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that の言い換えが可能かどうかを教えて下さい

質問です。 以下の that の言い換えが可能かどうかだけ教えてください。 可能なら 「可能だよ」 とだけ書いてください。 無理なら、なぜ無理なのかを教えてください。 私自身は可能だと思っていますが、自信がないので質問させていただきます。 よろしく お願い致します。 [1] I watched the game that they won today.  http://cosmos.nobody.jp/grammar/adjective_clauses_distinction.html ↓ I watched the game where they won today. [2] I don't believe the news that she killed her husband. http://cosmos.nobody.jp/grammar/adjective_clauses_distinction.html ↓ I don't believe the news where she killed her husband. [3] The current atomic theory is based on the idea that everything is made up of atoms. http://www.worldts.com/english-writing/eigo-ronbun12/index.html ↓ The current atomic theory is based on the idea where everything is made up of atoms. [4] Tex Fitness Club has developed a program that children can fully participate in health-building exercises. ↓ Tex Fitness Club has developed a program where children can fully participate in health-building exercises. 注意: OKWave の不具合により返信できません。 しかし、私は回答を全部 よんでいます。


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  • なぜ関係副詞 where になるのか教えて下さい

    英語教材の英文についての質問です。 TOEIC_TEST_入門特急_とれる600点, p. 179 Tex Fitness Club has developed a program where children can fully participate in health-building exercises. この英文で、なぜ where になるのかが理解できません。 これは直前の a program とは何かを具体的に説明している部分です。 よって、関係副詞の where ではなく、関係代名詞 (目的格) である which または that が入るべきだとおもいます。 なぜ where になるのかを教えてください。 よろしくお願い致します。 注意: OKWave の不具合により返信できません。 しかし、私は回答を全部 よんでいます。

  • 次の英文を和訳してほしいです。

    The concept of atomic radius is useful experimentally, but we should not infer that atoms have well-defined boundaries or surfaces. We will learn later that the outer regions of atoms are relatively "fuzzy". この英文を和訳してほしいです。

  • 次の英文を和訳してほしいです。

    However, a series of investigations that began in the 1850s and extended into the twentieth century clearly demonstrated that atoms actually possess internal structure; that is, they are made up of even smaller particles, which are called subatomic particles. これを和訳してほしいです。お願いします。

  • 次の英文を和訳してほしいです。

    The principal factor that determines whether a nucleus is stable is the neutron-to-proton ratio. For stable atoms of elements having low atomic number, the n/p value is close to 1. As the atomic number increases, the neutron-to-proton ratios of the stable nuclei become greater than 1. This deviation at higher atomic numbers arises because a larger number of neutrons is needed to counteract the strong repulsion among the protons and stabilize the nucleus. この英文を和訳してください。核化学に関する英文です。

  • こんがらがってしまいました・・・

     We define an ideal crystal as a body composed of atoms arranged in a lattice such that there exist three fundamental translation vectors a,b,c,with the property that the atomic arrangement looks the same in every respect when viewed from any point r as when viewed from the point r'=r+xa+yb+zc,where x,y,z are arbitrary integers.  この英文を訳せる方いますか?これで1文です。(長いっす!!) どこで区切っていいのか文法的に分かりません。英語に詳しい方は教えてください。よろしくお願いします。  ちなみに lattice=格子 arbitrary integers=任意の整数 です。(辞書で調べました。)

  • カジュアルな英訳お願いします(その24)

    英訳宜しくお願い致します。 1 明日はバレンタインかぁ。でもこの歳になると、そんで?ってな感じだな。  It's a Valentine's Day tomorrow. But I have a feeling that "So what?" in these ages. 2 サンディパティにファンレター送ったのは考えてみればほとんど40年ぐらい前だよな。  Thinking of that I wrote a fan letter to Sandi Patty had been almost 40 years ago. 3 でも、どこで住所しらべたんだろ?まったく覚えてないな。 But, I wonder that where can I get her address? I forget it at all. 4 斎藤から朝、初音ミクって何よ?ってメールが着たから、ヴァーチャルな女の子で  歌を歌うって教えた、でも正解かどうかわからない。  This morning Saito mailed to me ," What is Hatunemiku?". So I mailed to him that Hatune-miku is a virtual girl,she sings a lot.  But I don't know my answer is correct or not. 5 それにしても、昨日嫁さんがNHKスペシャルで原爆投下を日本の軍部は5時間も前に  知っていて、なんの処置もしなかったのをオレも観て、結局いつの時代も国民は犬死だなと  思った。  Yesterday, my wife watched NHKspecial program about atomic bom. The military of Japan known that before 5 hours of atomic bom was explotion, But they didn't nothing at all. I really really angry them!! Anyway, always people is treated just like a garbage by our great ,superb gorverment. 宜しくお願い致します。  

  • 日本語訳してください!!

    日本語訳してください!! I know that you speak English, and probably quite well, too. But what kind of English do you use? In the UK each local area is home to a dialect where the words and grammar are different. A person from Scotland might say, "I saw a wee bairn down by the loch," which means, "I saw a small 5 child near the lake.

  • 言語学書

    こんにちは。長文失礼します。。。 言語学書の内容でいまいちどう訳していいかわからないところがあるので、訳や内容、アドバイスなど回答お願いします。 One teaching exercise popular with many English language instructors provides students with a sentence structure or pattern that they must imitate.Here is a typical structure for transitive clauses: Doctors rarely visit patients in their homes at night. Britons normally prefer fish and chips overseas during the summer. Then the students are given lists of forms that can fill the slots.For example,one list might include the following:children,Americans,chefs,customs officials,wrestlers,cats. Any one of these could be inserted into either the subject or direct object slots.Other exercises might have learners suggesting their own items for each slot. The same kind of exercise can be used for other types of clauses such as intransitive clauses.Grammarians looking at such exercises would notice that they exploit the kinds of properties discussed in the last chapter ―linearity,hierarchy,and categoriality.Teachers would need to be aware of the ranges of options available for clause sequences. In this chapter we start to look in more detail at the options for clause structure,not just the linear sequences but the hierarchical structures exploited in English,and the grammatical categories used.We are interested not only in the units employed but also in the grammatical relations between the units.We will be applying tests to check grammatical analyses and to distinguish between clauses that look structurally identical at first glance, yet are not treated as such by native speakers.Those learning English have to acquire these distinctions,and our grammatical analyses must reflect them. Clauses are constructions with one phrase constituent, typically a noun phrase,that bears the subject relation and another constituent,the verb phrase,bearing the predicate relation. アドバイスなど、どんなことでもいいですので、回答よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 英文と日本語訳があります。和訳は正しいですか?

    Why do Japanese schools and companies require all full time members of their staff to attend meetings, regardless of whether they understand the language or not? They are probably trying to demonstrate that the non-Japanese staff are "one of us." It is less important that the non-Japamese or anyone else, for that matter----understand the content of the meeting and participate; it is more important to maintain the form that they are included in meetings where important decisions are made. 日本語訳 日本の学校や会社は,なぜ言語を理解できる,できないを区別しないまま,常勤の職員たちや従業員たちを全員,会議に出席するよう求めるのであろうか?おそらく,学校や会社の側は,その外国人スタッフも自分らの一員であることを示そうと努力しているのであろう。その外国人が,というより,この件に関しては外国人以外にも当てはまることであるが,会議の内容を理解したうえで参加するということは大して重要なことでなく,それよりも,重要な決定がなされる会議には彼らも含まれていたという体裁を保つことのほうが,より重要なのである。

  • 英語が出来る方助けてください。(かなり困っています。)

    英語が出来る方助けてください。(かなり困っています。) 今学生をしているのですが400ページほどある英語の専門書を読み始めたのですがこの部分の訳がどうしてもしっくりこないのですが分かる方いませんでしょうか?? 英語が大変苦手なので自分の訳に自信がなく困っています。 先生が海外に勉強に行っているので聞けず大変困っています。もし分かる方がいらしたら宜しくお願いします。 Now, Li(z) is the potential energy for the molecule i, expressed as a function of its distance z form the plane of the centres of atoms (or ions) in the surface layer; rij is the distance between the molecule i and each atom (ion) in the solid. In practice, only a limited number of atoms are taken into account because of the rapid decrease in energy with distance. The balance between attractive and repulsive interactions means that a point exists, at distance ze from the surface, where the potential energy of the molecule is minimum, as represented in Figure 1.2. Of course, the value of Li(z) must depend not only on the distance from the surface but also on the location on the surface (i.e. in the xy plane). If this is in the form of one face of a perfect crystal, there will be a regular variation of potential energy across the surface. It is not surprising to find that the most favorable site is at the centre of an array of surface atoms (cf. Figure 1.3). The corresponding depth of the potential energy well (at ze) will depend on the density and crystal structure of the absorbent and the polarizability and molecular size of the adsorbate. The easiest path for the movement of the adsorbed molecule across the surface is via a col or 'saddle point' and the energy barrier to translational movement in the xy plane is given by the difference in the corresponding minima potential energies for the two locations (Figure 1.3).