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日本語に訳していただけると助かります。 Like one who is mentally alert but lazy in action.. The hands never look clean, no matter how much or how hard he scrubs them. He washes them to much and this causes them to get chapped. He has clean habits but work worn grubby hands. He doesn’t like noise or queer sounds that he cannot explain, they disturb him. He is sensitive to smells and fragrances, likes perfumes. He is sometimes nauseous from travel and motion, though he can travel a long way first.


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性格的には用心深いけれど、行動は気が抜けている人のようです。どれだけたくさん、強く手を洗っても、彼の手は清潔には見えません。彼は手をたくさん洗いすぎてそれで手が荒れているのです。彼は清潔好きなのですが、使いすぎて擦り切れ小汚い手をしています。 彼は騒音や、なんだかわからないおかしな音は嫌いで、心をかき乱します。彼は匂と香りに敏感で、香水が好きです。彼は、遠いところに旅することができるにもかかわらず、時として旅行や移動で吐き気をもよおすことがあります。



清潔好きなのに手が小汚い手に笑ってしまいました。 洗い過ぎで手荒れしてるんでしょうね。 日本語訳ありがとうございました。


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    日本語に訳してください。 宜しくお願いします。 They are good sturdy caring hands. Though he is inclined to drop things and fumble. The fingers are not as deft and practiced as they could be, the movements careless, idle. The wrists are strong thick and well veined. Masculine hands and wrists, cold and moist and harsh skinned to the touch, the palms are cushiony and thick. He make the occasional hand gesture when he talks, but not profusely. And his hand gestures are lazy looking, not animated. He tends to make paternal gestures towards his friends and people he likes, like a father. He may pat someone as if they were his child, or pupil, or make gesture of fellowship. He has the odd freckle or copper colored spot on the backs of his hands, but no defects. A cool firm touch, but not chilled hands, dry, smooth The action of his hands is not exactly clumsy but not accurate or precise, a little slip shod.

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    日本語に訳していただけたら嬉しいです。 宜しくお願いします。 The feet are generally colder than the body and icy in the evenings in bed And tend to go cold when he has a head ache.. He is subject to chilblains in winter and to numbness in the snow, though his shoes are adequate for the weather. He neglects his feet and his shoes are the not the kindest and his walk is too plodding. There is an inclination to turns the toes outwards when he walks. So the shoe are apt to rub. so his feet suffer. He gets cramps in the soles of the feet, and tired feet. He washes his feet and is hygienic. But the palms of the hands sweat more than the feet.

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    体の特徴が書いてあります。 翻訳をしていただけたら助かります。 He is of mean stature, meager, Lank, lean dyspeptic looking; Stoop shouldered and tall in height, but pallid awkward and weakly. The body is thin and ill formed and clumsy. He has an insignificant way of moving, as though he has not great confidence or like one who wishes to remain anonymous and have no attention focused on himself. There is nothing bold or strident about his movements. They are more contained, even a bit fretful and timid. His face I have described in detail in the previous reading. His neck is thin and slightly scrawny with visible columns and muscular cords at the side of it and pale like marble, and the Adams apple is a visible protruding curve in the neck shape, the skin poorly pasty colored and dingy. The neck is more fleshy and rounded out under the throat and parotid area., more hollowed and boney and sunken in above the clavicle bones. He has broad shoulders, like a great balanced yolk, but he doesn’t carry them erect, not a stooping or cringing gait, if one shoulder goes down the other goes up like a yoke or balance across them, but slightly stoop shouldered,, not as proud and erect and smart as he could be. These peculiarities of gait can make him look a little languid and a little less poised or ungraceful and ungainly but soft in step. The body is not cold to the touch by he always has a chilly look about him.

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    前回質問した文章の後半になります。 引き続き食べ物のことが書いてあります。 宜しくお願いします。 The tongue and mouth may sometimes be sore or fissured. He has a mild aversion to meat, wine greasy foods brandy, coffee, butter and milk, Sweets disagree. Yet he does not realize these things affect him aversely so he eats them anyway and suffers in his stomach, so it can feel like a lead balloon after. Takes salt in great quantifies on his food, but digests none of it. Aversion to fat breads and rich things. Sour wine disturbs his stomach. He. Likes cold drinks and malted liqueurs, beers. Likes to sip at his drinks, rather than quaff or gulp them. Just tiny little sips. He is very sensitive to anything that is going rotten or not fresh.. Likes coffee and milky drinks. He doesn’t do so well on a vegetarian or health food diet, radishes and mooli sometimes upset him. and when he is depressed he losses all appetite to eat. He is sensitive to the smell of food cooking and if it smells good he will decide to have something to eat, his apatite can be won or teased back with nice cooking smells.

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    英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで お願いできますでしょうか? 1段落の前半部分となります。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 He has always had an interest in music, and may enjoy Mozart or Beethoven, Haydn. He likes travel and new places Like to make notes or carry a pencil and note book for when he is inspired.. Though he has a deep love or nostalgia for his homeland and the things about it the traditions and flavor that make it uniquely his homeland. Rather conservative in that sense. A little patriotic. But loves travel and adventure. He is also interested in Africa, in wild animals, lions, elephants, or game reserves. African life. and similar wild open places. May like films or books set in Africa. Or wild like photography. He may like painting, or used to paint at one time. He likes masculine hobbies, that have a hint of adventure and excitement and the wild outdoors about them. Though he is not much into team sports. May like fighting sports though.

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    日本語に訳してください! お願いします。 There is something he has not been able to rise above. That will make him seem washed out, wearied, pallid faced when he speaks of past loves. He has a disposition, that is too yielding in love. Like his cold pale hands like water lily’s. Puts up with too much. Needs to draw strength from somewhere. He has a propensity for mysticism, occultism and spirituality tinged with romance. This can give strength make him look for love again, when the past seems gone. He has a hunger for a romantic atmosphere and wants the security of a strong love in his life, but also wants the dream of love. The world is not enough for this man..

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    友人から来たメールの文章ですが、なんとなくしか理解出来ません…。英語が堪能な方に訳して頂きたいです…。 Me if i think to marry my EX-boyfriend...in one point i did . but thank god i did not ..he really was not a good boy.he was a evil boss like character..so what he say or nothing! .....he try to control me always ......... and he never care if i need it to finish a project .. so that how she was... ) but now i am by my self and is good but i feel lonely.. and that how i feel now !

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    長文だった為分割しました。 前半の文章です。よろしくお願いします。 That he has a friendly warm voice with an undertone of just a very slightly different place, or intonation, barely perceptible but not local, It betrays a hint of some other place in his past, or some other class and level of life, that is different to the one he now mixes in. It is just a trace, a remnant left over, of a slightly different way of speaking, that is visible here and there, like a fish glimpsed below the surface of a river. His tone is rich and flowing a bit preachy, he talks as though giving some important message or lecture or sermon to others, yet his voice while rich is also limp it lacks the energy, and stamina that it begin with, and turns into deep soft trailing voice, warming as whiskey but more dilute at the ends. Robust at the beginning of sentences and paragraphs, but then his speech, this stoutness tending to tail off leaving sentences unfinished, or making them more quite and muted in strength.

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    長文ですが翻訳の出来る方よろしくお願いします。 He is a man who likes music and may have musical hobbies, or could play an instrument, or like composing and singing and recording. He is good at composing but also what transcends his ability to compose is to interpret other work. II think he like music of a classical kind. Also traditional rock Ballard music. Music that he feels has something important to say about life. Guitar music. He likes words and language and may have learned some other language, or be studying it and the culture and music, that goes with that country and language. Domestic life will appeal, and he likes to spend time with his family and pets. Traditional oriental things appeal to him. Both customs and items. He will enjoy cooking and making food, he may have an interest in foods and wines, and will enjoy dinning out too. He will like to attend feasts and festivals. There may be a musical and also a military background in has family that ha inspired him. He also likes military things, involvement in the outdoors, or some militant cause, local environment and its issues, to take a leading part in the community, things like residents associations, local politics, communities issues, he may fight intellectually for his beliefs, likes a great reformer and fighter for his community. Or his military interests may be more out door, arts of self defense, scout leader, outward bound clubs, territorial army, this sort of volunteer soldiering hobby.

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    よろしくお願いします。 His body skin is thick glassy warm and feverish but the hands and feet cold, much colder, as though the circulation never warms them in winter, and make them only tepid in summer. His hands are large. He has broad spade or cone shaped hands with short thick fingers. Gentle secure, trustworthy looking hands. With strong wide wrists like milk bottles. 彼の体の皮膚は厚く暖かくつややかで熱っぽいですが、手と足は冷たく、非常に冷たいです。冬に彼らを決して暖めないと言わんばかりに、そして、彼らは夏になまぬるくするだけです。 彼の手は大きいです。 彼は、シャベルか円錐型の短くて太い指で幅広い手をしています。 穏やかな安全な、信頼できる見ている手。 強い広い手首で、牛乳瓶のようです。