one study has suggested that they may have functions which in many ways overlap with these three functions. It makes sense that involuntary remembering and voluntary remembering would have the same or overlapping functions, as both should be serving the larger purposes of autobiographical memory . However, involuntary remembering may have unique functions that voluntary remembering could not logically have. Involuntary memory chaining, which results from voluntary memories, is a good case in point. Mace demonstrated that involuntary memory chains resulted from memories produced voluntarily on an autobiographical memory task. As virtually all of these memories were related to the targets of voluntary recall, Mace argued that involuntary memory chaining may naturally be functional to voluntary recall, as chaining appears to be expanding the process of remembering by bringing memories to mind that had some relationship with the targets of recall. Another special function of involuntary remembering may occur when involuntary memories experienced in everyday life cause one to engage in voluntary recall. That is, frequently the experience of an involuntary memory may cause one to engage in the voluntary remembering process by elaborating further on a memory in potentially all sorts of way. In this regard, involuntary remembering could be seen as serving the purpose of jump starting the voluntary remembering process, prompting one to think more about a particular situation or remember more about a particular past event. In a more traditional sense, one could look at involuntary memories as early warning devices that on occasion may signal a potential danger.

  • everywhere in betweenの意味

    The news is full of CoVid19 articles, statistics and stories that stretch from China, Italy, USA, Australia and everywhere in between. 以上の文章で、「everywhere in between」ってどう訳したらよろしいでしょうか?

  • 「~の点において優れている」などの英訳

    いつも技術資料英訳の件でお世話になります。 この文章で悩んでいます。 製品は二つあります 製品A 製品B 今回特徴としてあげたい内容が二つあります。○○と××です。 つまり、 Aは○○および××であるBと比較すると、Bについては同程度であるが、Aについては優れている という文章を訳そうとしています。 A and B is nearly equal in that ○○、A is greater than that of B in that ××. 私はこのように訳しました。「Aは○○の点においてBとほぼ同程度であり、××の点ではBより優れている」という意味になるかと思うのですが、 in that はこのような場合に用いるのは適切でしょうか? いろんな方のご意見をお聞かせいただければ幸いです。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文について解説をお願いします。

    Some writers who do not think clearly are inclined to suppose that their thoughts have a significance greater than at first sight appears. It is flattering to believe that they are too profound to be expressed so clearly that all who run may read, and very naturally it does not occur to such writers that the fault is with their own minds which have not the faculty of precise reflection. (The Summing Up by W. S Maugham) It is flattering to~から始まる英文の中にある" so clearly that all who run may read"の個所について質問があります。 *ここはso that ~may構文なのでしょうか?(~が・・・できるように) so "clear" that~となっているのでよくわからないのですが。 * all who run(走るすべての人?)の表現が掴みにくいのですが。 解説いただけないでしょうか。