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  • which

    huICSM18 IgG1 into the hippocampus of C57BL/10 mice, which failed to show apoptosis. という文章の訳で 我々はアポトーシスを示さなかった

    2012/03/08 16:36
  • which

    strictly correlated with the levels of CXCL13and OKLtb which were closely associated with the formation of GC. 訳:

    2013/09/04 18:04
  • Which

    narrow street, which I didn't already of the narrow street, which I didn't already fallen. Which I didn't のとこ

    2007/09/24 10:35
  • which

    caffeine of the plants is already lowered by up to 70%, WHICH they claim indicates〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 とつづくんですがでかくなってるWHICHの用法

    2004/10/30 15:41
  • which...(;;)

    くて困っています。事情により前後の文脈は提示できないのですが、解釈し得る可能性を教えてください。 Which signal the tuner is depending control data received from

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    • noname#5914
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    2002/11/28 18:56
  • which

    You'd better ignore which she says about that. という文のwhichはwhateverが正しいのですが、多少無理があるとしても、whichは無理でしょうか?「彼女がそのこと

    2006/12/31 18:00
  • which to

    new lands with which to reward new followers." with which toの意味を教えてください!

    2010/02/20 01:46
  • in which

    especially one in which the trees are between ten and fifty years old ここのin whichは何の役割か教えて下さい(T_T)

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    • noname#106755
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    2010/01/27 02:10
  • in which to

    novelist must create a context in which to place his characters. この文のin which to に関して質問します。 これは文法的に説明するとどうなるのでしょうか。

    2006/09/14 05:59
  • by which

    by which "The Muslim religion, modified by its Turkish and Afghan race-bearers, was further modified by the Persian

    2010/02/28 01:01
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