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以下の英文の和訳をお願いします。 So, you see, the Earth is extremely, unbelievably old compared to us humans with a fossil record hiding incredible stories to tell us about the past and possibly the future as well. But in the short time we've been here, we' ve learned so much and will surely learn more over the next decades and centuries, near moments in geological time.


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 これで、地球は、驚ろくべき過去の歴史を秘め、未来についても語ってくれる化石によって、人類(の歴史)に比べれば、非常に、信じられないぐらいに古いことがわかるだろう。  しかし我々が地球上にいた短い間、我々は実に多くのことを学び、地球の歴史ではほんの数瞬間にすぎない、これからの数十年、数世紀の間に今まで以上のことを学び続けるに違いない。  、




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(訳文) まあ、そういうわけですから、地球さんは私たち人間に比べてとても信じられないほど年寄りで、過去や将来について信じられないような物語が隠されている化石の記録を持っているのです。でも、ここに来てすぐに私たちも多くのことを学びました。そして、これからの数十年、いや数世紀にわたって地質学の時間に近づくように、私たちはもっとたくさんのことをしっかり学ぶことでしょう。





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    CNNニュースで女性のインタビューの内容が以下になるのですが、日本語の意味がつかめませんので、教えてください。宜しくお願いします。 I have really hard moments, definitely. When things aren`t, you know, going right or if a lot of times I`m by myself, I can`t do something, I can`t get to something. And I think it`s really necessary to fully experience those moments of grief, of just absolute exhaustion, and, you know, to experience them, allow to accept them, allow them to pass, and over the horizon there`s always more sunshine and more love, so you know, even in those dark, dark nights of the soul, you know, we wake up and it`s spring. So, I definitely am learning as much as possible from those moments and, you know, trying to heal, slowly but surely.

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    There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real.

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    The little devices most of us carry around are so powerful that they change not only what we do, but also who we are . . . We've become accustomed to a new way of 'being alone together.'

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    We've awoken from the depths of sorrow amid the sorrow we've honored dedication harmony and virtues to see the light leading us away from adversity that is our made in Japan

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    These include the Little Ice Age (LIA) between the 14th and the 19th centuries and the so called Medieval Warm Period (MWP) around the 9th to the 12th century. The history of solar activity, on the other hand, has been investigated through cosmogenic radionuclides, such as carbon-14 and beryllium-10, embedded in the tree-rings and ice cores for decadal (Beer et al., 1998) and centennial changes (Stuiver and Quay, 1980, Stuiver and Braziunas, 1989 and Usoskin et al., 2004). The reconstructed records show that the sun has gone through several prolonged activity minima as well as maxima roughly in sync with the cold and warm spells such as the LIA and the MWP (Eddy, 1976 and Stuiver and Braziunas, 1989), although it is still difficult to evaluate solar variations quantitatively. The patterns of climate and solar variations are similar, but the global warming trend has not leveled off during the last few decades when the activity of the sun has peaked (Lockwood and Fröhlich, 2007), pointing that the anthropogenic greenhouse gasses are the major factor responsible for the global warming.

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    ‘As part of the hydrogen power and renewable energy initiative we will strive to provide electricity to every village in Vanuatu,’ said the Government’s September 2000 announcement. And it also hopes to become an exporter, providing energy to its neighbours. So does Hawaii. Like Vanuatu, this island has abundant geothermal and solar energy, which can be used to make hydrogen. This US State has long recognized the need to reduce its dependence on oil, which accounts for nearly 90 per cent of its energy and is mainly imported. In the mid-1980s, Hawaii’s State legislature provided the University of Hawaii with $50,000 to explore the potential future of hydrogen. The Government’s ‘investment’ was rewarded this year when the University and two private research partners opened a centre for hydrogen energy development that has attracted $5 million over the next 5 years from the US Naval Research budget. One aim is to split water and produce hydrogen for use in fuel cells which can power the island’s buses and cars, homes and businesses, military and fishing fleets. Possibilities include the island becoming a mid-Pacific refuelling point that ships its own hydrogen to Oceania, the US and Japan.

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    次の英文の和訳を至急お願いします>< In japan,businesses like to foster team spirit,so workers are encouraged to go out together to eat and drink.Students or groups of friend like to do things with large numbers of their friends not only because they find it more fun.It may seem curious to Americans,but we feel that there is a lot of freedom in groups.We can blow off steam,drink a little too much,and someone is there to take care of us.Plus,within groups,women and man are freer of social restrictions that would hinder them if they were alone. Japan is a small country with a large population.Our whole social mechanism is set up to swiftly and efficiently handle large groups.It works for us. 明日テストがあるので。。。 良い回答お待ちしております。

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    usually with one or two of either my or Michael`s friends there to, because they did`nt eat dinner in there house. they always tried to keep us spending time with each other and letting us know that we could talk to them and they would still love us no matter what we did. 一応訳してはみたのですが、うまく日本語にできません どなたかお願いします。

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    And so the customer, of course, is the housewife. What do they pay us for ? I do not know how many people in the world make soap, but there are a great many. And I can’t tell you the difference between one kind of soap or the other. And why does the buyer have a preference, and a strong one, by the way? What does it do for her? Why is she willing to buy from us when on the same shelves in the US or in Japan or in Germany there are soaps from five other soap manufacturers? She usually does not even look at them. She reaches out for that soap. Why? What does she see? What does she want? Try to work on this.

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    Something must have caused languages, even in the past and under traditional conditions, to diverge and to remain separate, in the face of all that contact. Here's how it happens. Any of us over the age of 40 has observed that languages change even over the course of just a few decades, with some words dropping out of use, new words being coined, and pronunciation shifting. For instance, whenever I revisit Germany , where I lived in 1961, young Germans notice that they have to explain to me some new German words (e.g, the new word Handi for cell phones, which didn't exist in 1961), and that I still use some old-fashioned German words that have been going out of use since 1961(e.g, jener/jene for "that/those"). But young Germans and I can still mostly understand each other well. Similarly, you American readers under the age of 40may not recognize some formerly popular English words like "ballyhoo," but incompensation you daily use the verb "to Google" and the participle "Googling" which didn't exist in my childhood.