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how about i give you the dvd for free as well as resend the others and give tracking information tomorrow? its not your fault they have gotten lost...i will make it right...never had this much trouble with postal service and mail until this year


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私が無料であなたにDVDを提供し、ならびに他を再送して、明日追跡情報を伝えると言うのはどうでしょう?それらが行方不明になったことは、あなたの落度ではありません ...私は、それを正そうと思います ...今年まで郵便業務やメールに関してこれほどのトラブルは、決してありませんでした。





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    I did but the package was damged as they brought it back abou 1 hour ago. I will check it and resend it tomorrow and will send you the new customs.

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    英文の翻訳をお願いします。 ebayで落札された商品を発送する際の相手からの要望です。 「追跡番号と貨物保険は失いたくない」という事は何となく分かるのですが、それ以外の箇所がよく分かりません。 以下が本文です。どなたか翻訳をお願いします。 Hi there! Sorry, I don't want to lose the insurance and the tracking number. I need both. So if you can't lower the declared value, then do as you need for the package. At least anyway I think you can still mark it as gift. It's a Christmas present not for myself. Don't worry I know that shipped with SAL this item will arrive here after the holidays, I've informed who will receive this present that mine will arrive a bit late ^o^ . Arigatou

  • この短い英文一行について教えてくださいm(_ _)m

    この短い英文一行について教えてくださいm(_ _)m かなり基本的な内容についての質問になります。 すいません。 以下の文がテキストに載ってました。 I’ve never smelled such a nice fragrance as this before. (こんなステキなかおりは初めてだ^^) で、as this って、どういう役割をしてますか? どういう訳になりますか?^^; 私だったら、 I’ve never smelled such a nice fragrance like this before. って言ってしまいそうなのですが、 as this というのが、わかりません… すいません。教えてくださいm(_ _)m

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    翻訳ソフトではじめてebayの取引をしました。 入金確認したので本日発送後にtracking numberを連絡すると言ってきたのですが3日程連絡がなかったので、 こちらから連絡したところ下記返事がありました。 I think I may have left it at my office, if so I can find out the number from the post office. I'll let you know on Monday EST. それで月曜までまって再度連絡したところ又下記返事がありました。 The tracking # was not at my office so tomorrow I will go to the postal Office and try and find the record. I don't usually hang on to my reciepts from the postal office because everybody gets their product on time. I have yet to have a problem. I'll go tomorrow and see what I can do, but rest assured it was sent out last week. Please let me know if you have any problems with that. 翻訳ソフトでの解釈に少々戸惑っています。 翻訳解説をお願いします。

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    Jutland was a confused and bloody action involving 250 ships and around 100,000 men. Initial encounters between Beatty’s force and the German High Seas Fleet resulted in the loss of several ships. The Germans damaged Beatty’s flagship, HMS Lion, and sank HMS Indefatigable and HMS Queen Mary, both of which blew up when German shells hit their ammunition magazines. Beatty withdrew until Jellicoe arrived with the main fleet. The Germans, now outgunned, turned for home. The British lost 14 ships and over 6,000 men, but were ready for action again the next day. The Germans, who had lost 11 ships and over 2,500 men, avoided complete destruction but never again seriously challenged British control of the North Sea.

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    メタリカのビヨンドマグネティックの歌詞なんですが。お願いします★ Hate is a train That thunders aimless through my head And hate is the fame Chained to the wheel until I'm dead Rage is a flame Creates a touch to boil the seas And rage is to blame Forever sorry I shall be And from a darkness I descend Clenching a torch of sweet revenge You took away tomorrow Still I stand I ride into the sorrow Still I stand You took away tomorrow Still I stand Straight down into the sorrow Still I stand Wrath is the name Branding suffer onto you And wrath takes the shame And holds me down until its through And from a darkness I descend Clenching a torch of sweet revenge You took away tomorrow Still I stand I ride into the sorrow Still I stand You took away tomorrow Still I stand I sink into the sorrow Still I stand And hate is a train That hungers for those flesh's call And hate takes the blame A beast that never slows at all And from a darkness I descend Clenching a torch of sweet revenge Burst into flame, the bitter end And shake these gates of hell again Cursed to drown in sorrow You took away tomorrow Still I stand I ride into the sorrow Still I stand You took away tomorrow Still I stand You left me here with sorrow Still I stand Still I stand

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    アメリカの服屋さんから以下のメールがきました。大変でも翻訳おねがいします。 I just wanted you to know that I am out of town Sunday thru Thursday (Nov. 11-15) I will be available via email for questions and inquires, but orders will not be submitted until I get back home on Thursday morning. As always, we appreciate your business and enjoy your weekend! Thank you,

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    Greetings, Thank you for contacting (会社名) Unfortunately this is a temporary issue that our engineers are trying very hard to fix as soon as possible. In the mean time, we appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue for you. I understand that this will not be the answer you were looking for and I can only hope that your enjoyment of the game is not spoilt by this situation. Please accept our apologies for this highly unfortunate occurrence. 回答お願いします

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    先日より個人輸入商品の未着に関してお伺いしていましたが前回の質問を誤って締め切ってしまいましたので再度こちらに書込みさせていただきます。 前回の質問ではmarblechocolate様に非常に詳しく教えていただきまして相手から下記の返事が返ってきましたが訳すと「注文の商品を引く?」って意味にとれるのですがこの意味は「支払い分を返金するので」と言う意味でしょうか? I WILL PULL YOUR ORDER ****(オーダーNo) TOMORROW AND RESEND, YOUR WASTING YOUR TIME THE POST OFFICE COULD CARE LESS, OK ILL RESEND TOMORROW, THANKS BOB 困り果てています宜しくお願いします。

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    自分で訳してみたのですが、どうもよく解らなくて困っています。 翻訳機でなく翻訳できる方にお願いいたします。 I understand your concern that item has returned to you by Shipping service as address description was wrong. I reviewed your order #103-2109678-8381029 and checked all the details precisely and found that the buyer address is correct and I have searched it on www.Google.com and I searched it successfully. I would like to inform you that you have to contact your postal service for correcting the details as buyer address is correct and the item is returned to you wrongly. I hope the information mentioned above helps in resolving your issue. どうぞよろしくお願いします。