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  • could

    I could have sworn that I heard a report of a gun. (銃声を聞いたことは間違いない) という文の、couldは単純に可能性のcanの過去形でしょうか?控えめなcoul

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    • bb22
    • 英語
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    2010/03/18 17:20
  • could

    こんにちは。 1:Gulliver could see the fire from where he was. この「could」は可能性、推量、「言っていることにあまり自身が  ない」使い方。でしょうか?

    2007/11/13 07:14
  • could それとも could have gone?

    We didn’t go out last night. We (1. could go 2. could have gone) to the movies but decided to stay home.

    2005/01/18 13:34
  • one could make the case

    people at the tables, their interaction with the people sitting at the sushi bar, one could make the case they’re

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    • engg
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    2014/04/23 23:40
  • 英語 could

    I could tell he was only pretending to read, because his book was upside down. couldとhe was only...の間で 時制のズレが

    2012/12/17 16:39
  • couldについて

    Before I could say anything more,three kittens appeared from behind the white cat. 上記の英文の couldについて教えて下さい。よろしくお願いします。

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    • noname#213339
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    2014/12/18 19:18
  • could have 過去分詞

    while holding the Japanese flag at the summit, people wondered how a twenty-five-year-old could have done that

    2009/12/19 09:24
  • it could make like the Dutch?

    に改装したという記事で、以下のような文章が冒頭にあったのですが。 2文目の、"it could make like the Dutch"という部分は、どういうニュアンスなのかわかりかねます。 どなたか教えてくださると幸甚です。

    2008/11/06 18:03
  • that there could?

    there could and are likely to be others to come. 上の文がよくわかりません。 (1)基本的なことなのかもしれませんが「that there could」って文法的に

    2007/08/27 15:25
  • no way we could

    以下の文についてお教え頂けないでしょうか。 Thare's no way we could have done all the work without your expert packing. (1) wayと

    2013/12/16 20:31
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