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I’m a single woman with a large extended family. I cope with the enormous project of buying Christmas presents by getting them very early. Everyone in my family knows this; it’s the family joke that I have all my presents purchased by Halloween. My brother’s wife, Jean, sent out a group text last week saying they have decided not to exchange gifts with the extended family and would only be getting gifts for each other and their own kids. They have five kids, both together and via previous marriages, so I understand, but would have appreciated more notice. My mom asked what I was going to do, and I said I’d keep the gifts for the kids but return the ones I got for my brother and Jean. Unfortunately, my dad, the family bigmouth, overheard us and told my brother. This weekend, Jean made a snide remark about how I didn’t understand the “true meaning of Christmas” and how I’m withholding their gifts simply because I’m not getting anything in return. In the moment, I snapped that she doesn’t get to spend my money for me, but on reflection I’m a little afraid she’s right. it’s the family joke thatとI snapped thatはなぜthat節がとれるのでしょうか?決まりがあるのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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> it’s the family joke thatとI snapped thatはなぜthat節がとれるのでしょうか?  前者が It is A that ... という構文であり、一種の強調文であり、普通は that を用いる (省略しない)。  後者は省略してもよいが、 I snapped A, but B. という2つの要素を持つ形の文なので、A をまず提示しておいて、次に B という要素も提示するのだという連続性の意識が働いているように見えます。that が略されても問題ないが、ない場合、文の前半だけで1つのことを言い切ってしまう感じになる。実際には、前半の in the moment ... と後半の on reflection (that) ... という異なる2つの要素を持ち出す意図があったのだから、前半では that を使って節であることを意識させ、後半では重複を避けて省略している、と見ることができるように思われます。





  • that節

    My husband and I have been raising two of my grandkids: Their mothers are from my first marriage and addicted to drugs. It was rough the first few years, but I told my husband I couldn’t turn my back on the grandkids and he said that we together could do it. Fast-forward several years and he’s retired, the kids are 14 and 9, and I feel like I get punished all the time for “ruining his life and retirement” by choosing the grandkids over him. He always starts off that it was the only choice we could make, but there isn’t a day that goes by he doesn’t have a sarcastic remark about me or the grandkids’ mothers or how dishonest and horrible all women are. He always starts off thatはなぜ that節がとれるのでしょうか?何にでもとれるわけではないですよね?よろしくお願いします

  • 和訳お願いします

    I have been busy helping out my family my brother has been gone for the last three days and I spent a part of the day today looking for him です。よろしくお願いします

  • 和訳をよろしくお願いします

    My fiance and I are getting married in my family's hometown and my parents are hosting (and paying for) the wedding. My family are minimal drinkers though not opposed to some drinking. My fiance's large extended family is accustomed to weddings with full open bars. My parents' initial desire was to serve beer and wine during cocktail hour and dinner, and they have increased that to supplying beer and wine for a full reception and adding one cocktail option. they have increased that to supplying beer and wine for a full reception and adding one cocktail optionの和訳をよろしくお願いします

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>it’s the family joke thatとI snapped thatはなぜthat節がとれるのでしょうか?決まりがあるのでしょうか? ⇒どちらのthat も「~すること」という名詞節を作るための接続詞です。 ☆ it’s the family joke that の場合:「(私はすべてのプレゼントをハロウィーンで購入したことが)家族の笑いのタネです」。ということで、it’s the family joke that I have all my presents purchased by Halloween のit が形式主語、that 以下 that I have all my presents purchased by Halloween「私はすべてのプレゼントをハロウィーンで購入したこと」が真主語ですね。つまり、このthat節は、「主語(節)としての名詞節」で、頻用される文法規則です。 ☆ I snapped thatの場合:I snapped that she doesn’t get to spend my money for me, but on reflection I’m a little afraid she’s right.「私は彼女が私に(プレゼント用の)お金を使わせないことを噛みつきましたが、考えてみると、少々残念ながら彼女の方が正しいかも知れないと思います」。ということで、このthat 節 that she doesn’t get to spend my money for me「彼女が私に(プレゼント用の)お金を使わせないこと」は、「目的語(節)としての名詞節」で、同じく頻用される文法規則です。 要するに、どちらのthat 節も、ごく普通の名詞節で、文法上何ら問題ありません。





  • for that(そのための)って英語使いますか

    お世話になります。 英語のフレーズで、例えば「英語力を伸ばすことと、そのための環境に興味がある」と言いたい時 I have an interest in improving my English and environment for that. の最後の"for that"は正しいでしょうか。 そもそも論としては、ここで "for it" なのか "for that" なのかで迷ったのですが、 itは「共通理解があるもの」、 thatは「少し遠さを感じさせるもの」という程度の理解で for that かなと考えました。 口語ではfor thatとよく聞く気がする(気のせいかもしれない)のですが、 あまり文章で観た記憶が少ないので質問させていただきました。 よろしくお願い致します。

  • よろしくお願いします

    For most of my life, my sister “Crystal” and I have never had a good relationship. For as long as I can remember, she’s always been horrible to me, criticizing everything from my choice in movies and music to how I act in public. Her attitude is actually a joke between some friends and me. My family has acknowledged her behavior toward me, but their way to keep the peace is to tell me that since I’m the oldest, I need to be mature and ignore it. For the last several years, I’ve lived far enough away that going home during the holidays was a financial burden. However, I recently moved closer, and now the pressure is on to come home for the holidays. Prudie, I’m in my 30s and have discovered my best holidays have been spent with friends, food, beer, and bad horror movies. It’s not that I don’t want to go home; it’s just my desire not to deal with Crystal outweighs my desire to see my family. Last Christmas saw me emptying my brother’s liquor cabinet. Last Christmas saw meとはどういうことでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 訳し方を教えてください

    Members of my family love to extend invitations to birthday parties at a restaurant of their choice, and they expect you to bring a gift and pay for your own meal. It is my understanding that the host handles the food bill in expectation that the guests will bring gifts and have a great time. This is the way I have known it to be done. Now that I live in the South, social etiquette among my family members has become strained and has caused me to decline invitations. ここでのstrainedの訳し方を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

  • nuanced

    My husband and I agreed not to give each other gifts for Valentine’s Day, so I bought him nothing. He bought a few small items and left them on the counter for me to find when I got home after 8 p.m. I tried to joke it off by saying, “I thought we agreed to not buy gifts.” His retort was snotty: “So I’m guilty of getting you something nice. I’m sorry.” After putting the kids in bed, an argument ensued. I told him I appreciated the thought behind the gift and thanked him for it, but shared that it makes me feel guilty for not reciprocating. He continued to apologize for buying something. I want him to understand that I’m hurt that he reneged on our agreement, not that he bought something. (This isn’t a financial issue.) I know it is nuanced and I seem ungracious, but he doesn’t see the difference. ここでのnuancedはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 副詞節のthat?

    "I have no likes and dislikes about fruits, except for the stuff that might cause me stomach trouble"

  • goes all-out

    My extended family spends money as though it grows on trees, while I’m getting my hair cut twice a year and wearing underwear that would guarantee me very poor emergency medical care. I took a huge pay cut in order to care for my children, and I’m happy to be thrifty because of what it means for my babies. The thing is, the family goes all-out at Christmas, and I’m forced to buy more expensive stuff for people who need or want for nothing. goes all-outはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • get the time of day

    Q. I’M the gay sister: I’m writing to you because I am too embarrassed to say this to anyone I know. I’m an out lesbian, and I have been for years. It’s been a process getting my family on board, and some still aren’t. My younger sister is amazing and supportive, and has been with her boyfriend for a few years. I’ve got a lot of resentment toward how our family has treated our relationships (her boyfriend is included in everything the family does, he’s allowed to sleep over, etc.) while my partner didn’t get the time of day. the time of dayはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • よろしくお願いします

    I'm a teenage boy. My mom hates that I'm gay. She says that the whole family is disappointed in me. But it's only my dad's side of the family who hates me for it. My mom can't accept me for me. can't accept me for meはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • that以下のSとVが不明で訳に困っています

    I realized for the first time that in every joint and vertebra of my twisted and deformed spine lies his investment in me, his concern and his love. 英語が得意な方、よろしくお願いします。

  • よろしくお願いします

    I am one of six adult siblings. We gather once or twice a year in a low-key kind of way to stay connected and catch up. My brother "Tom," his wife and three adult children stopped attending these events a couple of years ago. This left us perplexed. Recently Tom's son (my nephew) shared with the family that he was gender-transitioning to being a woman. We reached out to my brother and our new niece, "Laura," in our individual ways, with messages of support and acceptance. My brother followed up with an email explaining that this was the reason for the recent absences, as they took time to process it and to support Laura, who wasn't yet ready to share her changes with the broader family. the broader familyはここではどのような意味でしょうか?なぜ比較級になっているのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします