Are Auckland's housing demand and consumer spending about to improve?

  • Historically low levels of new building and net migration may be supporting Auckland's housing demand.
  • Increases in average rents suggest that demographic pressures are beginning to surface.
  • The housing market in Auckland may be a leading indicator for an improvement in consumer spending.
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"With historically low levels of new building and net migration (while not at strong levels) likely to be more supportive of Auckland housing demand than other parts of the country, we suspect demographic pressures are slowly beginning to surface. This is also shown by increases in average rents, which at $434 per week is also a new record high." Borkin said that given the housing market's properties as a good "leading indicator" in NZ, and the Auckland region being "the consumer juggernaut" that it is, this may signal the beginnings of an improvement in the consumer spending backdrop. "We think it is too early to make a call on this yet given that household behaviour remains one of caution and deleveraging, but we are watching closely." Borkin said that evidence was gradually beginning to mount "that a more robust recovery is around the corner and this will eventually warrant tighter monetary conditions. We continue to feel this is more an early 2012 story".

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「新しい建築着工の歴史的に低いレベルとオークランド住宅需要を国の他の地域より支持しそうな正味の住民の流入(高いレベルでないけれど)があるので、我々は、人口統計学的な圧力がゆっくりと表面化し始めていると思います。これは平均的家賃の増大によっても示されています。つまり、週434ドルの家賃は、最高記録の更新でもあるのです。」 住宅市場の特性を、NZ(ニュージーランド)の良い「先行指数」として考えると、そして、オークランド地域が、「消費者の増大地域」になればと言うことだが、これは、個人消費支出状況の改善の始まりを示しているのかもしれません、とボーキンは言いました。 「世帯の行動が、まだ警戒的で、レバレッジの解消(投資資金等の回収)方向にあることを考えれば、このことに判断を下すのは時期尚早だと思うが、我々は、注視している。」 「より強い回復がすぐそこまで来ていると言う証拠が増え始めている、そして、結局これがより逼迫した金融状況を正当化するだろう。 我々は、これがより2012年前半の物語(景気予測)であると感じ続けている」とボーキンは述べました。


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    A statement of claim filed in the High Court at Auckland by the Pepperwood Mews body corporate says that in 2002-03, Housing NZ and developers Prime Group hatched plans for what has now become Pepperwood. About August 2003, Housing NZ struck an agreement with Prime for the design and construction of the big complex. Investors were drawn to buy units, the claim says, because they were marketed as a "blue chip" investment. The complex was leased as state housing but evacuated when severe structural defects were found.

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    Kevin Mara, Housing NZ's general manager of assets, said last year that his organisation did not accept any liability for the structural or weathertightness problems. "We don't own the building, we don't own the land, we didn't design or build the building. Our involvement has been to lease 32 units in the complex from private owners." But John Gray, president of the Home Owners and Buyers Association, complained to Housing Minister Phil Heatley, saying Housing NZ under Labour had "significant involvement".

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    Research projicts follow the trends of their times, and life span psychology has developed as the post-war baby boom generation has matured. The current wave of research into ageing and care of the elderlu, for example, can be seen as directly resulting from that generation reaching retirement age. LIFE-TRANSITIONS Gould(1978) developed the idea that adult life consists of a series of transitions, or life changes, which occur ar different times in our lives. The first of these is that of adjusting to the responsibilities of being independent and living away from parental care. Looking after ourselves without someone in the background is quite different from the kinf of independence which occurs when living as part of family group, where there is always someone to fall back on, or to look after you if you become ill. This transition, Gould argued takes place usually between the ages of 16 and 22. Then there is another transition, which takes place during our twenties, in which we develop our own competences and autonomy, and choose our rulus to live by, rather than simply conforming to our parents' rules and principles. A third transition, according to Gould, happens between 28 and 34, as we come to know ourselves better, and learn to come to terms with aspects of our nature which we weren't really aware of before. And the final transition involves accepting that life isn't going to last for ever━that is, developing a sence of our own mortality. This final transition, Gould argued, happens between the ages of 35 and 45.

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    Kevin Mara, Housing NZ's general manager of assets, said last year that his organisation did not accept any liability for the structural or weathertightness problems. "We don't own the building, we don't own the land, we didn't design or build the building. Our involvement has been to lease 32 units in the complex from private owners."

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    A good farmer is always one of the most intelligent and best educated men in our society. We have been inclined in our wild industrial development, to forget that agriculture is the base of our whole economy and that in the economic structure of the nation it is always the cornerstone. It has always been so throughout history and it will continue to be so until there are no more men on this earth. We are apt to forget that that the man who owns land and cherishes it and works it well is the source of our stability as a nation, not only in the economic but the social sense as well. できるだけ詳しく教えていただけると嬉しいです。 よろしくお願い致します🙏

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