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they scheduled Toms for the afternoon to make it that little bit easier! I’d be the one in there from 8.00 in the morning, but we would pass I’d cruel out sweaty and blue, messy hair, and Tom would walk in composed, pick up his Cap and start twirling it about!


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 これ妙なところがあるんで、想像のところは「」で囲みます。  少し楽にするために、トムのを午後に組んだ、朝の8時から入ってるんで私は、しかし我々はパスするだろう「?」私は汗臭く、青く、乱れた髪を「伸ばして」いるが、トムは、颯爽と入ってきて、自分の帽子を取りクルクル回すだろう  (これで通じますかね、パスは「合格」の意味ではなく読み飛ばすなどの「飛ばす」の意味です。)





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    Which is better? to find a person who completes you? or the one who complements your completeness? why? thank you for your answers! 完璧な感じの人と、完璧になろうとしている人。。どっちがいいんでしょうか・・ な質問に対し、 in my opion it would be one who completes you becasue be they would compliment you ..being complete means you are well rounded and what ever relationship you are in you work together thru the cycle and compliment each other... 完璧な人の方がいいと思います。なぜなら彼らは、あなたを励ますし コンプリートの意味は、いい物に囲まれていて、二人でいる関係のサイクルをきにせず、それが互いを補うと。。 頭の中では、書いたのと違います。がどう訳を与えるのがいいですか?

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    The first great invention in the world, I suppose, is one that is still commonly used today ―the wheel. This ( )( )( )( )( )( ) things and to travel long distances. (1)easier (2)to (3)heavy (4)makes(5)it (6)carry どう並び替えるのが適切でしょうか?

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    知り合いから連絡きました。 翻訳してください。おねがします。 (1)Are you open mined or conservative? (2)let’s get to know each other I can help with your English and if we like each other we can think about it. (3)It would to be to talk in english and Japanese Have fun. Enjoy and build up trust. (it would to be to~文法がわかりません。教えてください。)

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    Jessica has received a telephone call from her business partner,and she wants to write an e-mail to her colleague. Michele,to let her know about it. Imagine you are Jessica and fill in each blank with an expression in the telephone note below. You can make necessary changes. Telephone Note Date and Time: February 20, 2010 3:00 p.m. Caller: Robin Biggs in the legal department of PharmoMed Company Subject: PharmoMed contract Notes: Mr.Biggs checked draft contract/generally OK/one problem/suggested a meeting 10:00 a.m. Feb. 22/need to call back/Tel No. 00441954567823 E-mail From: jessica@shore.com To: Michele@shore.com Date: February 20, 2010 Subject: PharmoMed contract Hi Michele I received a call from (1. ) this afternoon. He said, he (2. ) and that it was (3. ). However, he has still (4. ) and would like to discuss it with us. He suggested we have (5. ). Can you (6. ) and let him know it's OK? His number is 00441954567823. Regards Jessica

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    私は、ロシアの方と海外文通をしています。 メールは、「日本のことについて教えてあげるので、質問はありますか?」という内容で出しました。 今日、メールの返事が来て訳そうと思ったのですが、上手に訳すことが出来ません。 辞書なども使いましたが、分かりませんでした。 I very much would want to know how many at you hieroglyphs, I heard about attitudes(relations) in the Japanese families that the child up to the certain age "god" and when it(he) starts to go to school "slave", whether the truth it or it was earlier much, and I would like to learn(find out) than teenagers in Japan are engaged at leisure. 私の英語力が低いので、理解出来ていません。 よろしくお願いします。

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    答えあわせできずこまっています。訳お願いします。 With only a computer and a phone line,you can send and receive letter in minutes. everything was done in English. I've never used this type before. Here it goes. He wanted to make the work easier for him.

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    英語を勉強し始めた初心者です。 If you had to pick a famous woman over 25 years old who was considerate, polite, friendly, and charming, who would you pick? この直後に、「私はそんな人(a famous woman over 25 years old who was considerate, polite, friendly, and charming)のような話し方がしたい」と言いたいのですが、どう書けばよいかがわかりません。 要するに、英会話を学ぶ上で、好感度の高い女性有名人の話し方を真似したいなぁと言いたいのですが。 ちなみに、私はこう言ってみましたが、正しく伝わっていないようでした・・・orz I want to speak just like such a nice person in English conversation! きっと基本的なことなんだろうなぁとお恥ずかしいのですが、どなたか教えていただけませんでしょうか? 宜しくお願い致します。

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    very good keep it up ! Really interested in your vocals being over house or "drum" and "bass" they would work really well ? なんと言っているのかわかる方いらっしゃいますか?(>_<) 教えて下さい!!m(__)m

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    A:Everyone can do what they like, but it would be nice if everyone just took it easy today. B:I would be up for that in the afternoon. 前日の仕事がきつかった二人が、今日の仕事はどうなのかと話しているときの会話です。 こちらは、どんな意味になるでしょうか。教えていただけないでしょうか。よろしくお願いいたします。