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DIANE: He was always such a goof-off. I mean did he ever get anywhere? JERRY: Sure. DIANE: Yeah? What field? JERRY: Marine biology. DIANE: George is a marine biologist?! JERRY: Yeah, pretty damn good one, too! DIANE: I can't believe it. I-I would never had thought… JERRY: Yeah... he’s specializing in whales. He's working on lowering the cholesterol level, in whales… all that blubber -- quite unhealthy. You know it’s the largest mammal on earth but as George says "they don't have to be." というやりとりで最後のthey don't have to be はどう解釈したらよいでしょうか?



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わはは! おもしろい文章ですね! ご存知だと思いますが、 「don't have to be~」で、「~する必要は無い」ですよね。 この文章では、最大の哺乳類である鯨に対して、 海洋生物学者で、鯨のコレステロール値を減らす事に取り掛かっているジョージが、 「あいつらは、(最大でいる)必要はない」つまり、もっと痩せさせて、小さくする事ができる。 という意味じゃないですか。





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    GEORGE: So I started to walk into the water. I won't lie to you boys, I was terrified! But I pressed on -- and as I made my way passed the breakers a strange calm came over me. I-I don't know if it was divine intervention or the kinship of all living things but I tell you Jerry at that moment … I was a Marine Biologist! GEORGE: I got about fifty-feet out and suddenly, the great beast appeared before me. I tell ya he was ten stories high if he was a foot. As if sensing my presence he let out a great bellow. I said, "Easy big fella!" And then, as I watched him struggling I realized, that something was obstructing its’ breathing. From where I was standing I could see directly into the eye of the great fish! 最初の段落のkinship of all living things とはなんでしょうか? 後第2段落のhe was ten stories high if he was a foot とは直訳すると奴が足だとしたら10階建てのビルくらいでかいですが、これは足だけでも10階建てのビルくらいでかいと解釈したほうがいいでしょうか?

  • コメディドラマ seinfeldを観ていて

    下の会話の内容で JERRY: Yes, I'd like to speak to Barry Prophet, please. VOICE: I'm sorry he's out of town this week. JERRY: Out of town? VOICE: Yes, he went to South America. JERRY: South America? KRAMER: South America? JERRY: I'll call back, thank you. (hangs up the phone) He went to South America! KRAMER: Yyyeeaaah!! ELAINE: So what? JERRY: Who goes to South America? ELAINE: People go to South America. JERRY: Yeah, and they come back with things taped to they're large intestine この最後のJERRYの(彼らは腹に物を包帯に巻いて帰ってくる)というセリフが意味不明です、自分の訳し方が間違ってるのでしょうか? どなたかわかりますか?

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    (Jerry and Elaine enter and see the mannequin getting spanked by another mannequin) JERRY: Boy, the resemblance is uncanny. (Elaine goes to the saleswoman) ELAINE: You think you can pose me however you want? That's my ass in your window! SALESWOMAN: It's our store and our mannequin, we can do whatever we want with it. ELAINE: No! You take that mannequin down right now, or I'm pressing charges. (Jerry goes along) Yes, this is my attorney. SALESWOMAN: (to Jerry) Yeah? What law am I breaking? JERRY: Well, I believe there's some legal precedent - Winchell vs. Mahoney, ELAINE: Uh-huh JERRY: The Charlie Macarthy hearings. ELAINE: Uh-huh. Are you taking this down? SALESWOMAN: I'm getting the manager. (she leaves) ELAINE: Jerry get the car. (she's getting the mannequin) JERRY: What are you doing? ELAINE: Just get the car! JERRY: Elaine, as your legal counsel I must advise against this. (They get out with the mannequin) (scene ends) [Jerry's car] (Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the car with the mannequin between them. Jerry looks at the two Elaines beside him.) JERRY: I don't know about you, but I'm getting a hankering for some doublemint gum. Alright, I'm dropping you off at work, right? イレインが自分にそっくりなマネキンが恥ずかしいポーズにされているのに怒ってマネキンを奪って行くシーンなんですがその逃げ道の途中ジェリーがマネキンとイレインを見てアメリカンジョークでダブルミントガムがたまらなく欲しいと言ってるんですが一体どういう意図でそんなことを言っているのか?です。

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    (The saleswoman unlock the door's entrance where Bob is waiting. He rushes inside and George enters after him slowly and confident. Bob can't find the suit on the rack. George walks to a different rack.) BOB: Where is it? Where is it? GEORGE: (George takes out the suit from the other rack) Well, look at this. (innocently) This doesn't belong here! Someone has made a terrible mistake. BOB: You bastard! You hid the suit. GEORGE: Hid? I have no idea how this suit got misplaced. Nevertheless, I do believe I shall purchase it. BOB: I hope you rot in that suit. Look I'm gonna get you for this. I don't know how, but I'm gonna get you. You are going to pay! GEORGE: Oh, I'll pay. Half-price. Arrivederci my fellow 40-short. というやりとりで最後の40-shortってどんな意味になるんですか?

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    TONY: so what do you say we climb a rock mañana? GEORGE: uh.. mañana? huh mañana might.. huh mañana might be a problem, I'm supposed to have a boil lanced mañana. Huh you know I think they charge me if I cancel with only one mañana's notice (Kramer enters) TONY: hey Kramer KRAMER: hey TONY: hey, hey Kramer my man, what are you doing mañana? KRAMER: mañana I'm doing nada というロッククライミングに行こうという会話なんですがいまいちなんて言っているのかわかりません特にジョージとクレイマーが。。。

  • 海外ドラマseinfeldより

    ELAINE: ok, Jerry, I would be going out with him no matter what he looked like JERRY: of course you would ELAINE: oh yeah, oh.. like you're one to talk JERRY: Elaine ELAINE: what? JERRY: different for a man というやりとりで like you're one to talkの意味がよくわかりません。。。

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    JERRY: I did it for you. GEORGE: I don’t know what did you had to tell her that for. You put me in a very difficult position, Marine Biologist! I'm very uncomfortable with this whole thing. JERRY: You know with all due respect I would think it's right up your alley. GEORGE: Well it's not up my alley! It's one thing if I make it up. I know what I'm doin, I know my alleys! You got me in the Galapagos Islands livin' with the turtles, I don't know where the hell I am. JERRY: Well you came in the other day with all that whale stuff, the squeaking and the squealing and… GEORGE: Look, why couldn't you make me an architect? You know I always wanted to pretend that I was an architect. Well I-I'm supposed to see her tomorrow, I-I-I'm gonna tell her what's goin on. I mean maybe she just likes me for me. この会話でalleyはどう解釈すべきでしょうか俺の十八番とか得意な事みたいなニュアンスですかね?

  • 海外ドラマ seinfeldから質問です

    MRS. SWEEDLER: Mr. Costanza, come in, come in. It's been a very trying couple of days around the hospital. Doctors, patients, everyone, just grief stricken over this unfortunate occurrence. GEORGE: Well, I join them in their grief. MRS. SWEEDLER: Horrible thing. Flew right past the children's wing. All the sick children, in the playroom, looking out the window, just traumatized by the incident. Apparently, they thought he was flying. You know how children are, "Oh look. A man is flying. A man is flying" And then, splat... GEORGE: That's where I come in. Umm, on splat. Uh, you see, Mrs. Sweedler, or is it hospital administrator Sweedler? MRS. SWEEDLER: Mrs. Sweedler's fine. GEORGE: Mrs. Sweedler thank you. Y-You see, this tragedy affected me in a very, very personal way. MRS. SWEEDLER: How is that? GEORGE: Yes, well you see, the deceased landed on my car. The uh splat, as it were, actually occurred on the roof of my car. Now of course I can't help but feel that had it been a convertible this whole tragedy might have been averted but I've never been the kind of guy to buy a convertible, what with the baldness and everything. MRS. SWEEDLER: Well I have known bald men who owned convertibles. They wore a hat. GEORGE: Yes but then everything is all pulled down and it's jus.. Anyway. The damage, unfortunately, has marred an otherwise fine automobile, rendering it virtually undriveable. Mrs. SWEEDLER: (STIFFENING) Yes, well, that is a shame. というやりとりで最後のジョージのせりふのan otherwiseをどう解釈していいのかわかりません。

  • 真実性を疑うときのbe動詞はどのように?

    例えば、「彼が病気だなんてことは信じない。」には、 I don't believe that he is sick. だけでなく、下記もより強い非真実性のニュアンスを伴ってありうるでしょうか。  I don't believe that he be sick. I don't believe that he would be sick.

  • they have to be.の訳し方

    前の会話は I heard how you don't remember anything. That must be really heard. I bet your family's searching for you right now. I mean they have to be. 訳は、だってあなたは・・・になっていました。 have to beは、されなければならないという意ですか? あなたは発見されなければならないだったら、theyじゃなくyouなのかなと思いました。 You didn't just fall from the sky.