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  • 英語の和訳をお願いします

    When do you turn your cell phone off? Now I am more careful about it, but my phone was always on until I (have) an embarrassing experience last summer. I went on a vacation with my friends.  It was just my (two) time on a plane, and I was so(exciting). We got to our seats and waited for takeoff.  The flight attendants came through the aisles, making sure no one was using their phones or other electronics.  The pilot said we were ready to take off.  The plane was quiet and everyone was settling in when all of a sudden someone's phone rang. It was so (loudly).  I felt upset because I knew cell phone users were supposed to turn their phones off at that moment.  Then I heard the second ring.  It was then that I realized the ringing was coming from my bag. It was my phone! I went into a panic, and it took me a minute to find and stop the ringing. Everyone looked at me, and I felt small. I slept for the rest of the flight. Since then, I have been more (care) with my cell phone. カッコ内は文法的に正しい形じゃありません。お願いします。

  • 英訳お願いします

    アメリカのある家具メーカーさんの「INSTOCK」ほしい家具があったのでいくらか聞いたら高かったので断ろうと思います。同時にオーダーメイドができないかを聞きたいのですが、以下の文章をどなたか英語にしていただけませんでしょうか? ================================================= ちょっと予算オーバーです! 私は200ドルぐらいであなたの家具がほしいです。 自分用にオーダーメイドで作っていただくことはできますか? =================================================

  • 世界史Bの勉強法

    高校1年生です。 来週からテストなので、世界史Bの勉強をしているのですが、 勉強しても勉強しても頭に入ってきません。 ワークをしても全然わからないし、 教科書見ながらしても全然できません。 どう勉強したらいいでしょうか 歴史はもともと苦手でいい点数を とれたことがありません 高校生になって始めてのテストなので なるべくいい点数をとりたいです。 回答おねがいします

  • 英語ができる方、問題をお願いします。

    英文中の空所に入る適切な語または語句を選択肢から選びなさい。 またその英文を訳しなさい。 1. No one could tell me how ( ) the machine.  (1)starts (2)it start (3)starting (4)to start 2. The question ( ) at today's meeting is whether we should postpone the plan till next month.  (1)discussing (2)is discussed (3)to be discussed (4)to be discussing 3. His parents were pleased ( ) that he was fitting in well at his new job.  (1)by (2)with (3)to he heard (4)to hear 4. The story of Anne's terrible accident was painful ( ).  (1)of listening (2)to be listening (3)to have listened to (4)to listen to 5. My grandfather was carried into the hospital to ( ) for high blood pressure.  (1)be treated (2)be treating (3)treat (4)treating 6. He survived the operation, ( ) to die in a car accident.  (1)as (2)only (3)except (4)without 7. I tried hard ( ).  (1)do not laugh (2)not to laugh (3)to laugh not (4)to not laugh 8. It is important ( ) us to read more books.  (1)by (2)for (3)from (4)of 9. It was careless ( ) to lose the room key.  (1)for from (2)of me (3)with me (4)to me 10. "Can you stay a little longer?" "( ), but I have another appointment."  (1)I'd like (2)I'd so (3)I'd like to (4)I'd love 11. These bag are too haevy ( ).  (1)to carry (2)to carry them (3)to carrying (4)to carrying them 12. I think June is patient ( ) to overcome her hardships.  (1)enough (2)able (3)much (4)likely 13. He went out of room quietly ( ) disturb the discussion.  (1)so not as to (2)to not (3)not as to (4)so as not to 14. Tom trained every day in ( ) to improve performance.  (1)order (2)older (3)trouble (4)ruins 15. The revised notice tells us that we are ( ) the final exam next week.  (1)to take (2)taken (3)taken to (4)taking to 次の英文の下線部には箇所が一箇所ある。その番号を選び、正しい形に直しなさい。 またその英文を訳しなさい。 1. ( 【1】He warned ) me ( 【2】to not go ) to ( 【3】that dangerous area ), so I ( 【4】changed my plans ). 2. Some words the professor ( 【1】used ) ( 【2】in ) her lecture were ( 【3】impossible ) to ( 【4】translate them ). 3. He is ( 【1】said ) to ( 【2】be ) ( 【3】very ) smart when he was ( 【4】young ). 4. In 1821, Babbage found ( 【1】it ) difficult ( 【2】to make ) machine parts ( 【3】enough accurate ) ( 【4】to prevent ) errors in calcuation. お手数をおかけしますが、どうか宜しくお願いします。 間違いなどありましたら、お知らせください。

  • 英文の翻訳をお願いします。

    ebayで出品した商品に対して質問がありました。良く分かりません、翻訳お願いします。 i was just about to buy the item and when i am about to commit to buy its giving me the 21.95 shipping only option is there something wrong or a way to change that please let me know the auction is about to end and ill problably will not have the chance to buy it :(