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all that entails

I feel upset and disillusioned by how my old friends behave toward me. I am 27, in a friendship group of five women. One of the women is going to get married soon with all that entails. I feel like while everyone is kind to each other in the group and celebrates their successes and lives, I am overlooked and even ignored, often. friendship groupは「友達のグループ」でいいでしょうか?with all that entailsとはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします


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1。friendship groupは「友達のグループ」でいいでしょうか?  はい、いいと思います。 2。with all that entailsとはどのような意味でしょうか? entail は、下記のように「~必然的に伴う」と言う意味です。 http://eow.alc.co.jp/search?q=entail  (結婚に)必然的に伴う全てで > (結婚するとなると)何やかやあるがそれを全部ひっくるめて





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    Dear Sugars, I write to you today as the new father of a beautiful baby girl and the husband of a lovely, supportive wife. I recently finished my Ph.D. and am in the midst of trying to land a job. All that to say, my life is full of the new joys of parenthood, a sense of completion, and the excitement of new horizons -- or at least this is what I imagine I should be experiencing. All that to sayはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

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    This is so boring, it's all I can do to stay awake. Be all that you can be. 上記の各文は all you need to do is (to) sign the enclosed card and return it to us. と同じ文法と考えて良いのでしょうか? all (that)と考えられる文は、全て同じ文法が使われていると思って良いのでしょうか? (only things)all that

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    I am a therapist who does home-based counseling with very poor people with very complicated and difficult issues. The problem is that I really feel like I am the blind leading the blind. Many of my clients tell me that I help them tremendously, and my entire case load has followed me from one agency to another, so I do feel like I am effective in my job in many ways. I really feel like I am the blind leading the blindとmy entire case load has followed me from one agency to another, の和訳をよろしくお願いします

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    All (that)you habe to do is (to)~ ・・・「~しさえすればよい」の文を応用した問題で All (that)you habe to rememeber is ~というのがでてきました。 どう訳せばいいのでしょう。 全文を参考までに載せます。 Some people find it hard to write a friendly letter, but I do not think so. All you have to rememeber is to write the person ahat you would tell him if you were in the same room talking to him-the small incidents of every life, pleasant happenings, a really funny joke, news of mutual friends - any and all news that would interest a person of his particular age and personality.

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    I think we are all born with the gift for enjoying beautiful things ,but that we are indifferent to many of them because our attention was never called to them in childhood. 文中のthat は、名詞節のthatですが、このthatは必要なのでしょうか? that s+v is~.なら必要だと思いますが、ここでの必要性が理解できません。

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    I am 31, recently out of a 12-year relationship (and three-year marriage), and am at a loss. While I was chubby when my ex and I started dating, my weight became an issue of contention near the end of my marriage. I’d like to have kids, and would therefore like to start dating, maybe find someone to have a family with. I feel short of time given that I spent all of my 20s in a relationship that didn’t work out in that way. I am clinically obese though I’ve been told that I am attractive and carry it well. Should I wait until I lose the approximately 30 pounds that I need to lose to be at a normal weight, or can I realistically date now? I know this is a strange question and somewhat individual but while I sometimes chat with people on dating apps like Tinder or OKCupid (my pics are recent and accurate, though flattering), I tend to dodge out before making plans to meet because I am nervous about reactions to my weight. carry it wellとdodge outの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    Birth Control It’s no accident that abortion and contraception are often mentioned in the same context; and the providers of contraception are also the providers of abortion. Abortion is the fruit of contraception. Once a society accepts contraception, it has basically said that sex is for recreation and one need not take responsibility for one’s actions in this area. Once that is an accepted mindset, the floodgates are open to a number of aberrations like abortion because it is simply a continuation of the "no responsibility" mindset. If I get a girl pregnant, I can just "get rid of" my responsibility by abortion. When condoms are passed out in high schools, the message being spoken is "Here kids, go mess yourselves up emotionally and catch an incurable disease while you’re at it." When married couples contracept, the language being spoken is, "I love you and give myself entirely to you and accept you completely in everything that you are – almost; I don’t want your fertility." Bishop Fulton Sheen said, "The love between spouses is so real and so tangible that in nine months, you might have to give it a name." Spouses should realize that marital love is a participation in God’s creative act and that babies are good, not burdens to be avoided at all costs; especially the cost of poisoning women with dangerous chemicals so (1)  they can be available for sexual pleasure. Medicine is for sick people, not healthy people. Pregnancy and motherhood are not diseases. お世話になります。 上記文章で(1)の部分にはthat が省略されているものと思いますが、soと組み合わせてどう訳したらいいでしょうか?宜しくお願いします。

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    You are going to spend to-night in the landlady’s flat here. (Hard work I’ve had to persuade her!) And I’ll be in the kitchen. So here’s a chance for you to get to know her better. . . . It’s not as you think! There’s not a trace of anything of the sort, brother . . . !” “But I don’t think!” “Here you have modesty, brother, silence, bashfulness, a savage virtue . . . and yet she’s sighing and melting like wax, simply melting! Save me from her, by all that’s unholy! She’s most prepossessing . . . I’ll repay you, I’ll do anything. . . .” この文章のby all that’s unholy!の理解ができないです。その中でも特にby all の理解ができないです。 that’s unholyの解釈も それが汚らわしい? とハッキリしないです。解説お願いします

  • 次の英文を訳してください。

    How do you stand the hardest part of running marathon? Many say that life is like marathon. Do you think that you can deal with the crisis in your life thanks to marathon? By the way corresponding with penpals, the reason I feel like I have difficulty writing is not because of my English. It is because the moment I cannot come up with anything I have to reply. Honestly speaking I am not a talkative person, but I try to talk more when writing. Nice and slow conversations are hard to come by, and the form of letter writing does put in a lot into thinking about what the other person has to say and how to respond. この二つが何となくはわかるのですが、自信がありません。教えていただけると助かります。

  • 英訳が合っているか、教えてください。

    サンタクロースに英語の手紙を書こうと思っています。 「原子力発電所の事故で大切な地球を汚染してしまい、地球のみなさんに申し訳なく思っています」 の文章がどうしても英語で書けません。 翻訳ソフトのままだと 「I pollute the important earth in the accident of the nuclear power plant and feel that I am sorry to all of earth.」 なのですが、これで通じますか? 正しい英語を教えてください。よろしくお願います。