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  • 和訳 emphasis added actual

    interrogations ever took place [emphasis added]. 合計で、原告は「取調べ」を行う目的で21日間、電気は24時間つけたまま、座布団すらない独居房に勾留された。しかし、そのよう

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    • noname#229745
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    2017/12/19 15:02
  • Added to / cameの意味

    General (1)Added to those woes came last week's financial scandal in Parisについて これは文頭なのですがadded toはどう考えるのでしょうか?

    2008/01/30 14:15
  • He added that this sets A

    He added that this sets Asians, three-quarters of whom are foreign-born, apart previous waves of immigrants. that

    2014/07/13 15:56
  • fear of fatの意味?

    ting and fear of fat. "It’s been backward thinking for the last 40 years,” Johnson added. http://www.examiner.

    2014/06/15 08:17
  • "食料自給率”、”空気浄化作用”を英語で・・・?

    能性” possibility to reflect the cost as added-value into the price of the products で間違いありませんか?

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    • lim
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    2005/09/22 14:05
  • 英文並び替え問題教えてください

    days, negotiations, of, political (2)「凍結資産のリストに付け加えられたのは」 added, asserts, frozen, list, of, the, to 上記の英文の並び替

    2012/01/03 07:59
  • 倒置文での was とwere の違い

    これに2mlの酢酸を加えた。 To this was added 2 ml of acetic acid. To this were added 2 ml of acetic acid. このような文で、 "this"の後は

    2008/10/07 22:39
  • 和訳お願いします。

    worms are added to each of the four replicates of a control, and an ascending series of concentrations of the chemicals

    2014/06/10 21:51
  • 添削お願いします

    women are added to the labor force, it is expected more greater economic benefit than the same number of men are

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    • wxw
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    2019/02/17 13:31
  •   #49 War of 1812:質問05

    representation of the southern states, where slavery was permitted. They wanted new states added to the Union only

    2013/04/30 02:17
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