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A few nights ago I went out for a night on the town with a close friend, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend. By the end of the night, after several drinks too many (not an excuse, and I know you don’t approve), the boyfriend and I found ourselves alone. He came on to me, and even though I know it was wrong, I ended up making out with him. Later that night, he came to my room, I’m guessing to take things a bit further, but I immediately sent him away. I’m guessing to take things a bit furtherは挿入されているかのように使われていますが、どのような役割でしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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>I’m guessing to take things a bit furtherは挿入されているかのように使われていますが、どのような役割でしょうか? ⇒現在進行形ですので、この文(で過去のことを)書いている今、「推測部分」を挿入するといった格好でしょうね。 Later that night, he came to my room to take things a bit further, but I immediately sent him away.の中のto take things a bit furtherの部分を、今I’m guessingしている、ということでしょう。 ☆「(彼が私の部屋に来たのは)今にして思えば、関係をもう少し深めるためだったと推測されますが(彼を即座に追い出しました)」。





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    お願いします。 英文の意味を教えて下さい。よろしくお願いします。 『I'm guessing yes. If not, please let me know and I will forward them to him.』

  • It seems that ...

    「彼と彼女の間には誤解があるように見える」の英訳 問題集の回答 : It seems that there is a misunderstanding between him and her. : There seems to be a misunderstanding between him and her. 僕の下記回答は間違いですか? : It seems to be misunderstanding between him and her. そもそも和文の主語は「誤解」述語は「ある」だとおもうので、たとえば : A misunderstanding seems to exist between him and her. でもよいような気がするんですが、やっぱり違和感がありますでしょうか?

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    Dear Prudence, I was pretty badly bullied in high school for my appearance and being two years younger than everyone else. In college I started lifting weights, “blossomed” into my looks and life got much better. But the emotional scars remained. Earlier this year I started a new job and discovered the administrative assistant for my group was one of my bullies from high school. I know she recognized me because she made a joke about how much I’d changed and said we had to “catch up sometime.” I was cold but polite for the sake of our professional relationship, but she must have mistaken it for forgiveness, because last week at a work happy hour, she apologized again that “everyone” was so rough on me in high school—then she hit on me. I was so infuriated that I ended up being very cruel and mocked her until she left in tears. It turns out revenge doesn’t feel so good after all, and I’ve been avoiding her entirely. I’m afraid my boss is going to start asking why I’m wasting time on things the admin should be doing. Still I don’t feel like apologizing to her, because what kind of jerk hits on someone they used to treat like dirt? Should I tell my boss what happened? I know he values me highly, so he might be willing to let me work with his administrative assistant, but I’m afraid that might come off as childish. —Did I Bully My Bully? I don’t want to rub your face in what might have been, but you could absolutely have brought this issue up with your boss before the incident occurred. Had you told him it would be difficult for you to work with your former high school bully, he might have been able to set you up with his own administrative assistant before things got to the breaking point. Had you told him it would be difficult for you to work with your former high school bully, he might have been able to set you up with his own administrative assistant before things got to the breaking point.のカンマのあとはtold himを受けてthatが省略されているのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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 I’m guessing to take things a bit furtherは挿入されているかのように使われていますが、どのような役割でしょうか?  これ全体はおっしゃる通り文法的には「挿入句」です。役割は純粋に第三者に報告する二つの文の間に、半ば自分にも言い聞かせるような「つぶやき」です。  文1   副詞句: Later that night,   主語:he   動詞:came    副詞句:to my room,  つぶやいているような挿入句   I’m guessing to take things a bit further, ことをさらに進めるだったのでしょう  つなぎ:but  文2   主語: I   副詞:immediately   動詞:sent   目的語:him    副詞:away.





  • 文法的に良くわかりません

    I am a compassionate person who seems to have good insights into things. Here’s my problem: I don’t like keeping secrets and I am not good at it. It’s not that I want to “gossip”—although sometimes that may be true! I’m only human!—it’s more that I forget who knows what and people tend to talk to me about lots of things. it’s more that I forget who knows whatの訳を教えてください。あと、thatの役割も教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. We decided to make some major sacrifices in order to pay off debt and save up for a house. This includes driving junky cars and moving in with his parents. He and I were both working out with a personal trainer, him twice a week and me once a week. I quit the training because I found a cheaper option. My boyfriend decided to start seeing the trainer three times per week. I think this is irresponsible, considering we are in saving mode right now. This is why my boyfriend decided to cover it up and lie about it -- badly. I caught on pretty quickly, but rather than be accusatory, I simply told him that if he wants to see the trainer three times per week to not feel as though he has to hide it. rather than be accusatory, はあまりみない形なのですが、文法的にはどうなっているのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • parse

    (相談投稿) Hi Carolyn: My friend's boyfriend passed away last week and the funeral is tomorrow. My friend told her roommate that she didn't want her friends going to the funeral if they were going just for her, and I'm torn on whether to go. Although I liked her boyfriend and considered him a friend, my connection to him was through her and I would mostly go to support her. I want to respect her wishes, but I'm also worried that not going is the wrong thing, and that she will look back and be upset I wasn't there. The service is being held six hours away from me, so I've got to figure it out today. -- To Go or Not to Go Maybe it's just me, but I find "her wishes" almost impossible to parse. parseは「理解する」くらいで良いでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • coherent

    However, recently we both finished uni for the summer and have been forced to spend time apart, and when we both came back to the city we study in to celebrate his graduation, we went on a night out. I ended up still coherent, but pretty drunk, and when we came back to my student house, I (as he put it) threw myself at him. http://community.sparknotes.com/2015/08/12/auntie-sparknotes-i-was-all-over-my-boyfriend-while-drunk-but-im-scared-of-sex-when-im-sober I ended up still coherentとthrew myself at himの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    Yesterday my boyfriend’s mother offered to pay for some classes in cake decorating for me so that I can further my experience in baking to get a better job. I’m unemployed looking for a bakery job right now, which is why she offered to pay, and she wants me to pay her back by doing housework for her over the weekends. As much as I would love to take this opportunity, our relationship has been strained because of the circumstances of how her son and I came to be. strainedとhow her son and I came to beの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    I came home last night after a girls’ night out and noticed that my husband’s phone was not plugged in. I picked it up, plugged it into the charger and took a peek to see what’s happening on Facebook. I open it up and there I see a picture of one of his friends in a bikini, zoomed into her body and chest. I woke him and asked him about it, and he, in a sleepy daze, admitted that he used it earlier in the night to masturbate to. masturbate toはtoがなければいけないのでしょうか?なぜ必要なのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • この英文は通じますか?一部訳し方がわかりません

    私があなたの家(アパート)にいたときに、あなたの彼が荷物を取りにきました。彼は私がいるとは思ってもいなかったから、びっくりさせちゃった。もちろん私も驚いたけど、久しぶりに会えたから、よかった。 この次は、普通に会いましょうって伝えてね。 When I was at your place,your boyfriend came over to get his things.He never thought I wae there.so I scared him. Of couse I was surprised,too. But it was good to see him because I haven't seen him for long time. Can you tell him let's meet(普通に、今回のような状況ではなく・・みたいなことを入れたいのですが。思いつきません。教えてください)

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    The F25 copper heat sink will be $25.00 no I'll make it for you for $20.00 this time as you have bought from me before and I'm guessing you will again so a good deal for is in order for you so $20.00 for the F25 copper heat sink for postage it will be approx $15.00 and the paypal fees are figured on the total so I'm guessing approx $3.00 or less there.

  • 文法的解説と意味を教えてください

    I’m convinced that it’s healthy as can be for my kids to see their mom making time for herself, recognizing and taking care of her needs, fearlessly and unapologetically following her interests whether they happen to be socially acceptable or not. healthy as can beの文法的解説と意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    She looked up as she heard his footsteps, and the gracious smile which her lips put on, was an invitation to make himself happy in a seat beside her. But he resisted the blandishment, and lifting his hat as he passed, with a smile in return, he soon disappeared from her presence, and joined the two who awaited him. 上の文の和訳をお願いします。 the gracious smile which her lips put on (彼女の唇がおいた優しい笑顔・・・?) an invitation to make himself happy in a seat beside her 等々よくわからないのです。