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I like you and I am not dating with others but But I think it is a difficult situation that we live so far apart Not much opportunity to meet このメール内容は振られていますか? まだ、わたしが頑張れば見込みがある内容ですか?



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(訳文) 私はあなたが好きですし、私は他の人とつきあってもいませんが、 でも、お互いがこんなに離れて住んでいるんですから、むずかしい状況だと思います。 (二人で)会う機会もあまりありませんし。 >このメール内容は振られていますか? まだ、わたしが頑張れば見込みがある内容ですか? ⇒ということで、文面から推測する限り、「振られている」ということではないと思います。ですから、「わたしが頑張れば見込みがある」ことは否定できませんが、率直に言って、「あまり楽観的な状況でもない」、とも読み取れますね。




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最初に他の人とデートしたことないって言ってるので、あなたとデートしたいんじゃないでしょうか? でも、アパートが遠くてできない... だから、会うチャンスは無いって最後にいってます そういう場合は、あなたから相手の家or相手の家の近くまで遊びに行こうかと提案してみてはどうでしょう? これは、振ってる内容ではないですよ!





  • 先ほどの英語質問の追加お願いいたします。

    私が彼にYou mean lot to me? I just want to know your feeling それで、あなたがもし、他の女の子ともデートしているなら、私達はもう会わない方がいいと思うとメールすると、 理解したよ。とメールが返事かあったので、何を理解したの?と返したら I like you and I am not dating with others but But I think it is a difficult situation that we live so far apart Not much opportunity to meet と返事がきました。 私が頑張って続くようなら、もう少しお互いを知りたいです。まだ、デート期間なので。 どう、思われますか?これは彼の優しさで遠回しに断っているんでしょうか?

  • 国際恋愛の方に質問です。

    イギリス人の彼と遠距離でデートしています。出会いは空港です。毎日メールしていて週一で電話です。私も英語勉強中で彼は理解してくれています。 出会って半年…彼にYou mea n lot to me?I just want to know your feeling、もし、⚪️が他の人とデートしているならもう会わない方がいいと思う。と連絡すると内容を理解したよ。I like you and I am not dating with others but But I think it is a difficult situation that we live so far apart Not much opportunity to meet ときました。なので、私もI like you too and you do not date with other girls, I do not have any problem we don't have cance to meet ←i understand I will actively make that opportunity Sorry about my poor English do you understand?と返すとYour English is good and I understand your meaning! I agree but practically how often can we meet each other?ときたので、From 1 month during 2 monthsと提案すると、By the way let me think about what you suggested a little bit please. When I first moved to Melbourne I had a long distance relationship but it was very difficult and became a disaster ときました。この返事に私も遠距離した事あるし、私と⚪️がやってみないと分からない。今後、私がそちらにいくという案もあるし、今すぐは勿論無理だけど…と返しました。でも、実際本当にしてみないと分からないと思うんです。私が突っ走り過ぎてるだけですか?

  • 和訳してください

    I'm very excited to learn about Japan! I just think a bit difficult but not impossible. You are a very gentle person! I love to meet her! I know that I write nonsense! But it's all fun! what do you like most? I do not know about Japanese fashion, but I quite like the style, but the Brazilian society is very different in the field of fashion! If I clothe the Japanese style, I would be mocked by the minds of most people here is not broad enough to understand! understand?

  • 和訳をお願い致します。

    『I am not sure if you understand how much I love you and just just how muchi mean to me. Every morning when i get up, I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity& putting me there to meet you, throughout the day & night I say thank you some more! I love you』 分からない部分があるので、どうかお願いします。

  • 和訳お願いします;

    I can easily do it now, while he's talking to God. But if I kill him now, he'll go straight to Heaven. I need to think about this. A wicked man murders my father and I, his onl son, send this same man to Heaven? No, that's not revenge. It will be better to wait. I'll kill him when he's drunk too much. Or when he' angry, or in bed with my mothe. I want this man to go to Hell, not Heaven. I must be patient. Your words to God have saved you now, but you won't live much longer. 長いですが宜しくお願い致します

  • 英文和訳をお願いします。

    英文和訳をお願いします。 I think I have a very crazy life. But in a way it's wonderful in it's craziness. I mean I remember one minute going to the White House for a dinner, but I'm going on the train so I'm stuck in Pennsylvania Station having a hot dog. And you know a scant two hours later I'm meeting the President of China. So I think it's the ups and the downs that makes it so real. And so wonderful. I could be at a gymnast...a gymnastic meet for my daughter and the next minute I'm in, you know the hospital worrying about my father's care. I like to think I live a very full life, and a complete life, and I think that's what makes my life probably fun, difficult also, challenging,tiring, but also great. 自分の人生についての喜びを語っていると思うのですが、 何度考えても理解できません。 長文ですがよろしくお願いしますm(_ _)m

  • How can I make friends?

    How can I make friends in Japan? Don't you think it difficult that if you drop out the place you born and grow up?? I'm so tired of the situation being alone. I've tried to make friends, but don't like the people where I meet.

  • 和訳をお願いします。

    『 I would like to fight Kenji. Whether it's in his mind if I deserve it or not, I think I kind of earned it and I think I match up really well with him.』 上の文章で 「Whether it's in his mind if I deserve it or not, I think I kind of earned it」 の意味がよくわかりません。 分かる方がいましたら、教えてもらえませんか? よろしくお願いします。

  • 和訳をお願いします

    you got to take things easy. you are more concern than the girls who meet a guy. to be honest with you, i`m not fucking shy neither excited. is really meeting a person that difficult? i don`t get it.

  • 長文ですが、和訳をお願いします。

    翻訳機を使用せずに訳して頂けたらと思います。 どうか宜しくお願いいたします。 Actually i m angry about ur late reply so i did t answer your call , not because of i m back at my parents home ! Yes i m now back to stay with my parents because my mum beg me to be back , i m a chinese which is very different from what u think ! We have to live with our parents and take care of them unlike japanese . If u think that i m back with my wife , my answer is No ! Believe or not is up to u ! I hope that u will be happy from tomorrow onwards and all the best ! 1) i m with my parents two days ago. 2)after u found out that i m married and i got nothing to hide from u , which i m not gonna lie anymore .3)both of us are under a very difficult conditions and situation now and we are far apart there is nothing better than trust to rely on to carry on our relationship , if u choose not to trust .4) both of us have to adapt to each others feeling and thinkings because we are from different countrys and background .5)i know that u are trying ur best to understand me , which i don t always use lots of big words in english because i want you to feel and understand more about me .6) i m learning japanese too and i have two jobs now almost everyday without any offday + i have a course to start soon , the reason why am i taking this course ? Very simple answer is only one and thats to get higher salary in japan . And u talk about worry ! Did u actually think at my position ! U took 3 hours to reply me , and u tell me that u are on the phone with ur friend for 3 hours ! What do u want me to do when i don t get ur reply !!!??? Are u asleep ? Maybe u r busy with ur work !? Maybe u r taking ur shower , will get back to me when u r free !? Or maybe u r still not home ! So should i worry or go back to sleep !? I don t know u tell me what should i do !!!! I did t answer the call for the pass 2 nights and now u understand how i feel right !? I m not good in relationship with my wife , but i can t let go of my parents , they did nothing wrong !!! I have to take care of them . I keep asking myself , how far can we go !? Because we have different back ground , but i did t expect this to happen so fast ! I think is very difficult now . In order not to hurt u too deep and i have already got a broken heart before which i think both of us can t afford anymore pain so i think our relationship should end here I m really happy to know u , even till now ! U are the women i love the most , but unfortunately it won t last . I will always remember you !