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i would base my offer on other prices for similar items:seller Wonder006,item #,wakizahi,signed tang(3)zanketsu sold for $157.50-that is 3 blades,1 with signed tang 280mm long in better shape.i will make offer if you want.thank you,randy


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類似商品への別の価格を自分の入札の基とします。 売り手:Wonder006 商品番号: #, 脇差、署名入りの中子(3) ザンゲツ 価格は157ドル50セントー3刀身、ひとつは署名入り中子つき、長さ280mmの良い状態の品 ご希望ならば入札します。ランディ



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    i am looking for a straight razor for beginning wet sahving.....i like no disponsable blades razor.....whay can you offer me for beginning....and no very expensive

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    今和訳をしているのですが、何となくわかるけど、ちゃんとした和訳ができないでいて困っています。 この文を和訳してください。 I have since sold this item with a second chance offer. I can however, ship to you the same item that was listed but there will be an increased delay since I will not be able to get another one for 2 weeks. よろしくお願いします。

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    オークション出品商品に質問が入りました。 苦手なもので部分的に何となく・・しか分かりません。 【質問】 Dear Seller, My Name is Mrs Amari Calvert from Paris,I will like to buy your item for my uncle store in Nigeria and I will offer you $1,000.00USD for the item, Kindly reply me through Email for further conversation (amari.cal101@gmail.com)Thanks. 質問内容を訳して頂けませんか? また、海外からだと思うのですが・・・ 【申し訳ございませんが、海外発送は対応出来ません】との回答は どの様に書けばいいのかも教えて頂ければ助かります。 頭が悪くてお恥ずかしいです・・・(>_<) お手数をお掛けしますが、どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。

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    いつもお世話になります。 power seller の資格を得るには・・・ Sales Average = $1,000 per month - a total of $3,000 for our Three Month review - a total of $12,000 annually. Sold Item Average = 100 items sold per month - a total of 300 items sold for our Three Month Review - a total of 1,200 items sold annually. 上記の訳ですが よく理解できず・・・ 1ヵ月につき1,000ドル販売Average = - 我々のThree Monthレビューのための合計3,000ドル - 毎年合計12,000ドル。 アイテムが月につき売った売られたItem Average = 100 - 我々のThree Month Reviewで売られる合計300のアイテム - 合計1,200のアイテムは、毎年売りました。 要するに1ヶ月に$1000を3ヶ月継続しなければいけないのでしょうか? どなたかアドバイス宜しくお願いいたします。

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    多分お別れのmailなんだけど綺麗に訳してもらえませんか? it bothers me when you are late and leave so early.  we don't spend enough time together. when you walked out on me you crushed me. Maiko I love you but cant be with you anymore... Im sad but I want you to have a good life.  I know you want children later and  I cant give that to you.  I dont want to be selfish and waste your time. I dont want to hurt you.  I dont want you to regret life later.... Im letting you go because its better for your future.

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    現在、ebayのセラーの方と商品の取引きをしています。 ebayで欲しかった商品以外にセラーの方が在庫がいっぱいあるので、もっと欲しかったら譲ると言ってきました。相手の金額は初め250ドル+送料80ドルでしたが、私が残りのebayのアイテムも2個買うから、200ドルにしてと交渉したところ、こような文が届きました。これはOKと書いてあるのでしょうか?それともNOと書いてあるのでしょうか?どなたか訳詞していただける方がおりましたら教えてください。 let me be sure that we have this right i will put all of these items that were in the picture on ebay for 200.00 for the items plus 80.00 for the shipping you must pay with paypal for all items the other two items i have on ebay right now do you want to buy separate if this is right let me know what time you want me to put these items on please get back with me thanks

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    先日ebayにて商品を落札しました。その後売り手から次のようなメールがきました。 I offer the following shipping options: Royal Mail International Signed-for: &#65***;20.00 訳として「イギリスから郵送で送りました」ということでよろしいのでしょうか? また配達状況をこちらで調べることはできるのでしょうか?どなたかわかる方よろしくお願いいたします。

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    ヤフオクで出品したノートパソコンに映画で質問が着て困っています ないようは Hello seller, i am jues from Canada i saw you item paste on auction i have interest in it for my son in Nigeria i want to buy it for him i want to offer you $2,500:00USDollar including the shipment cost to my son, i want you to E-mail me back(********123@gmail.com) to my box so i want you to send me your full bank information for the payment Bank Holder Name.. Bank Name.. Account Number.. Tell Number.. thanks 翻訳サイトで訳してみましたがうまく訳せなくて困っています どうすればいいでしょうか

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    Dear Auctioneers, I am Mrs Jessica From Holland presently in Canada. am highly interested in purchasing your item placed on YAHOO AUCTION for my twins sons in the school in Nigeria as a Birthday ift. I will offer you $10,000:00USD for the price for 5 pics of this item + shipping through EMS each, and i will like to know how many pieces you have available for sale. Payment will be made through Band To Bank Transfer (Direct transfer to your bank account). I want you to reply me to my personal E-mail for further conversation Via(jessicacole_123th2009@hotmail.com) Thanks

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    以下のメールを訳してください。 翻訳機で訳しましたが理解出来ませんでした。 お願いします。 ============================== Hey, The latest without talking to mom is that she might only stay in Japan for 2 weeks. she wants to stay in western style hotels for the whole trip. I can not get her medicare changed in time for the trip so I think Judy is right and we should buy travel insurance. The better one that I look at today was 350 for mom. any we get has to have the benefit of exempt from preexisting conditions. The basic one for everyone else if you want it should run less than 170. I still haven't got the advanced directive or the power of attorney yet. do we still want that? I think the house is in my name per the email sent by Judy. so what else do we need to get things ready. I have an appoint with dr. pokala the pulmonologist for travel. the hospice will not get hold of us until after we return from japan. The water pill that she took today did not do anything. that the latest so far.