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Goodbye, Columbus  ONE の最後部分ですがイマイチ分かりにくい内容です。 We had to take about two too many steps to keep the approach from being awkward, but we pursued the impulse and kissed. I felt her hand on the back of my neck and so I tugged her towards me, too violently perhaps, and slid my own hands across the side of her body and around to her back. I felt the wet spots on her shoulder blades, and beneath them, I’m sure of it, a faint fluttering, as though something stirred so deep in her breasts, so far back, it could make itself felt through her shirt. It was like the fluttering of wings, tiny wings no bigger than her breasts. The smallness of the wings did not bother me—it would not take an eagle to carry me up those lousy 180 feet that make summer nights so much cooler in Short Hills than they are in Newark. I’m sure of it 以下の具体的なイメージが湧きません。抽象的な内容の様で長くて恐縮なんですが、具体的なイメージが湧くような日本語でザっと訳して頂けないでしょうか? I’m sure of it 以下で結構です。 so far back は、so far in her backの略でbackは背中の意味ですか?間違ってましたら正しい解釈を教えて下さい。 よろしくお願いします。


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1。訳  (僕は彼女の肩甲骨の間が濡れているのを感じた、その(=肩甲骨の)下で)彼女の乳房の奥深くで、何かが蠢めくような、微かな羽ばたきを確かに感じた。  それは彼女の乳房ほどの小さい翼の羽ばたきのようだった。その翼が小さいことは僕はかまわなかった  (海抜ゼロの暑苦しい)ニューワークに比べて、ショート・ヒルズの夏の夜を涼しくする忌々しい(標高)180フィートの高さに僕をあげるには鷲は要らない。 2。so far back は、so far in her backの略でbackは背中の意味ですか?  いえ「奥」(=表層の反対)で、so far in her backの略ではないと思います。しかし乳房の奥深く水平の奥は、結果的には「背中」と大して変わりません。 3。鷲は大きな鳥です。この夏の夜に僕を天にも上る気分にさせるには、ワシの巨大な羽ばたきは不必要で、たった180フィートなら「微かな羽ばたき」で十分だった、という意味でしょう。  



いつも回答ありがとうございます。 日本語に意訳してもらって漸くがっちりと把握出来る域に達しました。 何で突然、鷲が出て来るんだろうとその意味が分かりませんでしたが、彼女の小さな翼の羽ばたきと、鷲の大きな羽ばたきを、比喩的に対比しているのですね。私にとっての鷲は動物園で見る、いつも止まり木に静止している大きな鳥の1つに過ぎませんが、アメリカ人にとっては国章にもなってるように、大きく外に向かって羽ばたいて行く象徴的な素晴らしい鳥なんでしょうね。その素晴らしい鷲の羽ばたきすら必要としないほど彼女の小さい羽ばたきは素晴らしいと・・・こう読むと、なかなか味が出て来る表現ですね。 ありがとうございました。

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"私にとっての鷲は動物園で見る、いつも止まり木に静止している大きな鳥の1つに過ぎません"とおっしゃっていますが、     良弁(ろうべん)僧正、でお調べになると、日本の伝説にも人を運ぶワシの話が出てきます。


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彼女の胸の奥で ー 彼女のシャツを通して感じ取ることが出来るほどとても奥深いところで ー 何かが揺れ動いたのか、かすかな鼓動を僕は確かに感じた。それはまるで、彼女の胸ほどの、小さな翼による羽ばたきのようだった。いくら翼が小さくても僕には気にならなかった。ショートヒルズの夏の夜にこれほど心地よい涼しさをもたらす、ニューアークとのしがない180フィートの標高差を舞い上がるために、鷲の翼は必要ないのだから。 so far back は「それほどまでにも(表面から)奥の方」という意味でしょう。 so far in her back とは違うと思います("back" は「背中」を指していません)。 私にとってこのパッセージの最も難解な部分は、 it would not take an eagle to carry me up those lousy 180 feet that make summer nights so much cooler in Short Hills than they are in Newark. のくだりです。 No.1 (SPS700) さんの解釈には成程なぁ、と思わず納得しましたが、ここは敢えてこの名答を読む前の、私独自の解釈を紹介させてください。 180 feet の標高差については、第一章の中盤で、 ...as though the 180 feet that the suburbs rose in altitude above Newark brought one closer to heaven,.. と、「...まるで天国に近付いたようだ...」と述べています。 それで、 「彼女のかすかな鼓動(小さな羽ばたき)」を感じたことが、まるで天国に上ったようだった、と比喩的に表現しているのかなぁ、と思ったわけです。 このように、読み方によっていろいろな解釈ができることも、文学の面白いところだと思います。



いつも回答ありがとうございます。 物理的なものの描写でも理解しにくいのに、無形のものを描写している英文は更に理解しにくいです。果たして自分の理解が正しいのかどうか、雲をつかむような感じです。 cbm51901さんは文学がお好きなようですね。別の機会でいいですから好きな作家があれば教えて下さい。その作家のどこが好きなのかも良かったら教えて下さいませんか。でも、私がその作家を読もうとするかどうかは、勿論私に決めさせて下さい。 ありがとうございました。


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    下記の文章の” I imagine he’s had his share of what they can do back there, too” の部分をどう訳せばいいのか教えていただけないでしょうか。 “He was always well-mannered and always a nice boy and very polite and kind, and I always remember him for that and always liked him, too. I felt quite disturbed that this would be happening. War is an awful thing, so I imagine he’s had his share of what they can do back there, too, in Afghanistan. I imagine he’s seen a lot, too, that’s maybe done things to him,” said Mattheis. 出展:VOA News http://www.voanews.com/english/news/usa/US-Soldier-Sentenced-to-Life-in-Prison-for-Afghan-Atrocities-133719403.html

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    長文で申し訳ないんですが、下の文をざっくりでいいので翻訳・解説してくれませんか? 自分で翻訳サイトなどに掛けてみても、意味がよく分からなくて、、、 I am a 59-year-old Japanese, born in 1941 (Showa 16). When I was a child, many of my teachers were very scary, probably because they had experienced the war. Unlike today, corporal punishment was allowed, so it was common to be slapped or punched. This was when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school (11-12 years old). One of my classmates was a girl whose family was poor, so she and her sister shared gym clothes for gym class. One day, however, her gym class coincided with her sister's class, and she didn't have any gym clothes because she had given them to my sister. I think it was an unavoidable reason, but the teacher did not allow the girl to not bring her gym clothes even though she had such a good reason. He ordered her to take off her plain everyday clothes , telling her that she was not allowed to take gym class in plain clothes. She took off her everyday clothes and attended the PE class in her underwear, that is, wearing only a pair of panties. Her classmates pointed and laughed at her shameful appearance in just her panties. Perhaps she was poorly nourished because of her poverty, her bare breasts weren't bulging at all. The girls made fun of her flat breasts, calling it "look like men". Also, a stupid boy took down her panties and tried to show everyone where her part which must be never seen(Fortunately, this ended in an attempt) She remembers feeling so embarrassed and humiliated that she almost started to cry. But she never gave in and gave her gym clothes to her sister on another day when the classes overlapped as well. It must have been an unbearable humiliation for a girl of her age to go to class almost naked and be seen by boys and girls of her age. She was a strong girl and was able to endure it, but an ordinary girl would not have been able to. I can only hope that there will never be another educator who gives this kind of education again.

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    Yesterday my boyfriend’s mother offered to pay for some classes in cake decorating for me so that I can further my experience in baking to get a better job. I’m unemployed looking for a bakery job right now, which is why she offered to pay, and she wants me to pay her back by doing housework for her over the weekends. As much as I would love to take this opportunity, our relationship has been strained because of the circumstances of how her son and I came to be. strainedとhow her son and I came to beの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入しました。 残念ながら不良品が届いてしまったのでその事を相手に伝えたら返事が来ました。すみませんが意味を教えて下さい。お願いします。 I will get back you tomorrow, most of our AAA are new there are some older ones, for the below ones I will ask if we can replace it with newer ones or a refund I am so sorry. I don’t know why they did not check it before, usually they always do I will get back to you shortly and I am sure I will resolve the issue, thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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    この英文の意味を教えてください "I stuck with the accomplishments I was sure of: I rode my bicycle sitting backward on the handle bars, I made up poems, I played selections from Aida on the piano." "I wanted to do these things but did not have nerve. What I finally did manage to do, hoewver, and what is the subject of this memoir, was far brassier. As an exhibit of teen-age courage and ineptitude, it never fails to amaze me in retrospect."

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    アメリカのネットショップで小物を購入しました。発送の事でメールがきたんですがすみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 Your additional order is still being packed. I am hoping to get it back today so that I could email you the invoice. Our warehouse it sorting our the 'made in USA' labels too. I will let them know to send me a photo and I will forward it to you. Thank you,

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    英語圏の取引先から下記のようなメールが来ました。資料やフェイスブックの件のメールです。すみませんが意味を教えてくれませんか?お願いします。 Thank you and I’m sure that our business will grow and rapidly as holiday is approaching. I have copied David to this email, he will be assisting you with all IT related including Facebook and FTP server. He handles our social and website here so his experience and knowledge will help you greatly. Thanks again and please take care of your health. Not too cold yet but for last couple of days our temperature has dropped 10 degrees so it feels like fall already. デビットからのメール My name is David from 〇○, and I ‘ll assist you with media contents. So please let me know if you need any help, and I’ll update you with ftp access soon. Here is your facebook url “https://www.facebook.com/00000” go to that page and like it first and we will make you as an admin.

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    In phrase 2, we use 'so', 'very' and 'terribly' to make the meaning stronger. 'Terribly' is the strongest. If we use one of the words in brackets, it is stressed. If~のところだけでいいのでお願いします>< bracketsがよくわかりません。 単体で使ったらってことですか?

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    My grandma is 84 years old and still able to live independently. I spent time in her home a few years ago and discovered that she no longer showers because she is afraid of slipping. It also is too hard for her to step over the lip of the bathtub. step over the lip of the bathtubはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    To say that the authority of science in political discourse is merely a matter of convention, and not of truth claims, obviously goes too far. A strong tradition in science going back to Descartes and even further identifies the capacity to find truth with the adoption of a correct method of inquiry. John Schuster emphasizes this aspect when he characterizes methodologies of science as "discourses so structured that they necessarily lie about their own powers ahd capabilities in the interest of turning culture into nature. " 上記英文を御訳し願います。