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And it is at this point that the promanagement beauty of the proposed SEC action to accelerate disclosure under the Williams Act emerges from the cloud of advocacy. 上記英文で,特に,ラストのemerges from the cloud of advocacyの意味内容が不明です。この点に鑑み,邦訳をお願いします。


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 この時点で、ウイリアムズ法のもとでの公開を早めるための経営者寄りの傑作、 SEC action が擁護の雲から現れる  (それまでは擁護という雲に隠れていた経営者寄りの傑作、SEC actionが、正体を現す)という意味ではないでしょうか。





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    With the passage of the 1934 Exchange Act, Congress added to the weak existing state disclosure law an overlay of mandatory federal disclosure requirements. 上記英文中,overlay ofを適切に訳せずにおります。この点を含めて邦訳をお願いします。

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    The separation of cash flow rights from control rights goes in the direction that tilts against the activist’s goals if those goals are defined as securing voting rights. 上記英文中,特に, goes in the direction that tilts againstの意味内容が分かりません。これを含めて邦訳をお願いします。

  • 英文の構造と邦訳

    Guidelines around the disclosure of incentive plans and our expectations around engagement, preferably with independent members of the compensation committee, where concerns are identified or where we seek to better understand a company’s approach to executive compensation. 上記英文の主部と述部が分りません。加えて邦訳をお願い致します。

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    In this sense, there is no evidence of the formation of transnational enterprise groups - sets of giant firms whose boards interlock and whose shares are owned in blocs that enable coordinated strategic control over major corporations based in multiple countries. Rather, intercorporate ownership relations, typically emanating from financial institutions and consisting of holdings of considerably less than 5 per cent of share capital, express the cross-penetration of investment and the developing solidarities of a transnational corporate community. The continuing clustering of both directorial and ownership relations on a national basis is consistent with Kogut and Colomer's (2012) findings that the transnational network of interlocking directorates and intercorporate ownership in the 1990s was very strongly a small world ――locally clustered within countries, particularly for the directorial network, with a few key transnational interlocks creating 'short cuts' that shrink the global social space (cf. Carroll 2009). 以上の英文の邦訳をお願い致します。

  • う~んこの英文がわかりません

    Under such systems a certain percentage of each new group of employees hired would have to be from minority groups in the community. この文の構文がよく分かりません。これはアファーマティブ・アクションについて論じている文で、文中のsuch systemsは アファーマティブ・アクションを指しています。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英文の邦訳の添削

    There is some reason to believe that this architecture is fundamentally unstable and may be forced to undergo unpredictable transformations almost as quickly as it emerges. Two tensions stand out as particularly prominent. First, although the exhaustion of the drive to liquidity and efficiency can be primarily understood as a bottom-up Veblenian phenomenon, the centralized network arrangements resulting from it are increasingly at odds with the Polanyian market disciplinary political impulse. 上記英文の次の試訳の添削を願います。 「こうした構造が,根本的に不安定で,しかも,現れるや否や即,予測不可能な転形を強いられる場合があると信じるだけの理由がある。2つの緊張関係が特に顕著に目立つ。第一に,流動性と効率性の制御機能の消耗が,詳細なものから徐々に概略的なものに移っていくVeblen的な現象として基本的に理解できるにもかかわらず,その現象の帰結である中央集中化するネットワークの配置が,益々Polanyi的な市場の規律上の政策的推進力とかみ合わなくなる。」以上,宜しくお願いします。

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    I am sure that from these youngsters whom I have met will come our “Babe” Ruths, Eddi Collinses and Frank Bakers of future Base-ball; our Brickleys, Eddie Caseys, Ted Coys, Howard berrys of Football; Dick Williams and Maurice McLoughlines of the coming years in Tennis.

  • 英文を日本語訳して下さい。

    The Prunaru Charge (Romanian: Şarja de la Prunaru) was one of the most daring actions of the Romanian Armed Forces in World War I. The cavalry charge took place on November 28 [O.S. November 15] 1916 in Prunaru (today part of Bujoreni commune, Teleorman County), and was a component operation of the Battle of Bucharest.After the Danube was breached by German, Bulgarian and Ottoman troops under the command of General August von Mackensen, and after German-Austro-Hungarian forces under the command of General Erich von Falkenhayn crossed the Carpathians, the Central Powers planned to trap and annihilate the Romanian forces between these two natural barriers and, by implication, remove Romania from the war.

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    The Germans sprung a surprise on the Canadians by exploding four large mines under trenches of the 2nd Canadian Division covering the spur at the eastern outskirts of the ruins of Hooge and a company of the Canadian 28th (North West) Battalion was wiped out in the explosions. The Canadians managed to hold their position and prevent the Germans from reaching their support line but Byng ultimately decided to leave the Hooge trenches in German hands and to concentrate on regaining Mount Sorrel and Tor Top. To dissuade the Germans from more attacks on the left flank of the Canadian Corps, the dismounted British 2nd Cavalry Brigade came on loan to the Canadian Corps as a counter-attack force.

  • 英文法に関する質問です

    機密保持情報を訳しているのですが、文法が分からない箇所があります。 Recipient shall only use the Confidential Information for the purpose of wafer foundry business or other purpose(s) identified by discloser upon disclosure and is prohibited from using such Confidential Information fo r any other purpose. 受領者は開示情報を、wafer fondry business もしくは開示者が特定したその他目的のみに使用するものとし、その他目的のために当該機密情報を使用することを禁止するものとする。 upon disclosureをどう訳していいのか分からず抜いてしまいました。 また、is prohibited ~はどこにかかるのでしょうか。 よろしくお願いします。