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(1)誰も彼らの考え方を変えることはできない。 (2)でもあなたの印象を良くしていくことはできると思う。 (3)それはきっと俺がすべきことだと思う。 これを私は (1)Nobady can change there way of thinking. (2)But I think it can make better that your impression. (3)I should do it for you that make better impression. と英語にしましたが、適切に訳せているか不安です。 ご意見をお聞かせ願えればと思います。 よろしくお願いします。


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(1)Nobady can change there way of thinking. スペルミスを除けばOKです。Nobody, their。 way of thinking は、この場合 mind (考え)、mindset (考え方)なども良く使われます。 (2)But I think it can make better that your impression. I think の後、の文が主語がはっきりせず文法的にも少しおかしいです。 But I think it's possible to change their impression of you. (3)I should do it for you that make better impression. 意味は通じますが、it ~ that の使い方がちょっと変です。I should で始めるのであれば、 I should do that for you. で十分だし、少し詳しくすれば、I should change that for you. もう少し自然な言い方としては、シンプルに、 Probably, that's my job.



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1. No one can change their way of thinking. 2. But it is possible to improve the impression you give. 3, It is perhaps what I should do. とも  Nobady は、nobody、 there は、 their かと。 your impression はあなたが「受ける印象」とも取れますのであなたが他に「与える印象」としては、と思いました。  1と2が繋がっている文でしたら、1の their を thinking of other people 「(他の)人の考え」として、繋ぐこともできます。



ご回答ありがとうございます。 スペルミス添削ありがとうございます。 確かに 印象の部分に関しては与える印象として意味が伝わるよう気をつけたほうが良いですね! 気を付けたいと思います。 ありがとうございました。


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    Otherwise, I become lost and confused, and things come up that I should have known about but was thinking were way way off; この文章の、but was thinking were way way off;がわかりません。 まず、but は何と何の逆接なのでしょうか? but以降のwas thinking were way way offに至ってはもはや呪文にしか見えません。

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    どなたか英訳お願いいたします。 I can actually fully understand the second one too! But am I right in thinking that the way you wrote it would be closer to "where is my wallet?" than "I'm looking for my wallet"?

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    英訳みて頂けますか?m(__)m (1)私の敬意の表し方 my way of showing respect (2)あなたの考えは聞かされた話に基づいている Your thinking is based on a talk that you are heard. (3)(それを)出来るかどうかわからない I don't know whether I will can do it or not. 全く自信がありませんorz… 文法的に間違ってたり意味不明な部分があれば教えて下さい!

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    But eBay embrión that I can not buy the pruduct since there is not freigth carge mentioned How I can buy it ?

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    なんとなくは分かるのですが、知らない単語があり的確に訳せません...。 お力添えお願いします。 don't think that way .... i understand your situation . i know how it feet to be in that type of situation . here is something to make you feel better . don't worry i still think that you are a wonderful person and thank you! for be in honest .... i respect you ... now think about this " ( That me think that you are the best person in the world and is happy for the way you are! ) " and only think about it all day so you feel better

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    if freshman student decide a major, they may change it. I think it is not bad, but if possible, better way is not change it. もし、一年生で専攻を決めると、変わってしまうかもしれない (途中で違う考え方になり、専攻が変わるかもしれない) それは悪くはないと思うが、可能なら、変わらない方がよいとおもう。 と、英文を作りたいのですが…、 初めの英文では()内の言葉は伝わりませんか? よろしくお願いします!

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    Finding a new apartment is really slow but I am trying to do everything I can to make it go faster. Now I have to wait about 2 weeks again until I can continue the search because after I sent an application to one place, they said they need 1-2 weeks until they can actually receive it. But after that, I think I might be able to find someting quite soon.. It's a "more expensive" way of doing things, kind of. Before they let you move into one of their rental apartments there is a certain amount of money that you need to pay first. And because it is alot of money, not money people do it this way and that's why there should be more apartments available for me. It's about 15 000-20 000   but my parents said they can lend the amount to me, because they don't want me to borrow money from the banks. And this money is something I will get back if/when I move, so it's not like I would actually loose th ose 15000-20000  Q__Q Ah, I don't know if you understood, but yeah, Finland likes to complicate things. I still love you and miss you so much. And I don't think sending e-mails will change what I feel and think about you. But I'm sure that when we meet again in real life it will be ever better than before.

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    私は幸運なことに、親から、人間は正しく理解されることなどほとんどない、と教わった。『私自身,私よりもっと幸福な人もいるだろうけれど、もっと不幸な人もいるだろう、と当たり前のことを考えていた。』もっと不幸な人と比べると私の幸福は感謝しなければならないし、もっと幸福な人と比べると私のほうが人生を知っている、と思うことにした。 という文章なのですが、『 』の部分の英訳に悩んでいます。一応、下のように英訳してみたのですが、 特に (1)考えていた→had been thinkingでいいのか? (2)thingはカンマなしの同格では使えないと思うのですが、カンマをつければ同格として使えるのか? という2点がわかりません。英訳が間違っていれば、正しい英訳が知りたいです。お助けください。 Luckily for me, I was taught by my parents that human beings could seldom be correctly understood. 『I myself had been thinking the obvious thing, that there will be people who are happier than me, but there will be also people who are unhappier than me.』 I have determined to think that I must appreciate my happiness when I am compared with unhappier people and that I know better what life is like than happier people do.

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    友達の英文の訂正お願いします。 Megwin, are you really going to quite taking your MegwinTV movies? First, I didn`t thought you really do so, though you sequentially uploaded your previous movies.. I`m so sorrow about that, but on thinking about you live happily, my heat becomes better. I can`t say any more, but please hang in there! では、お願いします。

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    For those fans to sit there and say it's okay, but it's not STP without Scott and I understand that because I get that I truly get that. But I find it so amazing that someone can just dump all over his fans and make them wait, for an hour and a half and make all the people at the venue stay way after midnight. The people that work there, the security people.”