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To treat the wolf and the grandmother as opposite aspects of the same person may appear nonsensical to some readers. Red Riding Hood does not realize, any more than any other small child can be expected to recognize, that grandmotherly care and kindness which cherish and support the dependent young can, if overdone, turn into possessiveness and overprotection of a kind which prevents the child from developing into a separate person, and therefore threaten to swallow it, as the wolf actually does in the original story. 上の文の意味と文法構造を教えてください。 特に分からないのは最期の文の、 挿入文のany more than any other small child can be expected to recognize,、 grandmotherlyの意味、 cherish と support には三単現のsは不要なのか、 which cherish and support the dependent young can の文法構造、 a separate person の意味(分離した人間?)、 swallow it の it は何を指すのか、 です。


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文法は分かりませんが、和訳だけでも。 同一人物の反対の様相が何人かのリーダに無意味に見えるかもしれないとともに、オオカミと祖母を扱うこと。 他の小さな子どもも認識すると予想することができないのと同様に、赤ずきんは実現しません、大事にし支援するそのおばあさんの注意および親切、依存する、若い、もし過剰に行われれば、その子どもが個別の人へ発展するのを妨げる種類の所有欲および過保護へ変わることができ、したがって、オオカミがオリジナルの物語の中で実際に行うように、それを呑み込もうと脅すことができる。


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    オオカミとおばあさんが、同じ人物の相反する二面であるとして扱うことは、ナンセンスだと見る読者がいるかもしれない。赤ずきんちゃんは、ほかの小さい子供と同じように、それを頼っている小さい子が大事にし心に抱いている、おばあさんの心遣いと優しさが、いったん度が過ぎると、子供が正常な親離れをし、独り立ちするのを、元の話のオオカミが実際にやったように呑み込んでしまい、邪魔をするような独り占めや過保護に変わってしまう可能性があることに気がつかないのである。 1。 特に分からないのは最期の文の、挿入文のany more than any other small child can be expected to recognize,、      X doesn't ~, any more than Y という構造で「Xが気づかない、Yも気づかない」という意味です。 2。  grandmotherlyの意味、  おばあさん的、おばあさんが孫に対して持つような 3。  cherish と support には三単現のsは不要なのか、     care + kindness = この二つで主語が単数ではなくなるからです。 4。  which cherish and support the dependent young can の文法構造、     cherish and support が動詞     the dependent young 独立しないで(おばあさんのような大人に)頼っている子供」がその目的語です。 can は、can turn into ~ 「~二なりかねない」「~荷なる可能性を持つ」に続きます。 5。 a separate person の意味(分離した人間?)、     (おばあさんに頼って、おばあさんの一部になっている子供から)独り立ちしていく人、親離れ(祖母離れ)する子 6。swallow it の it は何を指すのか、     a separate person < child



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    To clinch the deal, South Korea agreed to additional protection for U.S. auto makers, which fear losing market share to the likes of Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp. The revised pact allows the U.S. five years to phase out a 2.5% tariff it levies on South Korean-built cars, rather than cutting the tariff immediately, as provided for in the original agreement struck in 2007. 上記の文章の中に it がありますが、このitはwhichに置き換えて考えれば宜しいのでしょうか。 文法的構造が理解できません。 分かる方、宜しくお願いします。

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     As we said, schools have incentives to reach out to parents, not necessarily to involve parents directly in the school- which can become burdensome- but to promote parental support and undertanding.

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    Societies which recognize that pacta sunt servanda among their own members,do not find it difficult to recognize the advantages of fulfilling obligations and contacts in dealings with individuals and groups in different societies.The fact that all societies appear to recognize that there is an obligation to fulfil contacts,alongwith prudential advantage in fulfilling them (just as,it is often argued,they all recognize rules that limit violence among their members and enjoin respect for rights of property) provides a basis for the extension of the principle of the sanctity of contracts beyond the bounds of particular societies.

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    can you change your item problem: no phone number (impossible to make because it does not recognize the country code) Join the shipping to my country

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    Mobile is connecting the world in a dramatic and breath-taking fashion. It bridges generations, builds communities, ignites ideas and tears down the barriers which separate us. Mobile Asia Expo will accelerate this effect by showcasing the mobile trends and solutions that will transform our lives today and tomorrow

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    Robots can be built [to work] in conditions which might be too uncomfortable or dangerous for humans. の[]内の不定詞の意味用法に最も近い不定詞を含む英文を選びなさい。 1)He will be the first person to climb that highest mountain. 2)It is necessary for you to finish the report by tomorrow. 3)She did her best to pass the examination. 4)I have nothing to tell you right now. 上記5文の文法の違いの解説をお願いしたいです。 よろしくお願いします。

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     Parents who unite behind a school, trust it to do what is best, and support its objectives and programs in the home can be a real asset to a school that wants to build an effective school organization.

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    Without, therefore, entertaining the question as to the connexion between Body and Mind, it is enough to say that under any view concerning the nature of this connexion, we are justified in drawing a distinction between activities which are accompanied by feelings, and activities which, so far as we can see, are not so accompanied. If this is allowed, there seems, to be no term better fitted to convey the distinction than the term Choice ; agents that are able to choose their actions are agents that are able to feel the stimuli which determine the choice. Such being our Criterion of Mind, it admits of being otherwise stated, and in a more practically applicable manner, in the following words which I quote from " Animal Intelli gence :" — " It is, then, adaptive action by a living organism in cases where the inherited machinery of the nervous system does not furnish data for our prevision of what the adaptive action must necessarily be — it is only here that we recognize the objective evidence of mind. The criterion of mind, therefore, which I propose, and to which I shall adhere throughout the present volume, is as follows : — Does the organism learn to make new adjustments, or to modify old ones, in accordance with the results of its own individual experience ? If it does so, the fact cannot be merely due to reflex action in the sense above described ; for it is impossible that heredity can have provided in advance for innovations upon or alterations of its machinery during the lifetime of a particular individual".

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    The other point which has to be noted with regard to this criterion is as follows. I again quote from " Animal Intelligence :"— " Of course to the sceptic this criterion may appear un satisfactory, since it depends, not on direct knowledge, but on inference. Here, however, it seems enough to point out, as already observed, that it is the best criterion available ; and, further, that scepticism of this kind is logically bound to deny evidence of mind, not only in the case of the lower animals, but also in that of the higher, and even in that of men other than the sceptic himself. For all objections which could apply to the use of this criterion of mind in the animal kingdom, would apply with equal force to the evidence of any mind other than that of the individual objector. This is obvious, because, as I have already observed, the only evi dence we can have of objective mind is that which is furnished by objective activities ; and, as the subjective mind can never become assimilated with the objective so as to learn by direct feeling the mental processes which there accompany the objective activities, it is clearly impossible to satisfy any one who may choose to doubt the validity of inference, that in any case, other than his own, mental processes ever do accompany objective activities.

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    Something must have caused languages, even in the past and under traditional conditions, to diverge and to remain separate, in the face of all that contact. Here's how it happens. Any of us over the age of 40 has observed that languages change even over the course of just a few decades, with some words dropping out of use, new words being coined, and pronunciation shifting. For instance, whenever I revisit Germany , where I lived in 1961, young Germans notice that they have to explain to me some new German words (e.g, the new word Handi for cell phones, which didn't exist in 1961), and that I still use some old-fashioned German words that have been going out of use since 1961(e.g, jener/jene for "that/those"). But young Germans and I can still mostly understand each other well. Similarly, you American readers under the age of 40may not recognize some formerly popular English words like "ballyhoo," but incompensation you daily use the verb "to Google" and the participle "Googling" which didn't exist in my childhood.