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I totally understand you sometimes things happen in life that we don’t understand why and I know also that GOD has a plan for for each and everyone of us and it is very difficult to see the reasoning behind it I just pray for all good things to happen for you


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 なぜかわからないことが時には起こることも、私たち一人一人に違ったことを神様が計画していることもよく知っている。  また、その後にある理由が何であるかも見るのは非常に難しい。ただあなたに起こることが全ていいことだと祈るだけだ。





  • どなたか翻訳お願いできませんか?

    翻訳機を使ってみたのですが よくわからなかったので、どなたか翻訳していただけませんか? Now I understand that's an obstacle and it is for me too but I'm willing to try to put it aside and just get to know you for you 宜しくお願いします。

  • i dont believe that we me

    i dont believe that we met by incidentally i do believe everythin happen for a reason god gave me you to able to be happy and god give me to you so i can watch you guide you and protect you i love you どういう意味ですか? アイラブユーしかわかりません。 どうか訳してください。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 翻訳お願いします。

    翻訳サイトや辞書で調べてみたのですがこちらの文章が今ひとつ理解できません。 長い文章なので、大まかな訳で構いませんので、相手がどの様なことを説明しているのか 教えていただけないでしょうか。 どうかよろしくお願いします。 I want to create your indulgence and make you understand how things do work out here when it comes to the animal market.You might lack alot more experience to handle situations as sure but you need to understand we normally do accept full payment prior to any delivery,but just for the fact that you were being skeptical over sending payment upfront,we had to come to a compromise,half payment upfront and half upon delivery. I was obliged to respect our agreement,but due to the fact that,it took you so long to make payment,having gone twice to A and did not succeed and once to B,though succeeded,there was an embargo which you did make me understand.So how then do you expect me to proceed after all this doubts around??All you need to do is make your parents understand it is due to this,i am putting everything unhold and unless the remaining payment is done and confirmed,which i doubt it will,unless you prove me otherwise,before i will then proceed further as planned and you will receive your animals before i leave for Germany. I hope with your high sense of reasoning,you will definitely see reasons with me on this and there is simply no reason why you would not want to send the remaining C$,unless you know it is impossible.I am 100% willing to do business with you,so please i hope you can comply soonest,so that we get this done with once and for all and you should be expecting your animals delivered in a short run. Thanks and i hope to get a positive respond from you this time around,so as to enable me draw into conclusions. Greetings from Great Britain:)and please i want you to have no worries at all.I promise you not only as a reputable breeder,but as a christian and a father of 4,i will not fail you.Have trust and confidence in me and i assure you like never before,everything will be smoothly done,than you least expect it to!!

  • この英語メールの意味は?

    何度か食事をともにしている仕事仲間の外国の方(母国語が英語でない)からこのメールが届きました。私はあまり英語がわからないので、いつも簡単な文章で書いてくれますが、今回のメールは大事にことが書いてあるようで正確な意味が知りたいです。どうぞよろしくお願いします。 It was wonderful evening yesterday. And we talked about many things which was interesting for me. I hope you feel little the same....... One thing I want to know from you, help me to understand what you feel about me, and how close to me you want to be. For me difficult to explain what I need from you, but I have big hope that you will understand.

  • 翻訳してくれませんか?!

    翻訳してくれませんか?! 外国人の友達からメールで言われた言葉なんですが、曖昧な理解しかできなく 困ってます>< 翻訳してくれますでしょうか? I'm sorry to tell you but I'm seeing someone. Its difficult to wait for you and someone is very interested in me now. She is very nice and sweet. Ive asked you to be more sweet with me but I understand you never met me before. I guess we can just be friends. Hope you understand that I need to kiss, hold and make love to woman and it's been too long. I understand you cant promise me anything so I'm being honest with you that I'm seeing someone else.

  • 翻訳してください。

    I'm just sudden.. alone... now.. I always miss you.. and pray for your good future & our meeting.. but your sudden word give me sad... I think that you don't like me and you don't love me... my mind.. is too.. good luck to you... always... I wait for you.. in this place...

  • 翻訳お願いします。

    How come after you know i sell this host you go to others asking for them to make the heatsink.? You show no respect for me. I dont understand why you changed like this to wards me. You lasers took so long to make because I dont build cheap half fast made stuff. All my lasers are quality. I find it very disrespectful. I have done and given so much to you over the year. Going behind my back and asking other machinist which iam very good friends with to make heatsinks for stuff i sell is very disrespectful. In fact i was the one that showed you this host Months ago. Remember After you get your 2 high power laser which should be there very soon and i see whats going on with your friends 635nm laser i think i will no longer offer my service to you. With the 635nm laser something does not sound right and a few things you mention that made me upset. Now you go behind my back and ask other people to make stuff for you that i sell. That is very disrespectful. If I sell something i only sell it. I will ask you nicely to never and i REPEAT NEVER ask another member to make any of my stuff again.! I worked hard to get where i am. I dont need anyone to take what i worked hard at. I will let you know when your friends 635nm laser comes in and let me know when you get your 2 high power laser in. After i see whats wrong with the 635nm laser and Fix it i can NOT offer you my service to you anymore. Again, I will ask you nicely to NEVER ask another member to make any of my stuff again.! I worked hard to get where i am. I dont need anyone to take what i worked hard at.

  • この英語を日本語へ翻訳お願いします。

    なんとなくは分かるのですが、知らない単語があり的確に訳せません...。 お力添えお願いします。 don't think that way .... i understand your situation . i know how it feet to be in that type of situation . here is something to make you feel better . don't worry i still think that you are a wonderful person and thank you! for be in honest .... i respect you ... now think about this " ( That me think that you are the best person in the world and is happy for the way you are! ) " and only think about it all day so you feel better

  • 意味が理解できません

    こんにちは。 2才上の外国人(私は中1です)の友達から貰った手紙を、辞書で調べながら読んでいるのですが、意味が理解できずに困ってます。どうしても、おかしな日本語になってしまいます。辞書に載ってない単語もあります('cosなど)。 どなたか日本語に訳して頂けませんか? Never in my life I have known someone special as you are. 'cos you are very nice, very kind to me. And I'm very thankful for that. Hope you won't change. And I promise I'm always here for you no matter what. Thank you very much. Just always take care. And always pray to God. God bless you. よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文の和訳をお願いします。

    And I was trying to tell you why it is a reason for things to happen in a certain way if we can show that that way has more ways of happening than some other way.