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I recently started dating a guy who is, by most measures, the perfect match. He’s intelligent, handsome, considerate, has a great job and is great in bed. The only catch is, he is really, really nerdy. Not in the good way. He’s pretty socially awkward, he doesn’t have many friends and I feel a little uncomfortable introducing him to my friends. We’re compatible in every other way, but I’m just not ready to bring this guy around. Am I being shallow? Not in the good way.はなぜ限定のようなtheなのでしょうか?あと、bring this guy aroundはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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多分に推測交じりですが、以下のとおりお答えします。 >Not in the good way.はなぜ限定のようなtheなのでしょうか? ⇒訳せば、 「(彼は、実にまったくやぼったい人で)救いようが/どうしようもありません」 といったニュアンスだと思います。 ただ、お尋ねの「なぜtheか?」はどう考えても分かりません。文法書でも、ネットでも分かりませんでした。それで、以下は全く私の個人的な推測にすぎません。 暗黙のうちに「最上級という意識」があるのではないか、ということです。つまり、深層構造としてIn the worst way. というような概念があって、それが表層構造に変形される、すなわち、言葉として表出される際に、このような否定形という形態がとられた。 具体的に言えば、まず発話者には、《救いようが「ない」/どうしようも「ない」》という気持ち・深層心理があった。次にこの意識(=否定形)と「最悪」という意識(=劣等最上級)とが組み合わさった。 ということで、 「Not in a good way.」+「In the worst way.」→「Not in the good way.」 と変形生成された結果、theがついた…。 と、このように、推測(憶測?)した次第です。 >あと、bring this guy aroundはどのような意味でしょうか? ⇒「(私は)この人と一緒に出歩く(心の用意がありません)」くらいのニュアンスでしょう。




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>Not in the good way.はなぜ限定のようなtheなのでしょうか? 普通はa good wayと思います。theは日本語で言うと「あの」とか「その」で置き換えられることが多いのですがその時に喋り手( 書き手)と聞き手(読み手)が同じものをイメージできるときにtheを使います。このケースではしゃべり手はその前のnerdyの意味の中で良いとらえかたをイメージして、自分の頭の中で「あの良い意味ではなく」と否定しています。読み手からすると「どんな良い意味のこと言ってんだよ?」と突っ込みたくなリますが。でも書き手からすると「あの良い意味だよ」と相手もわかっていると思っているのでtheなのでしょう。かなり主管的な使い方と思います。 >あと、bring this guy aroundはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします 彼をそこら中連れて回る、と言う意味ですが全体の文からすると、「(友達に紹介するのが嫌なので)一緒にいろいろなところに出かける気にならない」と言うのがセンテンスの意味でしょう。




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Not in the good way. そのようなお決まりがあるんですよ bring this guy around 連れ回す





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    Walking thru LAX this morning with Scott and this dude just walks up and sticks a video camera in his face and starts asking questions. I thought he was just some tourist. Turns out he was TMZ. Best part about this clip is how I wonder off half way thru: all I wanted was coffee and this guy was just in the way. ※ 『Scott』は人物名です。

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    Martynas wants to be EVERYBODYS friend, but he dont undastand that you cant be everybodys friend and need your company we used to be big company martynas , toma, monika me and so on but martnas has this thing that he is runningaround difarant companies and this way he loses friends so thats his problem i dont tolerate this some times looks like Martynas does not care about any friends he do what he like i dont know.. im angry at him and i dont tolerate this behaviour in short Martynas needs no friends but it not real friends

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    I went to a party that a co-worker was throwing. I got really drunk and made out with her ex (not knowing that he was her ex). Before making out with him, I asked a girlfriend, who was there, if this guy was good people and she said yes. https://www.arcamax.com/healthandspirit/lifeadvice/askamy/s-2144161-p2 good peopleはなぜ複数形で受けているのでしょうか?a good personが自然かと思ったのですが・・よろしくお願いします

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    I found myself extremely upset after reading a friend’s Facebook post recently, in which he admitted to taking a belt to his 2-year-old daughter in the hopes that it’ll teach her to sleep through the night. I find this behavior completely abhorrent. At 2 years old, a child barely knows right from wrong, and if you admit to striking your daughter with an object once, who says you won’t do it again? I’ve since deleted this friend from my Facebook and told my husband (who is also his friend) that I’m refusing to socialize with him. I have two dilemmas now as a result: The first is that my mom is urging me to report him to his local authorities for child abuse. How do I even do this, and am I obligated to? My husband doesn’t want me to because he doesn’t think the authorities will do anything about it, and this guy thinks that what he did was completely acceptable. (He and my husband talked and had to agree to disagree—he told my husband he used a cloth belt and not a leather one, and that’s why it’s OK.) My second dilemma is that this guy is the best friend of my husband’s best friend, and when gatherings are planned, this guy is always invited. I worry that if I’m forced into a social situation with this man, I’m going to tell him exactly what I think, and it won’t be pretty. I also don’t want to make it awkward for my husband and his other friend, and I don’t want to be a witch about things, but this is an absolute zero tolerance for me. it won’t be prettyとwitchはどう訳したら良いでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    We’ve had a string of (really) bad roommates, but recently a good friend moved in with us. He’s amazing. He makes delicious coffee for us every morning. He cleans up. He’s a great guy. He moved in with us because he just ended a five-year relationship with his fiancée. Since he’s recently single and my roommate, he’s very much off the table, but this past weekend we got drunk and hooked up. off the tableとhooked upの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1つの段落と別の段落を3つに分けた前半部分との、計2つの段落になっていますので、 内容がちぐはぐになっていると思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Your soul mate is attractive. He wins friends and admirers easily You will have a good social life with him, going to interesting places and events.. A lot of social enjoyment. He is a pleasant person to go out with, a good companion. But he will bring you lasting happiness too. You have Venus in Virgo. This can make you seem aloof and solitary. But you live a lot in the emotions and dreams of the mind. Love is for you not just a physical or material thing, it touches other levels of existence, and reaches beyond what is surface.. This sign rules illicit love relationships. Some delay or disappointment in love is possible.

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    英語に詳しい方にお尋ねします。 ペンパルとのやり取りで、”I own a an English language centre because I'm good in English...not the other way around. ”と書いてあったのですが、”not the other way around"の意味がわかりません。「英語が堪能だからで、他の理由はない」という意味に推測したのですが、これで合っているでしょうか?よろしくお願いします。

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    5 p.m. — Head to a store that has my hard-to-find soap and chocolate. Buy that, plus toiletries, and wine. After that, I grab a cauliflower curry bowl from a fast-casual place I love ($10.10). They don't have an app, which is annoying, because I like earning points and free food. I almost never visit fast-casual places that don't offer that, but I don't go to this one often and it's nearby. I take the bus home to eat dinner and drink wine before my friend with benefits arrives. I haven't seen him in a while. It's a really great set-up because I'm not interested in dating, and neither is he, and we are truly good friends. my friend with benefitsとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    友人から来たメールの文章ですが、なんとなくしか理解出来ません…。英語が堪能な方に訳して頂きたいです…。 Me if i think to marry my EX-boyfriend...in one point i did . but thank god i did not ..he really was not a good boy.he was a evil boss like character..so what he say or nothing! .....he try to control me always ......... and he never care if i need it to finish a project .. so that how she was... ) but now i am by my self and is good but i feel lonely.. and that how i feel now !

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    高一です。 プレゼンテーションのための英作文をしたのですが、「どこが間違っているのか」、「どこの表現がおかしいのか」が分からないので教えてください。 大筋「AとBの会話で、学校内の人気なことで有名な少年の噂について話している状況」 *日本語訳をすべて書くと長くなるので、心配なところだけ書きます。 A Hey, B. A I have a question to ask you. B Hello,what is that? A I heard about a popular and famous boy in this school from my friend.   (私は友達から、この学校の人気なことで有名な少年について聞いた) B Who is he? A I also don't know him. B Does he have anything features? A I heard that he is a very smart. B There are many smart students in this school. B That alone does not make it clear. A He likes soccer for a long time. And he is good at playing soccer. B ウーン. What are there anything else? A I hear that he likes math and studies it all the time. You don't find him not studying math. B Really? Is he studying math, except when math is taught? A Yes. A And there is another one. A He has a girlfriend. B I see. B He is so popular. A Oh, I remember. A He fractured when he played soccer. B Oh! I feel that I have seen him. B I have forgot his name. 「ここで(A)がポケットから写真を落とす」 B What is this? A I had forgot that I have a picture. B Please show me. 「ここで(B)が写真を見る」 B I know him. He is there! 以上です。 文法的に間違っているところ、直した方がいい表現があったら教えてください。