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これ和訳出来る方いらっしゃいますか? 会話文の一節です。 About 25 percent of time, then, I 'm out traveling around meeting with customersーEurope, Asia and that sort of helps me think, okay do we have the right priorities? What are people responding well to? And what would they like to see us do better?


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#(2)です。タイプミスがありました。お詫びして訂正致します。 多分25パーセントの時間は顧客と面会する為に、ヨーロッパ、アジアと飛び回ったね。それでこう考えるようになったんだ。ようし、優先順位は正しいだろうか。これに機敏に反応するのはどんな人間か。さらに我々の向上に対して何を望んでいるのか。


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 ヨーロッパとかアジアとか、ざっと(一年の)4分の1は私は顧客に会うために国外を旅行しており、その間(旅行は)色々考えてみるのに役立っている。  我々の優先順序は果たして正しいか、人々に受けがいいのはどんな物か、そして我々がどのような改善をするのを人々は望んでいるのか?(そう言うことを考えさせてくれるのだ)



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    これを和訳出来る方いらっしゃいますか? 会話文の一節です。 I mean we really get to do what we like to do the way we want to do it, with people that we choose to be around and that are terrific.

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    "Here's to the kids. Who will never have 100 percent confidence in anything they do, and to the kids who are okay with that." "Here's to the kids. Who second guess themselves on everything they do." "Here's to the kids. Whose idea of a good night is sitting on the food of a car, Watching the stars." 文頭のwhoやwhoseの意味・働きがよくわらず、一体どうやって訳せばよいのかさっぱりわかりません。よろしくお願いします。

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    imagine having the confidence of everybody around you for what it is you are about to do. 「a thousand paths to confidence」という本の一節ですが、what 以下が うまく訳せません。what you are about to do.であれば「あなたがしようとしていること」になると思うのですが、 間にある「it is」が何を指すのか、どう訳したらいいのかが今ひとつ理解できないのです。よろしくお願いします。

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    下記の訳なんですが分かりません。 What you have って、きれいに訳せません。 それに続く訳も合わせて教えてください。 So today what you have is what I call the middle 40 percent, the people who are not in the top 10 and who are not in the bottom 50, and what you can view as the wealth middle class that owns 20 to 30 percent of total wealth, national wealth, whereas they used to be poor, a century ago, when there was basically no wealth middle class.

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    Incidentally, the best way to find out is to ask customers, not by questionnaires but by, again, sitting down with them and finding out. The most successful retailer Iknow in the world is not one of the big retail chains. It is somebody in Ireland, a small country about the size of Slovenia. This particular company is next door to Great Britain with its very powerful supermarkets and all of them are also in Ireland; and yet this little company has maybe 60% of the sandwich market. What do they do? Well, the answer is that the boss spends two days each week in one of his stores serving customers, from the meat counter to the check-out counter, to being the one who puts stuff into bags and carries it out to the shoppers’ And he knows what the customers pay for. Let me say this may all sound very simple to you. It is not. It is infinitely more important than any other management tool.

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    英語やり直し組です While it cannot defend against external threats to the nation, particularly along the borders of Syria and Iran, it is able to do more each day responding to threats along the lines of internal security. 最後のmore each day以降がよくわかりません。 お願いします。

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    We believe customers expect the same quality of products and service from our licensees as they do from us and we strive to ensure customers have the same experience whether they visit a company-operated or licensed store.

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    Montague believed in the superiority of wisdom-knowing what helps us live happily and morally-over mere learning.

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    ある有名な人物の名言ですが、その人の言葉で和訳をお願いします。 (1)People can say of me what they will.But the fact remains that no one knows what makes me tick like I do. (2)In whatever situation a person finds himself, he should not abandon his favorite ways and his special abilities. (3)Anything can be accomplished if you take responsibility for doing at least 80 percent to 90 percent of it yourself. Pass the remaining 10-20 percent of responsibility on to others and give them all the credit. (4)I never do verbal battle with others, since even if I win an argument I can’t change the other person’s way of life. (5)I am a person who raises himself up to the next level, rather than becoming discouraged. (6)If you are a man, even if you die in a ditch during battle, you will die pitching forward. (7)The purpose of coming into the world is to accomplish one’s duty. よろしくお願いします。

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    It helps to know the strengths and weakness of each type of visual object so that we can choose the type of graph that will best help us find what we're looking for, examine it in the way will most likely to lead to understanding, and, when necessary, communicate the information to others. (1)和訳してください (2)examine it in the way will most likely to lead to understanding の文法説明をお願いします。(itは何を指す?)