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  • HIM

    こんにちは アマゾンでうろうろしてたら、これを買った人は これも買ってるというのが出てきてHIM、ラブメタル がでてきました。買った人の感想を読んでいたら 聞きたくなったのですがどんな感じですか?

    2005/04/24 15:42
  • save him from himself

    we allow him to pick his own clothes OR do we save him from himself and demand he wear what we tell him to? save

    2018/10/21 00:48
  • Ask himとYou ask him

    相手に〜するようにいう場合、例えば Ask him about it. You ask him about it. では、何かニュアンスの違いのようなものは あるんでしょうか?

    2007/09/15 07:35
  • invited himself

    But since the second visit, he has invited himself over a few times.https://www.arcamax.com/healthandspirit/li

    2018/02/06 06:06
  • pass him off

    he calls I am polite and quickly pass him off to my husband. pass him off to my husbandはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

    2018/12/02 00:24
  • want him out

    and me. Hate is a strong word, but I hate him and want him out. want him outは「いなくなってほしい」でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

    2019/08/18 21:33
  • catch himself

    refused to go to a doctor. He’d isolate himself from anyone who challenged him. When he finally collapsed and was admitted

    2018/05/15 02:37
  • give him extra juice ??

    与えるでは、不適当ですから慣用句だと思うのですが。。。 Why take this guy, give him extra juice to think he can make a difference~?

    2019/09/10 11:00
  • to do him justice

    To do him justice, he is a reliable man. という文があるのですが、これを Doing him justice とすることはできますか? できないとしたら、どうしてできないのか、そ

    2008/07/06 09:36
  • stare at him, incredulous

    独学で英語を勉強している者です。 高校1年生の英語の教科書に Catherine stared at him, incredulous. という文が出てきました。「, incredulous」が文法的にどういうはたらき

    2014/07/06 01:26
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