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【至急】英語 教えて下さい

英語 教えてください [1](1)もし君が僕だったらどうする。 What ( ) you do if you ( ) me ? (2)もしそのことを知っていたら、君に教えていただろう。 If ( ) ( ) about it, I ( ) ( ) told you. (3)好きなだけ食べられたらなぁ。 I wish I ( ) ( ) eat as much as I want. (4)太陽がなかったら、あらゆる生物が生きられない。 If it were not ( ) the sun, all living things ( ) not live. (5)君の助けがなかったら、うまくできなかっただろう。 ( ) your help, I ( ) ( ) made it. [2](1)私が帰国子女だったら、もっと英語が得意だろう。 If I ( a returnee / at / be / better / I / were / would / , ) English. (2)朝食を食べていたら、彼は今、空腹を感じてはいないだろう。 If he ( breakfast / eaten / feel / had / he / hungry / not / would / ,) now. (3)8時の電車に乗っておけばよかった。 ( had / I / I / taken / the 8 o'clock train / wish ). (4)彼がいなかったら、我々のチームは試合に負けるかもしれない。 ( for / him / if / it / not / were ), out team might lose the game. よろしくお願い致します。


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以下のとおりお答えします。 なお、[1]の(3)は、よく分かりません。(カッコが1つ余計?) [1] (1)もし君が僕だったらどうする。 What (would) you do if you (were) me ? (2)もしそのことを知っていたら、君に教えていただろう。 If (I) (knew) about it, I (would) (have) told you. (3)好きなだけ食べられたらなぁ。 I wish I (could) (?) eat as much as I want. (4)太陽がなかったら、あらゆる生物が生きられない。 If it were not (for) the sun, all living things (should) not live. (5)君の助けがなかったら、うまくできなかっただろう。 (Without) your help, I (could) (not) made it. [2] (1)私が帰国子女だったら、もっと英語が得意だろう。 If I (were a returnee, I would be better at) English. (2)朝食を食べていたら、彼は今、空腹を感じてはいないだろう。 If he (had eaten breakfast, he would not feel hungry) now. (3)8時の電車に乗っておけばよかった。 (I wish I had taken the 8 o'clock train). (4)彼がいなかったら、我々のチームは試合に負けるかもしれない。 (If it were not for him), out team might lose the game. 以上、ご回答まで。



有難う御座いました! とても助かりました。 貴重な時間を割いて頂きありがとうございます。


  • 【至急】英語 教えて下さい

    [1](1)もっと時間があったら、安くてすむ高速バスで行ったのだが。 ( had / had / I / if / more time ), I would have taken a cheap highway bus. (2)雪が降っていなかったら、電車は時間通りに運行していただろう。 If it had not snowed, ( come / have / on time / the train / would ). (3)もう1時間寝ていられればなぁ。 ( could / I / I / in had / stay / wish ) for another hour. (4)彼は列車の時刻表のことなら何でも知っているという口ぶりだ。 He talks ( as / everything / he / if / knew ) about the train timetable. [2](1)私があなたなら、次の電車に間に合うように駅まで走るだろう。 If I were you, _______ to catch the next train. (2)彼のアドバイスがなかったら、私たちは間違ったバスに乗っていただろう。 _______, we would have taken the wrong bus. (3)学校が駅からもっと近ければなぁ。 I wish _______. (4)最終バスに間に合っていたら、家まで歩かずにすんでいただろう。 If I had caught the last bus, _______. よろしくお願い致します。

  • 私は受験のために英語を勉強しています。でも、理解できない部分がでてきま

    私は受験のために英語を勉強しています。でも、理解できない部分がでてきました。英語の仮定法の置き換えです。もし、英語の得意な人やわかる人がいたら、ぜひ私に教えてください! 書き換えの内容です。 (1) If I had much money, I could go abroad. (2) If he were honest, I would employ him. (3) If I had not caught him by the arm, he would have been drowned. (4) If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the history of Rome would have been different. (1)~(4)を’Because’を先頭にして書き換え。 (5) I wish I were as healthy as he. (6) I wish I had not given up the plan. (7) I wish it didn't rain now. (5)~(7)を’I am afraid(sorry)’から始まる文に書き換え。 もしできれば今後の勉強にも生かしたいので、説明もしていただけると、うれしいです。 みなさん、よろしくお願いします<m(__)m>

  • 英語ができる方、問題をお願いします。

    英文中の空所に入る適切な語、または語句を選択肢から選びなさい。またその英文を訳しなさい。 1. It's started raining. If it ( ) raining, we could go on a picnic. (1)is (2)isn't (3)was (4)weren't 2. If the weather were too hot or too cold, plants ( ) grow. (1)could (2)would not (3)had to (4)won't 3. We would have gone to see the movie last night of we ( ) it was so funny. (1)know (2)would know (3)had known (4)could know 4. If I had known about the good news earlier, I ( ) to congratulate you. (1)would call (2)must have called (3)would have called (4)should call 5. If my son had taken my advice, he ( ) successful now. (1)is (2)was (3)would be (4)would have been 6. I wish I ( ) back the clock and do it all over again. (1)can turn (2)could tuen (3)had turned (4)have turned 7. I wish ( ) much more when I was young. (1)study (2)studied (3)have studied (4)had studied 8. If ( ) he had told her the truth. (1)timely (2)only (3)plainry (4)suddenly 9. It's time Bill ( ) home. (1)go (2)will go (3)goes (4)went 10. ( ) his idleness, he would be a nice fellow. (1)If he would be (2)If he were not (3)If it were not for (4)If it was 11. ( ) for the examination, I could have gone shopping with my friends. (1)Without (2)If (3)But (4)With 12. ( ) for your support, we wouldn't be here. (1)Not were it (2)It were not (3)Were not it (4)Were it not 13. ( ) I known more about the man, I would have gone shopping with my friends. (1)If (2)As (3)Were (4)Had 14. ( ) anything happen to you, you can always call me on my mobile phone. (1)If (2)Should (3)Unless (4)Would 15. ( ) your help, we would have failed. (1)Were it not been for (2)Had it not been for (3)If it had been for (4)Without being 同じ意味になるように空所に適切な語を入れなさい。また、(a)の文を訳しなさい。 1. (a) Because of the storm, I couldn't arrive earlier. (b) If ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) for the storm, I couldn't arrive earlier. 2. (a) If he had helped us, we could have succeeded. (b) ( ) his help, we could have succeeded. 3. (a) If you heard him talk, you would think that he was a new student. (b) ( ) ( ) him talk, you would think that he was a new student. 4. (a) If he the university students had not started at once, they would have missed the train bound for Tokyo. (b) The university students started at once; ( ) they would have missed the train bound for Tokyo. 以上です。 お手数をおかけしますが、どうかよろしくお願いいたします。 ミスなどがありましたらお知らせください。

  • 英語 仮定法

    自分の答えが合っているかと 間違っていた問題も合っていた問題も訳や説明をいただけると嬉しいです ・My father (give/smoking/up/wishes/could/he). →wishes he could give up smoking ・I (I/when/had been/Tom/called on/him/at home/wish). →wish Tom had been at home when I called on him. ・You (seen/a ghost/look/if/had/as/you). →look as if you had seen a ghost. ・"Why didn't you tell me she married him?" "()" 1 I have told you because I had known it. 2 I told you because I married her. 3 I would have told you if I had known it. 4 She married him because I had known it.→1 ・If () not for his help, I would not be able to finish the work. 1 I had 2 it were 3 there were 4 they had→2 ・Ken must have had an accident on his way home; (), he would have been here by now. 1 otherwise 2 if 3 but 4 for→1 わからなかった問題です ・並び替え 1 (you/would/she/do/if/what)won a goal medal in the Olympics. 2 (about/we/is/on/set/time/off/it) a camping holiday. ・間違った部分を選んで直す 1 (1 Were) the would (2 to come) to an end, we (3 will) carry (4 on) the plan. 2 Had I (1 knew) that she (2 didn't feel) very well yesterday, I wouldn't have (3 asked) her to(4 work late).

  • 英語の仮定法の問題の答えを教えてください

    英語の仮定法の問題の答えを教えてください。 1、カッコ内の動詞を適当な形に直しなさい。 (1)He is, as it (be), an eternal boy. (2)He talks as if he (see) a UFO. (3)How I wish my mother (be) still alive. (4)If you (be) to see a ghost, you would certainly be frightened. (5)If I (leave) home earlier, I would have caught the bus. (6)If I (know) his e-mail address, I would e-mail him. (7)It is high time you (stop) depending on your parents. 2、空所を適語で埋めよ。 (1)( ) I in your place, I would not do so. (2)( ) it not been for your rescue, he would have been drowned. (3)What ( ) you do if you had a million yen? (4)He talks ( ) if he knew everything. (5)He acted as my interpreter, as it ( ). 3、各文を仮定法を使って書き変えなさい。 (1)I am sorry I can't speak English well. (2)He treated me like a child.(like a childのみ) (3)As I am not busy, I can go with you. (4)To hear him speak, you would think him a young man.(To hear him speakのみ) (5)But for his advice, I would have met a traffic accident.(But for his adviceのみ) 4、各2文がほぼ同じ意味を成すように適語を入れなさい。 (1)If I were you, I would not do like that. →( ) I you, I would not do like that. (2)It is about time you should marry. →It is about time you ( ). (3)She died because the doctor came too late. →If the doctor ( ) ( ) come too late, she ( ) ( ) have died. (4)I am sorry I arrived too late. →I wish I ( ) ( ) in time. お願いします。

  • 英文の添削をお願いします!

    1)If I (were) not ill, I (would) go fishing with my younger brother. 2)She loves him (as if) he (were) her own son. 3)If I (had known) it, I (can) have told you. 4)I (wish) you (had not) told the plan to your father. 5)You can listen to the music (as far as) you like. 6)(If) you like it (may) not, you have to decide what to do. 7)I studied hard in my high school days; (unless) I would have failed the examination. 8)No (sooner had) he gone to bed than he fell asleep. 9)I'll lend you the money (for) the condition that you return it within six months. 10)It's about time you (have seen) a Shakespearian play. ()内でおかしいところがあったら添削をお願いしたいです。 よかったら解説も加えてくださると助かります。 よろしくお願いします。

  • 仮定法の書き換え文 合っているかみてもらえますか。

    (1)Were I as rich as he (=If I were as rich as he), I would travel abroad.  (彼ぐらいの金があれば海外旅行でもするのだが) (1)書き換え1⇒Being as rich as he, I would travel abroad. (2) If it were not for your quick play, our team would not win.      「君の素速いプレーがなければ、私たちのチームは勝たないだろう」 (2)書き換え1⇒If our team doesn’t have your quick play, we will not win. ↑もしかしたらwe will not win tomorrow.とかなったら仮定法現在でもいけるのでは? 勝てる可能性が増えてしまう?違う意味になるのかな? (2)書き換え2⇒If our team didn't have your quick play, we would not win.  ↑(2)が仮定法(過去形つかう分)で書かれているので、正しいのはやはり書き換え2になるのかな?●やはり「~がなければ」はit be動詞 not for 名詞 でないとだめでしょうか? (3)With your advice, the project would have succeeded. 「君のアドバイスがあったら計画は成功しだだろう」 (3)書き換え文1⇒If it had been for your advice, the project would’ve succeeded. (3)書き換え文2⇒If we had gotten your advice, the project would ‘ve succeeded. (4)A true friend would not betray you. (本当の友達ならあなたを裏切らないだろうに) =If you were a true friend, A true friend(he) would not betray you. (4)書き換え文1⇒Being a true friend, he wouldn’t betray you. (5)With a little more time, I could have solved the problem. (もう少し時間があれば、その問題を解けたのに) (5)書き換え文1⇒If I had had a little more time, I could ‘ve solved the problem. (5)書き換え文2⇒If I had a little more time, I could have solved the problem. ●(5)の場合書き換え文1と2では、どちらが正しいのでしょう? (5)書き換え文3⇒A little more time could’ve led me to solve the problem. (6) I would have forgiven him. 「私だったら彼を許したでしょう。」 (6)書き換え文1⇒If I had been you, I would’ve forgiven him. (7)I don't know his address; otherwise I would write to him. 彼の住所を知りません。 さもなければ手紙を書くでしょう。 (7)書き換え文1⇒ I don’t know his address. If I knew his address, I would write to him. すみません、多いですが、以上です。よろしくお願いいたします。

  • 英語

    1:Married men sometimes wish they () single. (1)are (2)were (3)have been (4)being 2:The play was a lot of fun. I wish you () there. (1)were (2)had been (3)have been (4)would be 3:Although he knows nothing about electronics,he speaks() an expert. (1)like his being (2)as if he were (3)even if he were (4)as though being 4:You looked() a ghost when you came out of thehouse. What happened? (1)like to have seen (2)like seeing (3)as though to have seen(4)as if you had seen 5:It's already eleven. It's high time you() in bed. (1)are (2)have been (3)were (4)will be 解答と訳をお願いします

  • 高校1年 仮定法の模範解答を教えてください。

    (1)AS I have no money ,I can’t buy a car.  If I(    ) money ,buy a car. (2)I wish he were my brother.  I’m sorry he (    )my brother. (3)As he helped me ,I was able to finish the homework.  (    )his help ,I could not (    )(    )the homework. (4)As I could swim well,I was not drowned.  If I had not been able to swim well,I (    )(    )been drowned. (5)I’m sorry (    )I can’t go with you  How I (    )I (    )go with you. (6)I was unable to buy the car for lack of money.  I could have bought the car if I(    )(    ) enough money. (7)I am (    )I cannot speak English as well as you.  I wish I (    )speak English as well as you. (8)If he were to lose his position,what would he do?  (    )(    )to lose his position,what would he do? (9)(    )you did not help him ,he failed.  (    )your help,he would have succeeded . (10)His carelessness caused the accident.  If he had been more(    ) ,the accident would not have (    ).    以上、よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の問題

    (1)( )内を正しい形にし当てはめる If you ___ a million yen in the lottery,what would you do. (win) You would be surprised if I ___ you the truth. (tell) Jhon would come if he ___ the time. (have) I wish you ___ here now. (be) (2)並べ替え 彼により自由な時間があればピアノを習うでしょう (would / if / free / had / he / time / learn / more / he / ,) to play the piano. 私があなたなら、もう少し注意深くするのですが (be / if / I / I / were / would / you / ,) a little more careful. 私が市長なら環境保護に努めるでしょう (were / try / I / I / to / would / mayor / protect / if /,) the enviroment. もしもあなたの髪が明日真っ白になったら、どうしますか (do / hair / if / tomorrow / you / your / went / white / would / ,) ? もっと一生懸命練習していれば、すばらしいサッカー選手になれたのに (had / been / harder / if / you / practiced / could / you / have / ,) a good soccer player.