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下の文はJomo Kenyattaの演説で比喩表現が入ってるらしいのですが、それ自体ががどこにあるのかも分からないので誰か分かる方は教えてください><↓ 'There is no society of angels,whether it is white, brown or black. We are all human beings, and as such we are sure to make mistakes. If I have done a wrong to you, it is for you to forgive me; and if you have done something wrong to me, it is for me to forgive you. The Africans cannot say the Europeans have done all the wrong; and the Europeans cannot say the Africans have done all the wrong.... You have something to forget just as I have. Many of you are just as Kenyan as myself.'


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白人の社会だろうが、褐色の人、あるいは黒い肌の人の社会であろうが、天使みたいな人たちの社会なんて、この世に存在しません。私たちは人間ですから、時に過ちを犯します。私があなたたちに何か間違ったことをしたとすれば、あなたたちは私を許してくれます。同じように、あなたたちが私に対してなにか悪いことをしたとしたら、私はあなたたちを許します。それならまた、私たちアフリカ人は、悪いのはヨーロッパの人間だ、と決めつけるべきではありません。ヨーロッパ人も同じように、悪いのはアフリカ人だ、と決めつけるべきではありません。あなたたちも、私と同じように他人の過ちを許す心を持っています。あなたたちの多くは、私と同じケニア人ではありませんか。 「比喩表現」といえるのかどうか確信は持てませんが、唯一それらしい部分といえば、冒頭の society of angels だろうと思います。 「天使が住まうような清浄無垢で争いも憎しみも過ちもない世界」という意味が込められていると解釈できます。





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    I have forwarded you photos and information of my animals before which is proof of ownership,but still you are requesting for more pic's and you have shown me no proof of legitimate purchase and keep demanding for photos. I am sorry we do not work like this.All paper works are issued and forwarded only after first payment have been done and not before to be sure it is a legitimate purchaser and not some photo copyright theft.Sorry but i will send no more information,photos or paperwork till advance deposit have been done. よろしくお願いします。

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    英文を和訳していただける かたのみで、お願いできますでしょうか? 意訳大歓迎です。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Every birth certificate is a death certificate. From birth to death is a mere moment. All we perceive is just a fragment of time. If you imagine a rope, you can separate this one rope into many strands. One is the material worldly life and all you experience in it. Another strand is the past incarnations lives you have lived, their dormant memories are stored in your unconscious. The past too in this one life is another strand, it was once as real as now, and somewhere it still exists as real. The future too is real but as yet unlived. Deep inside our self we all know our own future, but only the few are gifted to know it consciously. And there is dream, we may think we dream but some dreams are fragmentary memories of other lives and dimension reached through sleep. In your subconscious these other realms hold memories of this older eternal love, its past and its future are already known, and this why the relationship will be an irresistible one, like a haunting spell cast over you.

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    It is very tiring to live your life with someone and have to pretend to be other than who and what you really are. 本来の自分以外のふりをすることや誰かと一緒にいることは、 とても疲れる。 you really are と who and what がハッキリと分からなかったのですが、 you really areはyou areの強調と考えてよろしいでしょうか?

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    和訳お願いします。 大体の意味はわかりますが、ところどころあやふやなところがあるので、お願いします。 My apologize for the delay in replying as it was filtered into my junk mail Wish you and your family a very happy new year I greatly appreciate you keeping in touch It is good to see your xray and good results You have done well with rehabilitation Especially during winter you might have some stiffness but that should subside as time goes by I had the pleasure to see your website and it is heartwarming to see you had made a separate website and esp. a web page in English I greatly appreciate it I will convey your regards and wishes to all the staff who were involved in your care If you happen to visit dubai I would appreciate if you could drop by to say a quick Hi please keep in touch

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    いつもお世話にないます。この文の正しい訳をおしえてください。 ()部分は私が相手にふざけてビルに向かって指を指していた写真に「あれ買って~あの建物買える?」とセリフをつけて送ったことです。 2行目~は「まさしくあの写真のようで。私は言うつもりだったけどあなたがどれがほしいと言わなかった」と訳しましたが。1行目の文が少し意味がわかりません。それによって全部の意味の解釈が変わるようなきがしたので 全部の訳を教えてください。 People are mean and they play with your emotions and thats not good my friend did that to me and I got hurt emotionally it is wrong to do theses things but people will do it. As for me I care dearly for the one in my life and I will do anything to me you happy. Just like the picture that you sent ( I want that,Can you buy that building ) I will but you did not tell me which building you wanted there are a lots of building in the picture.

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    こちらの和訳を教えてください! Even though I know about something. But I will still do it. It's not easy to change. Because you might leave me, forever. The 2 choices for me are: still here or leave out of your life but I know that there is not enough time for me to try. I just want to smile with you by my side for as long as possible. I hope that someday, you will understand the things that I have done. I love you so much. I do this because I don't want to lose you. if you had a chance to read this, you will know that I have good intentions. But since I love you. Only one reason is, I need you happy and you smile every day every time, My angel.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 2つの段落になりますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Life is a journey, a path through the stars, and through fate. There are times when that path is dark lonely and silent and other times when it is suffused with love, well being. Compared to this love, all other love will seem humdrum and mundane. Soul Mate love is a seductive world of heightened emotions, and all consuming desire. It is the most intense relationship that you will ever experience on earth. An attraction that will seem to touch other levels. When you meet he will seem familiar to you even though you will never have met before, you’ll feel that you ought to know him. As if he is someone from the recesses of your subconscious memory, just out of reach. A memory that won't surface. Intense, as the attraction is. There are two sides to these feelings, there is the surging hopes that stir you, and make life wonderful, when you get some encouragement from him and there is also the dark side the days of uncertainty that all love brings but which are felt more intently too with a Soul Bond.

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    以下の和訳に苦しんでいます。 スムーズに解釈できる方、助けてください。 You are too kind. Or are you? There's usually method to your madness and it is often one that you don't notice until you have done something seemingly crazy and found that it has brought a good result. Your instinctive approach may pay yet another dividend today. In refusing to let a silly situation bother you, you are gaining a valuable sense of freedom. Maybe someone else is being let off the hook, but if the alternative involves you gripping that hook tightly, constantly, it's just as well. I've done my best, in the short forecast above, to cover all that needs to be said. ちなみにyahooの英訳では、 あなたは、あまりに親切です。または、あなたはそうです?方法が通常あなたの狂気にあります、そして、それはしばしば、あなたが一見狂った何かをして、それが良い結果をもたらしたとわかるまで、あなたが気がつかないものです。あなたの本能的なアプローチは、今日、さらにもう一つの配当を払うかもしれません。愚かな状況をあなたを悩まさせることを拒否する際に、あなたは価値ある解放感を得ています。多分、他の誰かは危機を脱したようにしておかれているでしょう、しかし、選択肢にきつくそのフックをつかんであなたが関係するならば、絶えず、それは同様に当然です。言われる必要があるすべてをカバーするために、上記の短い予想において、私は私の最善を尽くしました。私がしかし毎週記録する口頭の予測は、遠くより多くを含みます。 となりますが、いわんとすることがつかめません。

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    学校の英語で分からないところがあったので ご協力お願いします。 You are going to have to have that bad tooth looked afte that. ↑のafte thatをどう訳していいのかが分かりません。 ↑の続きで So we might as well get over with it. だからそれをよくすることがいいかと思います。 と訳しましたがあってるでしょうか? Will it hunt? Hardly at all. 痛みますか? ほとんど痛みません。 ↑であってるでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

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    People fell so, and know so, and say so. There is no glossing over or “greying” of the facts, as often seems to happen in japan. In the same way, Europeans are strongly aware of justice; and indeed, nowadays the legal systems of almost every country in the world are modelled ont the humanity of Christian justice. As regards attitude to women, the Christian concept of chivalry has always given high priority to respect for and the protection of women.That is why most male Europeans, until more recently, have followed the practice of “Ladies first”. As modern women have clamoured for greater autonomy and power, however. man's natural chivalrous instincts have, quite naturally, declined. If women want to wear the trousers, so to speak, they must fend for themselves. よろしくお願いします。