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英語の勉強よりニュースの内容のほうが面白そうなので、英文テキスト訂正と日本語に翻訳お願いします。翻訳のほうが難しそうですが。 音声ファイル http://www.geocities.jp/nack65/kiroku/india.wav by google音声認識 in India thousands of Army and paramilitary troops are in a northern state trying to put an end to a cast uprising already say at least nine people have been killed from New Delhi and PR is Julie McCarthy reports in agricultural cast known as the judge is leaving the address to the man government benefits Yahtzee to be included in the category of other backward caste Sunderlal the government is obliged to promote the welfare of so-called o be seized with quotas for government jobs and college admission to be eligible a cast was first be socially and educationally disadvantaged and Josh rank fairly high and Indian social hierarchy dominating a third of the seats in the state assembly of Haryana but a rapidly growing population and a lack of jobs is killing their discontent in recent days. Protesters blocked highways towards the railway stations in vandalize shops protesters reportedly sabotage a water treatment plant that provides most of delis water supply


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1。英文テキスト訂正 In India thousands of army and paramilitary troops are in a northern state trying to put an end to a cast euprising. Already say at least nine people have been killed from New Delhi and NPR's Julie McCarthy reports in an agricultural caste known as the Jatis is leading the unrest to demand government benefits. Jatis seek to be included in the category of other backward castes under the law the government is obliged to promote the welfare of so-called OBC with quotas for government jobs and college admission. To be eligible a caste was first be socially and educationally disadvantaged and Jatis rank fairly high in Indian social hierarchy dominating a third of the seats in the state assembly of Haryana, but a rapidly growing population and a lack of jobs is fueling their discontent. In recent days, Jatis protesters blocked highways, torched railway stations, and vandalized shops. Protesters reportedly sabotaged a water treatment plant that provides most of Delhi's water supply. 2。 Jat は、下記のようにインドのカーストの名前。  NPR は、 National Public Radio の略  OBC は、 Other Backward Class の略です。  http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/jat-agitation-centre-announces-panel-on-jat-demand-for-quota-haryana-to-bring-bill-for-obc-status/ 3。訳  インドでは何千と意う陸軍や軍に類する集団が、既に少なくとも9名の死者を出した北部のカースト反乱の鎮圧に当たっている。  NPRのジュリー•マッカーシーは、ニュデリーからジャットという農業カーストが先頭に立って政府の援助を要求する反対運動をしていると、報告している。  ジャットは、政府の政府公務員の割当て人数、および大学入学者の定員を保証する、いわゆるOBCの援助計画に含まれる事を要求している。  OBCの一員として認められる条件としては、カーストが社会面でも教育面でも遅れていると言うことだ。  しかしながらジャットはのインド社会での階級はかなり高く、ハリアナ州の州議会では三分の一の議席を占める、にもかかわらず、人口の急激な増加と就職難が不満を募らせている。  ここ数日来、ジャットの反対運動家達は、道路を遮断し、鉃道の駅を焼き、商店街を荒らし、デリー市の大部分の水を供給する浄水場の運行を止めているとも伝えられている。



本当に本当にありがとうございました。 大変ご苦労をおかけしました。

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 今朝(ちょっと時差がありますので)読み返したところ気付いた事を補足します。 1。cast euprising ではなく caste uprising 2。 Jatis ではなく Jats (数カ所) 3. other backward castes は、 Other Backward Castes と書けば OBC の説明になります。多分原稿にはそうなっていたのでしょう。



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    "French intentions in Syria are surely incompatible with the war aims of the Allies as defined to the Russian Government. If the self-determination of nationalities is to be the principle, the interference of France in the selection of advisers by the Arab Government and the suggestion by France of the Emirs to be selected by the Arabs in Mosul, Aleppo, and Damascus would seem utterly incompatible with our ideas of liberating the Arab nation and of establishing a free and independent Arab State. The British Government, in authorising the letters despatched to King Hussein [Sharif of Mecca] before the outbreak of the revolt by Sir Henry McMahon, would seem to raise a doubt as to whether our pledges to King Hussein as head of the Arab nation are consistent with French intentions to make not only Syria but Upper Mesopotamia another Tunis. If our support of King Hussein and the other Arabian leaders of less distinguished origin and prestige means anything it means that we are prepared to recognise the full sovereign independence of the Arabs of Arabia and Syria. It would seem time to acquaint the French Government with our detailed pledges to King Hussein, and to make it clear to the latter whether he or someone else is to be the ruler of Damascus, which is the one possible capital for an Arab State, which could command the obedience of the other Arabian Emirs."

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    Farmers in South Asia have been fighting with serious droughts in some areas and terrifying floods in others for some years now. Ten years ago farmer Bhairu Singh saw water in the well on his dry wasteland in western India. Experts say, however, things are not going to get any better for Singh and millions of farmers. The reason? It is global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. According to U.N. estimates, about 2.3 billion people in about 50 nations will be troubled by frightening water shortages by 2020 because of global warming. For Singh, chief of a village in the besert state of Rajasthan, finding water is an everyday struggle. He said, “We've been facing a drought for yearas. Our wells have dried up, our crops have withered away and our cattle, too, have died over time.” He added, “Even though it rained a little this year, it wasn't enough to make up for all those years.” The gorwing water crisis will only be made worse by yhe melting of mountain glaciers across the world. Experts say the melting of those glaciers can account for as much as 95 percent of water in river networks. The Himalayan glaciers are the source of fresh water for many South Asian rivers such as the Ganga and Brahmaputra. According to some estimates, these glaciers have already receded in the past ten years. “Himalayan glaciers are shrinking because of climate change,” said a water specialist for the Nepal government. “This may result in heavy water shortage not only in Aepal but in India and Bangladesh during the dry season. And this may cause flooding in the wet season. Another important consequence of global warming concerns glacier lakes. The glacier lakes may burst their banks due to climate change and cause big floods down the rivers.” According to a report by the U.N. environment Program, global warming would cause more than 40 Himalayan glacier lakes to burst in the next few years. The report adds that this would cause floods and would kill thousands of people. what's worse, world temperatures are predicted to increase by between 1.4 and 5.8℃ by 2100 and sea levels to rise between 9 and 88 centimeters. In that case, small islands such as the Maldives and many islands in the Caribbean and South Pacific are in danger of drowning. Sea level rises would make cyclones and storms more dangerous for the people living near the sea. Already the impact of climate change is clearly seen in the rising summer temperatures in South Asia. They go up to 50℃. Monsoons have become harder to predict. It is now one of the world's most carefully watched phenomena. Growing populations and greater demand from agriculture, cities and industry also result in a big fall in water availability. The availability of water for each person in India has fallen to 1,869 cubic meters from 4,000 cubic meters 20 years ago. Some scholars say it could drop below 1,000 in 20 years. Water availability in Canada, Russia, the U.S., Japan and China in 2003 was about 90,000, 30,000, 10,000, 3,300 and 2,300 cubic meters respectively. During the summer, thousands of people in Indian villages walk around for miles in search of water. Even in cities, water is a precious commodity, and it sometimes leads to street fights. Too much tapping of ground water has also invited shortages. “Floods and droughts have been with us for hundreds of years,” said an expert from the Center for Science and Environment in Delhi, “but the impact has become far worse because water is being used more freely and carelessly.” ものすごく長い文ですみません。 スペルにミスがあるかもしれませんが、お願いします

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    The high surface tension of water and the interfacial tension between the continuous water phase and the pigment must be reduced to adequately wet the pigment particles, as shown schematically in ABC. 翻訳お願いします。 顔料関係の資料です。

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    翻訳お願いします The earth is a planet covered with water. But only 2.5 percent of it is fresh water. In fact , this fresh water is so rare that it is called ''blue gold" A century ago, there were only about two billion people in the world. Now there are more than six billion, and people consume six times as much water as they did then. Today, one person in five does not have clean drinking water. According to the United Nations, there will be eight billion people in 2025, About sixty percent of them will not have enough water. The water shortage will be an urgent problem for people who live in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

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    翻訳の得意な方、宜しくおねがいしますm(_ _)m Though we often are aware only of "intellectual content" when we communicate, it is important to understand the basic ebb and flow of relating in a human context, the transmission of sometimes contradictory messages through bodily posture and touch, voice tone, facial expression, and eye contact. 長文ですが・・。"content" には2つの意味があるので、いまいちわかりません。すみませぬ。 kay722

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    Germany attempted to use Indian nationalism and pan-Islamism to its advantage. She tried instigating uprisings in India, and sent a mission to Afghanistan urging her to join the war on the side of Central powers. However, contrary to British fears of a revolt in India, the outbreak of the war saw an unprecedented outpouring of loyalty and goodwill towards Britain. Indian political leaders from the Indian National Congress and other groups were eager to support the British war effort, since they believed that strong support for the war effort would further the cause of Indian Home Rule.[citation needed] The Indian Army in fact outnumbered the British Army at the beginning of the war; about 1.3 million Indian soldiers and labourers served in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, while the central government and the princely states sent large supplies of food, money, and ammunition. In all, 140,000 men served on the Western Front and nearly 700,000 in the Middle East. Casualties of Indian soldiers totalled 47,746 killed and 65,126 wounded during World War I. The suffering engendered by the war, as well as the failure of the British government to grant self-government to India after the end of hostilities, bred disillusionment and fuelled the campaign for full independence that would be led by Mohandas K. Gandhi and others.

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    Water is our most important natural resource. Yet though water covers most of the Earth, only 2.5% of it is salt-free. Demand for fresh water has risen sharply in the last 50 years, and it is still going up. That’s already causing serious problems. Finding the right solutions may be one of the biggest challenges of our time. There are several reasons behind the growing crisis. The first is waste. About 70% of our fresh water is used to grow crops. It takes 1,000 tons of water to grow just one ton of wheat. Unfortunately, around 60% of that water is wasted. Better irrigation methods would help the situation. Pollution is another big problem. Many of the world’s great rivers, such as the Ganges in India, are badly polluted. Yet 350 million people rely on the Ganges. Their health is affected by the health of the river. Steps are being taken to clean up some waterways, but it is expensive and can take years. Overuse also puts pressure on water supplies. In the USA, 95% of the country’s fresh water comes from underground sources. With so much water being used to grow crops and raise livestock, water levels are dropping rapidly. Once used, those supplies are gone forever, since they are not refilled by rainwater. The key there is to lower demand. In many places around the world, people already live in crisis. More than one billion people have no access to clean water. That leads to millions of deaths every year, including thousands of children dying every day in Africa. By 2025, as many as 25 African countries may face severe water shortages. The situation could even lead to wars over water rights. The fresh water crisis is not limited to poor regions. Indeed, rich and poor countries from Asia to Europe to North America are facing shortages. It’s a growing problem that could soon affect us all.

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    英語の得意な方、翻訳御願いします。 I have sent you an email in regards to clarification of your order back on 18/04 but you have not replied me since then. But your order is now awaiting assembly and we hope to have it sent by this week.

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    旅行に行くんだけど行き道はひとりだから不安という話をしてたら以下の文章が来ました。 よくわからないのでどなたか翻訳おねがいします。。 As long as you are aware of your surroundings and be careful that's all you have to worry about.

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    お願いします。 Can we continue to import food and virtual water like this? Developing countries,where some of the food imported to Japan is produced,may not export to us in the future. They'll need all the food they produce to feed their own growing populations. In that case,we may have to produce much more of our own food in Japan. For this we will nedd a large amount of water. If that happens,we won't be able to use water as freely as we do now. You can probably understand now that our lives are sustained not only by visible water,but also by invisible,virtual water. We should keep this virtual water in mind and remember that water is a limited resource. We nedd to use it as carefully and as wisely as possible.