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  • 英和翻訳の訂正をお願いします

    1956 the American Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter rejected it.「‥・」. 2. Then in 2001 the Supreme Court Justices

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    • noname#229141
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    2017/03/16 13:49
  • 中国の固有名詞

    導者です。” これを英訳してみました。 Ko Kinto and On Kaho are the supreme leaders of China. 次に、地名の例です。 “黒竜江省は中国東北部の最先端の省です。

    2014/12/15 07:23
  • in violation on (of)

    Asahi retracted the story, saying it erroneously claimed that plant workers left the plant during the crisis, in violation

    2014/11/15 17:27
  • 英作文の添削をお願いします

    thinking and affluent sensitiveness are needed. It is the supreme compliment to be recognized as such a person. よろしくお願いします。

    2013/07/26 08:46
  • #38 Jefferson Gets 質問05

    claimed that laws passed by the Republican Congress violated the Constitution. But they never asked the Supreme Court

    2013/04/03 15:43
  • #38 Jefferson Gets 質問04

    law permits Marbury to take his case directly to the Supreme Court. But the Constitution does not. The Constitution

    2013/04/03 15:41
  • #38 Jefferson Gets 質問03

    noted that Marbury had taken his request to the Supreme Court under the terms of a law passed in 1789. That law

    2013/04/03 15:40
  • #38 Jefferson Gets 質問02

    manythings.org/voa/history/38.html Marshall believed the Supreme Court should have the right to veto bills passed by

    2013/04/03 14:16
  • #38 Jefferson Gets 質問 01

    tion would refuse his order. And that would weaken the power of the Supreme Court. 裁判長はジョーン・マーシャル、連邦党員であった。マー

    2013/04/03 14:12
  • ディスコ

    クラブ、ディスコ、その前はなんていったのか・・・ダンスホール? 好きな尾崎の曲名にあります。 行きましたか?思い出はありますか?好きな曲はなんでしょう?

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    2012/05/04 23:34
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