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Another single American, Weston, rented a large house with seven rooms on four levels, which he felt gave him enough "breathing space" and enough room for his many friend to stay in. The Japanese in his work place kept telling him that he had "too much space" for a single person and advised him to move to a smaller and cheaper apartment. They had no idea that space and comfort within a home have to pay a high price for that space. 日本語訳 もうひとりの独身のアメリカ人であるウエストンは、彼自身にとって十分な「快適空間」と多くの友達が泊まるのに十分な部屋のある、地下を含めた4階建てに7つの部屋がある大きな家を借りました。彼はそれが十分な「快適空間」と多くの友達が泊まるのに十分な部屋をくれると思ったのです もっと小さくて安いアパートに移るようアドバイスしました。彼らは家の中の空間と快適さを得るためには高い対価を支払うべきだということがわからなかったのです。


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>英文翻訳がありますので、教えて頂けると幸いです。 ⇒遅くなりましたが、以下のとおりお答えします。 後半の一部欠落と最後の文の誤解を除けば、だいたいよく訳されていると思います。 >Another single American, Weston, rented a large house with seven rooms on four levels, which he felt gave him enough "breathing space" and enough room for his many friend to stay in. The Japanese in his work place kept telling him that he had "too much space" for a single person and advised him to move to a smaller and cheaper apartment. They had no idea that space and comfort within a home have to pay a high price for that space. >もうひとりの独身のアメリカ人であるウエストンは、彼自身にとって十分な「快適空間」と多くの友達が泊まるのに十分な部屋のある、地下を含めた4階建てに7つの部屋がある大きな家を借りました。彼はそれが十分な「快適空間」と多くの友達が泊まるのに十分な部屋をくれると思ったのです もっと小さくて安いアパートに移るようアドバイスしました。彼らは家の中の空間と快適さを得るためには高い対価を支払うべきだということがわからなかったのです。 ★The Japanese in his work place kept telling him that he had "too much space" for a single person:お訳では対応部分が欠落しています。→「彼の職場の日本人は、彼が独身者にしては『広すぎる空間』を持っていると語り続けた」。 ★They had no idea that ~:「という考えが彼らにはなかった」。 ★space and comfort within a home have to pay a high price for that space:「家の中の空間と快適さが、その空間の高い代価(の支払)に見合うはずだ」。have to pay ~ は、この場合、「~に見合うはずである」という意味でしょう。 ⇒もうひとりの独身のアメリカ人であるウエストンは、7部屋ついている4階建ての大きな家を借りました。彼はそれが十分な「快適空間」と多くの友達が泊まるのに十分な部屋を与えてくれると感じたのです。彼の職場の日本人は、彼が独身者にしては「広すぎる空間」を持っていると語り続け、より小さくてより安いアパートへ移るよう彼に勧めました。家の中の空間と快適さが、その空間の高い代価に見合うはずだ、という考えが彼らにはなかったのです。





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    以下二つの英文をうまく訳すことができません。お願いします。 (1) His company sends him to conferences all over India and is rewarding him with a three day vacation in Dubai. (2) Helping to drive this trend is the sense that financial success is not enough ; the perception lingers that social status comes only with true comfort in English.

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    Homophone When we moved to northen California, my husband began deliberating about buying a sailboat. He struggled over our budget, and nagged me for help in his decision.I told him that it was strictly his choice to make, that I was with him either way, but he had to decide. One morning, as he hurried out the door on his way to work, I waved and said, 'Bye.' He broke into a big grin and called over his shoulder, 'I was hoping you'd say that!' Him& Hymn A woman had been very faithful in attending all her church's services for many years, and the minister wanted to reward her.At the next Sunday-evening service he announced, 'For her loyalty to the church, we shall reward Miss Jones by letting her pick three hymns for the evening.' 'Oh, goody!' exclaimed Miss Jones. And, pointing to various members in the congregation, she said, 'I'll take HIM and HIM and HIM.' 宜しくお願いします!

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたのみで。 お願いできますでしょうか? 内容的にまだ続いてる感じだと思います。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Yet he had a fairly happy family life and childhood. Background and family history are important to him. He may have had a strong attachment or respect for his father, who was affluent and a sense of family pride. He may have missed out on parental love in his childhood. He would have grown reserved and cautious. May have had some health weakness or weakens of constitution. His interest would have centered on the family. He wanted to shine out. Make his family proud of him, and he would have helped other family members out and taken an interest in their lives and affairs.

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    翻訳サイトではわかりづらかったので質問しました。 almoner? がこちらのプリントのミスなのか辞書でもでてきませんでした。 誤字はないと思います。 For most of his life he had worked as a commercial artist. "I did a bit of tickling" delicate lettering and design for advertising blocks. In his late sixties he experienced long spells of illness. When he was able to work he went as bottlewasher to a dairy. He was obliged to gibe up work finally because of ill-health and growing infirmity at the age of seventy-two. Since the death of his wife his social activities had contracted. He did not get up for long and rarely went out, except at week-ends for his pension and his shopping. Even his visits to an infirm brother living some miles away had fallen off. "I used to go over and see him every Tuesday night last year up to that fog we had in November. Then I just lay on my bed coughing my and coughing. Coughing all day and night, thinking my time had come. But it wasn't to be." He regretted not having children, especially a daughter, who "might have stood by me when I got old", and he had no nephews or nieces living in London. The neighbours saw little of him. Next door was "Mrs Lipstick and Powder, that's what I calls her, always going out." On the other side was "Mrs Fly-by-night. She rushes past me on the stairs now, like some of the others, without asking how I am. Not that I mind. But they used to do it and since I came out of hospital and go around just like a decrepit old man decrepit, yes - I suppose they don't like to ask how I am in case they feel they should do something. But there - life's like that, isn't it?" He had lost touch with all his friends and did not approve of old people's clubs. "They're all clicks of decrepit old people." His opinion of national assistance officials, doctors, almoners, and nurses was favourable, except that sometimes they "kept you in the dark" or "treated you like a little child". He had refused offers of a home help, mainly, it appeared, from a sense of privacy, shame of his home, misunderstanding about payment, and suspicion of the sort of woman who would come. His memories of contacts with doctors and hospitals were extremely vivid and he recalled at length some of his experiences. He talked about an almoner who was "a lovely looking party", about his new dentures, "I don't wear the top, it's more comfortable', and with pride about his one perfect faculty, his eyesight. On occasions when he could scarcely walk it never occurred to him to ask his doctor to visit him; he preferred to make painful journeys to the surgery.

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    But again Max came to the rescue. He jumped once more into the water, again caught his master by the arm, and this time pulled him about four feet toward the dock. After Marvin had recovered enough to push Max onto the dock, he held on firmly to the dock. His grip on the dock,however, started to loosen once again. Marvin knew he had no more energy left and feared that he was going to die. As Marvin began to slip into the water for a third and final time, Max fixed his four feet firmly on the dock, held his master's arm in his teeth and pulled him with all his might. Marvin was very surprised by this unexpected help. He used every bit of strength he had left, and somehow managed to pull his body up onto the dock. There he lay still like a dead leaf. After a white, Marvin began moving toward the house. Max stayed beside his master and used every bit of strength he had to helphim. Man and dog made their way slowly up the three-hundred-foot slope to a point near the back door.

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    There were times when Ruy wished to embrace his friend and to tell him of the love and admiration he had for him, which exceeded that expected of a servant for a royal master. ※Ruyは臣下で、his friendは王子です。 後半のwhich exceeded that expected of a servant for a royal masterがどのような英文構造になっているか、理解できておりません。 下記のように補ってもいいなら、まだわかるのですが。 which exceeded that ( which was ) expected of a servant for a royal master お手数かけますが、上記の英文構造につきまして、ご教授賜りたく、何卒宜しくお願い致します。

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    英文 翻訳お願いします。 ちなみにEvelyn WaughのMr Loveday's Little Outingという作品です。 A dozen or so variously afflicted lunatics hopped and skipped after him down the drive until the iron gates opened and Mr.Loveday stepped into his freedom. His small trunk had already gone to the station;he elected to walk. He had been reticent about his plans, but he was well provided with money, and the general impression was that he would go to London and enjoy himself a little before visiting his step-sister in Plymouth.

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    After the regular season was over, Roberto returned to Puerto Rico as the greatest sports hero in all of Latin America. He was not only a great player on the field, but also an even Greater person off the field. He won fame and money through baseball, but never forgot that most people in Latin America were poor. He always told his family that he had a duty to help those who had not been as lucky as he had been. During the off-season that year, Roberto volunteered to manage a baseball team of young Puerto Ricans. While he and his team were staying in Managua, Nicaragua, Roberto heard about a fourteen-year-old boy named Julio. He had lost both his legs in an accident, but had no money for artificial legs. Roberto arranged to get them for Julio. Roberto went to see him and told him that he would be able to walk again. It was usual for Roberto to give a helping hand to people like Julio.

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    これの和訳お願いしますO(><;)(;><)O ↓ ↓ A young man was getting ready to graduate from college. For many months he had admired a beautiful sports car in a dealer's showroom,knowing his father could well afford it. As graduation day approached the young man waited for signs that his father had bought the car. Finally,on the morning of his graduation,his father called him into his private study. His father told him how proud he was to have such a fine son,and told him how much he loved him. He handed his son a beautifully wrapped gift box. Curious,but somewhat disappointed,the young man opened the box and found a lovely,leather-bound Bible,with theyouog man'sname embossed in gold. Angry,he raised his voice to his father and said,“With all your money,you give me a Bible?” and stormed out of house,leaving the Bible.

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    Victoria (Beckam) seemed to have far too great a say in his life, choosing clothers for him and getting him to dress in his ‘n‘ hers outfits, although ironically enough, the one area in which David (Beckam) was prepared to stand firm was the matter of his career.