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  • lengthとterms

    The uncertainty surrounding the length and terms of his stay has caused tension in my relationship with my boyfriend

    2018/01/25 02:30
  • ..in such dramatic terms.

    in such dramatic terms. あのね、そんな大げさなことだと思わなかったわ。 (質問)「おおげさなこと」を[dramatic terms]で表現しています。[terms]の使い方が分りません。thi

    2007/11/24 18:05
  • on your terms

    Have fun with your friend, but only on your terms. https://www.arcamax.com/healthandspirit/lifeadvice/dearann

    2018/07/27 00:34
  • on civil terms

    time. The affair ended badly. We've not been on civil terms since—in fact, we're not speaking. on civil

    2017/09/29 22:38
  • on her own terms

    it's something she needs to seek help for on her own terms. ここでのon her own termsは辞書にあるような意味とは違うと思うのですが、どのような意味

    2018/07/27 02:13
  • net monthly terms

    "net monthly temrs"での支払いというのはどういう支払条件になりますでしょうか? よろしくお願いいたします。

    2015/12/08 11:29
  • on his own terms

    grateful for. He passed on his own terms in his home. He passed on his own terms「自分が思うがままに死んだ」?でしょうか?どういうことでしょうか

    2018/11/15 10:23
  • "terms of the contract" と "conditions of the contract" と "terms and conditions of a contract"

    "terms in the agreement" も使われています。 1: "terms of the contract" と "conditions of the contract" と "terms and

    2004/09/30 11:34
  • keep to the terms

    and I told her we would do so if my niece kept to the terms. keep to the termsはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

    2018/10/23 00:47
  • In terms ofとin point of

    題名のまんまです。 in terms of と in point ofの違いを教えてください。 できれば使い分けもお願いしますm(_ _)m

    2013/12/28 17:17
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