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You couldn't get me ~

You couldn't get me any glue, could you? Take the edge off?Glue's coming back. Nature's glue. このglueは、どんな意味になるのでしょうか。 言われた相手が I've never done glue. Never boffed a tranny. と言っているので ひわいな話なのかと思うのですが分かりません。よろしくお願いいたします。



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 glue は、下記に Another word for intercourse. Other variations are 'Glueing' and 'Glued'. Normally said in context of a joke, rather than being serious. などと定義されていますが、ここでは単に昔流行った「シンナー」とも取れます。 http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=glue





  • Couldn’t の語法について

    現在、中高年ではありながら今後のビジネスを広げたく英語習得のためipodをつかって英語猛勉強中です。基礎をサボっていたため基本的なところでつまずいてしまいました。 以下のセンテンスについての質問です。 (1)これ(could)は文法的にどの個所を読めば理解できるでしょうか? しかも 疑問形で過去完了形?というのは 語法的に、どの項目を観ればいいのでしょうか??(過去完了形? 強調? など) (2)このセンテンスの意味は 「いくつかの科目で「不可」を取ったら、期末休み(の間まで)に(課題を)終えてもいいですか? ・・・なんか間違っているのはうっすら感じるのですが…スミマセン Couldn’t I take an incomplete on some of the classes, then finish the work over the break? (English as a Second Language Podcastより) この「Couldn’t」をどう解釈したらよいのか戸惑ってしまいました。 weblioという辞書サイト等見ると couldの助動詞としての語法で当てはまりそうなのがたくさんあるのですが・・・ 全体のテキストを参考までに掲載してみます。 TOEFL Podcast #4 Taking a Full Load M: Well, Jessica, I think you should really take something less than a full load of classes this semester. F: But I was hoping to finish my minor by spring semester. M: I understand that you want to finish up and get a job, but given your current GPA, I can’t recommend taking such a heavy load. F: I see what you mean. Couldn’t I take an incomplete on some of the classes, then finish the work over the break? M: It doesn’t quite work that way. You can’t plan on taking an incomplete in a class. If the professor finds out that was your intention all along, he’s likely to say no. Besides, you can’t possibly finish up all the work in a just a few weeks. F: But if I don’t take 18 units this semester, I’m going to have to get a part-time job, since my financial aid is running out. M: Well, let’s see if we can’t figure something out. Here, hand me your schedule of classes. Let me take a crack at it and see if I can find a good mix of classes for you to enroll in. F: That would be great. I really do appreciate your help on this, professor. M: It’s no problem. That’s what they pay me to do.

  • 英文和訳をお願いします

    A: I’m finished studying. Let’s grab lunch. B: But I still have to finish my psychology paper. A: Come on, take a break. We’ve been at it all morning. B: It’ll only take me another hour or so. I have to get it done today. A: That’s what happens when you put it off until the last minute! 最後の一行の意味が分かりません。 よろしくお願いします。

  • any of の使い方のことで

    次の文は、学生向け週刊英語新聞にあったものです。 I couldn't have done any of this, unless I had a strong staff behind me. ---- あるプロジェクトが成功し、リーダーがスタッフに、 『皆さんの支えがなければ、できなかったでしょう。』 と、お礼を言う場面なんですが、 ここでの any of this のように、 any of の後に単数形が来るのは、普通のことなんでしょうか ?  

  • 訳がよくわかりません。(短いです)

    見かけは簡単そうですが、自分はうまく訳ができませんでした。お願いします。もし、熟語などがあれば指摘してください。私の考えた結果は、the thingsとI'veの間に関係代名詞のthatが省略されており。because以下の訳は「あなたはもうここにいないからです。」だと思います。get toはどのように訳せますか? Sometimes, we never get to see or do the things I've talked about because you're not here any more

  • 日本文とその英訳が正しいか教えて下さい。

    (君が大好きで君のためならなんだって出来る…というような内容の文章の続きからお願いします) でも彼女は今はもう死んでしまった。 だから笑いも泣きもしない。 それでもなお、彼女が頭から離れない。 もし他の子が僕を口説いてきても僕は失せろっていうだろう。 君の代わりはいない、どこにもいないんだ。 僕の熱い口付けで君の凍った心を溶かすよ。 だからもう一度微笑んでおくれ。 と、いう文章を英語で表記したい場合 But she has now passed away. So she never smiles and cry. I couldn't get her out of my mind nonetheless. If any other girls made a pass at me, I will say fuck off. No one can take your place, Nowhere.  I melt your frozen heart with a hot kiss of me. So please smile again. で事足りるでしょうか? もし至らない箇所等ありましたらその点も含めてお教え頂けると有難く思います。 宜しくお願い致します。

  • walked me through

    I've been friends with "Myrtle" for nearly 20 years. She used to work for me. I'm a very strong, independent woman. I've never needed many friends (I've been married to my best friend for 37 years). Myrtle has always been a drama queen. She demands a lot of attention. She is exhausting. Her husband and I have also butted heads over the years. It drains me to hang out with them for any period of time. The last time she had one of her explosions, I backed off. My therapist has walked me through my feelings and I'm now very clear that being with her is unhealthy for me. I tried to back out slowly, but then she created drama over nothing again -- exploding, and then coming back and apologizing. walked me through my feelingsとcreated drama over nothingの意味を教えてください。よろしくお願いします

  • pull me down

    I am a young guy in university undergoing a gender transition. Since coming out at the start of this academic year, I have never been so centered and calm — and I am happy with life. I have finally gotten to a point where I can allow myself to get into a serious relationship with someone who truly respects my identity and sees me as nothing but male. The only issue I have is that my mum is in total denial. She has known now for two and a half years but will not respect my pronouns or my new name. I tried to bring her along in the transition from the beginning, but after two years trying to convince her this is real, I couldn't wait any longer and I finally started hormones. All of our arguments center on her being uncomfortable with my transition. It's framed as concern for me. My mum has never been happy in her life, and I cannot allow her to pull me down with her. I struggle terribly knowing that I am betraying her perception of me and taking away her little girl. But this is who I am; I can't do anything about it. The stuff she says is offensive and wrong and try as I might to understand, I am losing respect for her. pull me downと try as I might to understandはどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • カーペンターズの曲の英語の発音

    I Need To Be In Loveと言う有名な曲がありますが 最初の歌い出しの部分で The hardest thing I've ever done is keep believing There's someone in this crazy world for me と言う歌詞がありますが何度聞いても No hardest thing I've ever done is keep believing No someone in this crazy world for me に聞こえます。 これはカーペンターズが意図的に発音しているものなのでしょうか? それとも慣例的な発音なのでしょうか?

  • 日本語に訳して下さい。

    I've been through more than a few relationship...and how with each time I felt as though i've lost yet another piece of me. I've taken every stone, every rock, every stick, every log thrown at me, the verbal, physical, even emotional garbage that came with them... I would take and keep all within, hurting only myself for that burden I decided to carry and drag along. I've never known a way to let it go. You've been there for me since day one never once judging me or the past i've lived nor the mistakes i've made. You've been more than understanding and so very patient. お願いします。

  • 英語の訳。

    こんばんは。↓の問題なのですが教えてください。 We never get to see or do the things I've talked about because you're not here any more--and that is a hurt that we cannot describe. の訳なんですが、「私たちは見るようにしなかった。また話すことをしなかった(?)なぜならあなたはもうここにいないし、私たちは記述できない(?)気持ちだから。」 絶対違いますよね・・・。教えてください。単語の意味がちがうのでしょうか・・。よろしくお願致します。