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I could hardly wait to retire so I could finally enjoy myself completely. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out that way. Between my neighbors, relatives and even former in-laws, my time is no longer my own. I am interrupted while doing yard work or sitting on my deck. And heaven forbid I begin to grill. Between my neighbors, relatives and even former in-lawsはどのような意味でしょうか?あと、最後の文の訳をよろしくお願いします


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1。Between my neighbors, relatives and even former in-lawsはどのような意味でしょうか?  隣近所の人、親戚、昔の義理の親戚(たぶん離婚する前は義理のあった場合でしゅ)(などとの付き合いに時間を取られて、退職前より自分の時間が減った)”ということでshぷ。 2。最後の文の訳をよろしくお願いします  私が焼肉を始めることを天は禁じるべきだ > 私が夕食の準備でも始めようものならその匂いを嗅ぎつけて、砂糖に集まる蟻のように、まあぞろぞろとご近所さんから遠縁の何とかさん、前の夫の両親から兄弟姉妹までやってくる始末  (少し訳が原文より長くなりましたがまあこういうフインキです。)





  • couldの意味

    I desperately need your help. I thoroughly love my solitude. I love to garden, cook, sew and read. I grill every few weeks and make it a fantastic outdoor experience just for me. I could hardly wait to retire so I could finally enjoy myself completely. 最後の文のcouldはなぜcanではないのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • i would like,also-のalsoの位置について

    "i would like,also,to thank my family-" "his alleged actions are,therefore derived from relatives and neighbors" こういったかんじの文を読んだとき,"i would like also"のalso また、"his alleged actions are,therefore"のthereforeの位置が 理解できないです。i would also like to thankなら、 おかしくない気がするのですが、文的に違いはなんなのでしょうか。 また、thereforeの文については全く理解できません。だれかアドバイスおねがいします。

  • get in the guy’s face

    On Saturday, my husband and I went to a sports bar to watch college football. While he was getting drinks another man came up and began to flirt with me. My husband rushed over and stepped in between us before getting in the guy’s face. getting in the guy’s faceはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • keep me on the hook

    My in-laws last year asked if I could babysit their 11-year-old this April so they could go away for a weekend, which they never get to do. I agreed and told them I would just need a few weeks’ notice to organize my own child care around it. Well, it’s April, and they still haven’t picked a date. I haven’t been able to make any plans of my own for weeks, and as we get closer to summer, the heat affects my health condition and puts me at a higher risk for seizures. My in-laws definitely need the time on their own and don’t have other child care options (my niece-in-law is poorly behaved), so I would feel like a bit of a jerk withdrawing my offer. But I feel like they’re not being very reasonable. Is it fair for them to keep me on the hook, or should I tell them I’ll no longer be available? keep me on the hookはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • よろしくお願いします

    I live in a small apartment. Last week I went on vacation, and my mother kindly came by to water my plants. After my return she told me she was shocked to see my apartment, that I was a slob and wondered how could I live like that. how could I live like thatはhow I could live like thatでもどちらでも良いのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • よろしくお願いします

    My mother is truly unhinged. After my dad died, my mom sold their condo and moved in with us. It’s been more than seven years now. She hates my husband and has always had issues with co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family members. Her own sister hasn’t spoken to her in 25 years. I’m an only child, so I’ve always felt I have to just suck it up and deal, but her narcissistic ways have caused me to hate her behavior and, truthfully, to hate her. Mom is a young sixtysomething but extremely lazy and rarely leaves the house. Recently, one of my aunts told me that my mother seems to be obsessed with the idea of having my husband arrested. If he so much as drops a glass and curses in frustration, she’s going to call the cops and report him for violence (the last thing he could ever be). the last thing he could ever beの意味を教えてください。後に何か省略されているのでしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • これなんですか?

    今 Bram Stoker の Dracula を読んでるんですが、 その中で、 a toilet glass とあって、なんのことだか??なので、教えてください。 But still in none of the rooms is there a mirro. There is not even a toilet glass on my table, and I had to get the little shaving-glass from my bag before I could either shave or brush my hair. ↑一応これがその前後の文章です。訳はいいので、単語だけ教えてください~!!

  • fill in

    Every year my husband and I host a holiday get-together for several of our friends and neighbors. We provide the main dish, a couple of sides and drinks. We ask friends to fill in with other salads, sides and desserts. fill in with other saladsはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 訳を手伝ってくれませんか??

    I`m not sure of when I will finish school because there are alot of circumstances involved. First, I have just moved to a different state so I don`t want to go to school immediatly because my tuition would be very high (takai!!!). And then, I am also hoping to get a sponsor for my tuition when I begin my new school out here in California. There are hospitals which would sponsor my schooling but in return I have to work for that hospital for at least one year after graduating. It`s okay but I am very picky and can`t decide who I would rather work for. Another circumstance is that some of my completed courses will not transfer and so I will not receive credit for those classes. It is frustrating because either I will have to do those classes again or I will have to complete some similar classes to even get credit for my work. いつも御世話になっています(^_^)看護学校に通う子からのメールです。 (1)when I begin my new school out here in California. この部分のoutはどのように訳したらいいのでしょうか? (2)たびたびcreditとういう単語がでてくるのですがこれは信用と訳したほうがいいのでしょうか?? (3) It is frustrating because either I will have to do those classes again or I will have to complete some similar classes to even get credit for my work. の部分はどこで区切って訳したらいいのか全くわかりません。誰かお時間とれるかたお願いしますm(__)m

  • 和訳お願いします!!!

    When we arrived at my college, however, the thought came to me that the creature might still be in my apartment.【 For if I feared to see him again myself, I feared even more lest Clerval should see him.】 Begging my friend to wait a minute, I ran up the stairs and threw open the door. But nothing appeared. The apartment was empty. My heart rose and I could barely believe my good fortune. この【】の文章なのですが訳し方がよくわかりません。わかる方訳を教えてください!お願いします!!!ちなみに自分で訳した訳は もし私が再び彼を見るのを恐れたら、私が彼を見るのを恐れるということ以上に Clerval が彼を見やしないかということを恐れた。