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The latest craze is for TV psychics, a bunch of charismatic characters who stun members of the audience with revelations that can only come from dead relatives. Or so they would have you believe. Skeptics would first look for a rational explanation - and can usually find one. この文章がよくわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。


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以下のとおりお答えします。 (訳文) 最近の熱狂的流行の目はテレビの超能力、1団のカリスマ的な登場人物に向いている。彼らは、死んだ親族からしか出て来ないような意外な新事実で聴衆のメンバーの肝をつぶす。すなわち、彼らはまたあなたを信じさせるだろう。懐疑論者は、最初理性的な説明を捜そうとする ― そして、通常はそれを見つけ出すことができる。



ありがとうございます! すぐに回答をもらえて助かりました!


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    先日、アメリカのショップに商品を注文しました。 ショップに在庫のある商品だけ送ってくださいと 指示しました。 その返信が下記です。 下記を和訳して下さい。 宜しくお願致します。 I can get you about 28 of the styles right away. We do not usually keep a lot of stock on the shelf and even less of the enameled ones. I can get you 72 of the different styles by next Friday the 12th. There are about 44 styles that need enameled. Just for your records the Beltwerx buckles are very high end buckles and we usually carry no stock on these they are made when ordered. Let me know which you would like me to do and I will get you a list of products and cost.

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    . For example, areaBox(3,9); would return the area of a box with a length of 3 and a width of 9. この上記の訳を教えてください。

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    Can one write the history of art ‘up to the present day' as one can perhaps write the history og airplains? Many critics and teachers hope and believe that one can.(I am less sure.)(True,one can record and discuss the latest fashions ,the figures who happen to have caught the limelight at the time of writing.) ()内を訳せ、ただし最初の()はsure以下の省略を補って訳せとという問題です。 (私は、ある人が現在に至るまでの芸術の歴史を記すことが出来るということを、多くの批評家や教員ほどは確信していない) (実際、人が最新のファッションや、歴史を記している時代の偶然注目をおびている人物について記録したり、討論したりすることはできる。) 添削お願いします!

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 難解な部分は意訳大歓迎です。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Now Let us proceed to the next door of your of your horoscope. For some people children may not be greatly significant or important, for others the prospect of having ones own children, or the relationship with step children, and relatives little ones, may be a factor that can make or mar the future marriage and life together. It will be helpful to know, how your future soulmate views children.

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    ・I don't think I can meet you at six tomorrow night because we have a lot of extra work this month. extra work は余分な仕事でいいのでしょうか? ・Both the winner and the loser of the latest election deserve praise for showing that they are both exellent and reliable politicians. for showingあたりが・・・ ・He wasn't much use, and none of the other staff is either. 全体的に・・・ ・I'd say that twenty dollar is too much for the necktie. I'd sayがわからないんです。 4文ですがお願いします。

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    和訳をお願いします!!【至急】 Most animals eat a variety of foods for a good reason: if anything reduced the supply of a particular food source, the consumer of that food would be affected by a shortage .By feeding on a range of foods, animals can avoid shortages. However, there are some animals that rely exclusively on a single source of food.

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    どなたか、下記の文の和訳おねがいします。 Ah the British sense of humour varies from place to place but in general we like sarcasm. As for my personal group of friends and family (including myself), we like banter. We like to mock each other jokingly and usually rudely :P. And a lot of people I have met are just the same. Obviously I can't speak for the whole of britain, just the things I know! To be able to call each other names and know not to take it seriously is a good measure of friendship I believe haha

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    Their competition, as every market model will predict, can raise salaries, for certain categories of employees, and it can create 'special offers' in term of schalarships, for instance, for certain kinds of students, as buyers of the pproduct. In short of, a market model goes quite far in describing the working of U.S. higher education institutions.

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    1.Child prodigie can focus their attention for long periods of time, concentrating on tasks that would bore other children of the same age. 特にこのboreの訳し方がわかりません。普通に「退屈させる」という意でいいのでしょうか? 2. Some parents even see their offsprimg's gifts as a way to draw attention to themselves and their own interests.

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    … (1)The city-state was also important because it was possible for intellectual rebels to leave one location and go to another, thereby maintaining a condition of relatively free inquiry. (2)That the merchants would have wished to have their sons educated requires explanation in itself, of course, especially because, unlike in China, education was not a route to power and wealth.