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次の英語の問題の解答をどなたかお願い出来ないでしょうか 答えが無いのと体調がすぐれない為 思う様に進められません 宜しくお願いします。 次の英文中の( )内に最も適する表現を a ~ d の中から1つ選びなさい  ・ There is ( ) telling what will happen in the future .    ( a:not   b:any   c:all   d:no )  ・ You ( ) go to such a place in the middle of the night .    ( a:had better not   b:had not better   c:didn’t have better      d:hadn’t better )  ・ He is one of her friends . = He is a friend of ( ) .    ( a:she   b:hers   c:her’s   d:she’s )  ・ I haven’t seen him ( ) three years .    ( a:during   b:from   c:since   d:for )  ・ ( ) had he finished his work when he went out .    (a:Frequently   b:Hard   c:Scarcely   d:Often ) 答えと合わせて 訳・解説の様なものも頂けると助かります 宜しくお願い致します。



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 ・ There is (no) telling what will happen in the future . 未来に何が起こるかなんて誰にも分からない。 という成句。 There is no telling~ ~は誰にも分からない は様々に応用が利きますね。 There's no telling who he is. 彼が何者であるか誰も知らない。  ・ You (had better not) go to such a place in the middle of the night . had betterを否定する場合にnotをどこに挿入するかという問題。 had betterを助動詞として捉えましょう。 can not (can't) will not (won't) had better not  ・ He is one of her friends . = He is a friend of (hers) . 所有代名詞は mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs  ・ I haven’t seen him (for) three years . 完了形での継続期間を示す場合にはforを使います。  ・ (Scarcely) had he finished his work when he went out . ~するやいなや、~のすぐ後に という意味の倒置による強調文では scarcely~when で表します。本来の語順は以下の通り。 He had scarecely finished his work when he went out. 彼は外へ出たかと思うと直ちに仕事を済ませしまった。



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* There is no telling what will happen in the future. 将来何が起こるかわからない(←言うことができない)。 ☆There is no -ing = It is impossible to 原形「~できない」 本文= It is impossible to tell what will happen in the future. = We cannot tell what will happen in the future. * You had better not go to such a place in the middle of the night. あなたは、真夜中にそのような場所に行かない方が良い。 ☆had betterは、全体を助動詞のように考える。 否定する時は、 had better not 原形(○) had not better 原形(×) * He is a friend of hers. 彼は彼女の友達の一人です。 ☆one of 所有格+friends=a friend of +所有代名詞「~のうちの一人」 * I haven't seen him for three years. 私は彼には3年間会っていません。 ☆for 期間「~の間」 since 始まりの時期「~以来」 * Scarcely had he finished his work when he went out. 彼は仕事を終えるとすぐに出かけました。 <考え方> 「彼が出かけた時、ほとんど仕事を終えてはいなかった」→「仕事を終えたのと、出かけたのはほぼ同時だった」→「仕事を終えるとすぐに出かけた」 ☆= He had [scarcely/hardly] finished his work [when/before] he went out. = He had no sooner finished his work than he went out. = No sooner had he finished his work than he went out. = As soon as he finished his work, he went out. = On finishing his work, he went out. = The [moment/instant] he finished his work, he went out. = Directly he finished his work, he went out.



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    Mike is a good friend of Elli's, but he hasn't visited her in the hospital. に続けます。He can't know she's in the hospital. は間違いで 正解は   He mustn't know she's in the hospital. なんだそうです。  初めの設定文は 事実だとすると 事実をあげて「~んなハズはない。」を言うのなら、can't じゃないのかな?  と思うので、 事実が無い (習慣やら常識的な事やら)が設定文にくると must notを選ぶ当方です。   これ 何故間違いなのでしょうか? 宜しくお願いいたします。

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    訳を手伝ってください。翻訳機を使わなくても英語がわかるかたおしえてください。 女の子のお友達からのメールなんですが、わかりづらいです。ちなみにAAAとはネイティブの男性です i was talking wiith AAA thinking that he were one of my friends(i was thinking maybe my friend is hide in this contact but not was..) i think i made a big mistake i was really ungry so i said many stupid things and all of that things are lie, then he said maybe if you said to my friend everything are better, i thought well if you want to stay playing also i wll so i sent a message to my friend telling that stupid things for that reason i was really needing the true who is AAA, 私はAAAと話していた、彼は私の友達の1人だ。(私はたぶん私の友達は、、、、、) 私は大きな間違えをしたと思う。私あhすごく怒ってたくさん悪いこと言ったすべて嘘だけど。そのときh彼はたぶん、もしあなたが私の友達にすべて言うのはいい。。。。。。わかりませんおしえてください