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They say all good things comes to an end... a week was definitely way too short but im glad she got to meet my friends and family down here and got to experience life from my perspective. See you in April


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 どんないいことにでも終わりがいつか来る、と人は言う。(でも)一週間とは短すぎた、しかし彼女がここの私の友達や家族に会って、私の方から見た生活を体験したたことは嬉しい。  四月に会いましょう。




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人は全ての良いことには終りが来ると言う... 一週間は全くもって短かすぎた。でも彼女が僕の友達や家族とここで会うことになって、僕の考える生活を経験することになって、嬉しい。4月に会いましょう。 got to ~ は~しなければならない、ですが、文脈からすると彼女は何らかの理由で、彼のところにいかなければいけないことになって結果としては、”~することになった”と言うことでしょう。





  • 和訳して下さい。

    Im glad to meet you, my best wishes to Japan from Hamburg, Germany 訳して頂けないでしょうか?

  • この英文はどう訳すといいですか?

    この英文はどう訳すといいですか? うまく訳せなくて(^^;; アメリカのペンフレンドと恋バナしてた時の文です。 よろしくお願いします。 I would like to say yes and choose you, but it's hard to say yes to someone you never get to see. If we meet each other one day, we'll see what happens because online and in person are always two different things! I really did mean what I said though! You would make a suitable boyfriend!

  • CNNニュースの英文の和訳をお願いします。

    CNNニュースで女性のインタビューの内容が以下になるのですが、日本語の意味がつかめませんので、教えてください。宜しくお願いします。 I have really hard moments, definitely. When things aren`t, you know, going right or if a lot of times I`m by myself, I can`t do something, I can`t get to something. And I think it`s really necessary to fully experience those moments of grief, of just absolute exhaustion, and, you know, to experience them, allow to accept them, allow them to pass, and over the horizon there`s always more sunshine and more love, so you know, even in those dark, dark nights of the soul, you know, we wake up and it`s spring. So, I definitely am learning as much as possible from those moments and, you know, trying to heal, slowly but surely.

  • meetとseeの違い

    meet とsee の違いとはどのようなものですか。 また、I'm glad to meet you とI'm glad to see youはどのように使い分けるのでしょうか? よろしくお願いします。

  • glad toとnice to

    1:また会えてうれしい Glad to see you again. Nice to see you again. NiceとGladとでは、どうニュアンスがかわるのですか? 2:はじめましての Nice to meet you. NiceをGladにして Glad to meet you.ってないですよね? 変な質問ですいません。お願いします

  • oh i see,とかthats goodでは簡単すぎな気がします

    前回私の書き方が悪くわかりづらくなってしましました。 相手が夢について語りました。私の夢はもう始まっていて、何でも質のいいものが好きだからそのために働いてる いい金をもらってる ということでした。それにたいして、 へーそんなんだぁとかいいことだねとか、給料がいいならいいね!というようなことを言うにはどういえばいいですか?oh i see,とかthats goodでは簡単すぎな気がします。すみませんが教えてください ちなみにこのような内容でした my future is starting to take place now.im focused on the things thats important.i like nice things.and to have nice things,you got to work hard for it.im working on being a indepandant contracter.it pays good money.

  • 初歩的なことですが

    英語初心者なのですが教えて下さい まずこの英文の間違えを教えて下さい。あと通じますか? 「あなたからメールを貰った事とここで知り合えたことがとても嬉しく思います。」 Im very glad that I got your mail and to meet you in here. 「あなたの写真を見たときすばらしいと思いました。」 I thought its great whe i saw your picture.

  • 英文和訳お願いします><

    以下の文章を和訳お願いします>< とても困ってます。助けてください; Gambling on a smaller wedding dressーLisa Shumpert has six months to lose three sizes and 40 Ibs. 1. Meet Lisa: Lisa Shumpert is the tallest and the heaviest of all the "Dateline Diet Challenge" brides at 5 feet 9 inches and 308 Ibs. "I am not walking down the aisle looking like a balloon," She says. "Right now I'm the biggest person in my bridal party. I want the attention to be on me because it's my wedding and not because, 'Wow, she's huge.'" Shumpert has battled being overweight all her life. She's tried dieting before but has never been able to keep the weight off. And obesity runs in her family——her father was obese and died of a heart attack when she was 7 years old. 2. But at the age of 29, Shumpert has a lot going for her. She's a successful accounrant and says she gets lots of support from her mother and two sisters. Shopping for a dress wasn't easygoing. "The largest size of The dress I chose still didn't fit me. So it was like, 'Okay, Lisa this is it.' No one wants to not fit their wedding dress." As any bride knows, one of the first decisions is picking a dress which is usually orderd months in advance. So Shumpert is talking a big gamble by ordering a gown three sizes too small for her. To meet her goal, she chooses the appropriately-named "Wedding Dress Diet" by Robyn Flipse and Jacqueline Shannon. Shumpet wants to lose 40 Ibs. by her wedding day. She literally can't afford to fail. 3. Month 1: Shumpert realizes that at this point there is no "Plan B." "If I don't reach my goal, I can't fit in my dress, and my dress would have been bought, " she says. "I've never had a waist, and I would just like to see a waist at some point in my lifetime." To lose weight, Shumpert starts working out with a personal trainer at The Training Loft. She is getting help revamping her eating habits from Flipse, a nutritionist. The "Wedding Dress Diet" emphasizes counting calories. She's limited to 2,200 calories a day — 1,000 less than what she consumes now. And if getting started on a diet wasn't hard enough Shumpert also has plenty of wedding worries, including her guest list: just "My reception hall only holds 175 people. And when I did my guest list just for my family and friends, I had about 169. So that doesn't leave Josh with many people."

  • 和訳お願いしたいです。

    awesome!! are you coming to school in the states? or are you staying in japan? physical therapy! thats great! im glad that you got in! ..

  • 英文の翻訳をお願いします‼

    翻訳機を使うと意味不明な文になりました。所々は分かるのですが、??な部分があるので、英語が得意な方、翻訳をお願い致しますm(_ _)m Hey how are you? im good. Im at work now. Do you like animals? My friends say I'm an animal. Maybe you will like me?? Yeah when can you come to hawaii again?? I hope to meet you!! In not sure if I can go to japan but we will see!!