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いつも質問ばかりで申し訳ないです。 よろしくお願いします。 We present three alternative rankings lists derived from our model. In general our rankings lists largely agree with the rankings list based on number of Grand Slam titles won, which, to some extent, validates our choice of metrics. So who is the greatest tennis player of the Open Era? Roger Federer seems like the most likely candidate, with Bjorn Borg and Jimmy Connors close behind.


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以下のとおりお答えします。 私たちが自前のモデルから選び出した3選択肢の番付表を示します。 一般に、私たちの番付表は、大部分がグランドスラム(*)・タイトルの獲得数に基づいた番付表と一致します。したがってそれは、私たちの選択の尺度が、ある程度は有効である、ということになります。 そうすると、オープンエラ(**)の最も偉大なテニス選手は誰でしょうか。 ロジャー・フェデラーが最も有望な候補のように思われますが、ビヨン・ボルグやジミー・コナーズらも肩を並べています。 (*)グランドスラム:国際テニス連名が定める4大大会、すなわち、「全豪オープン」「全仏オープン」「イギリス・ウィンブルドン」「全米オープン」のこと。 (**)「全米オープン」を指す。正式英語名は"Open Era Grand Slam"であるが、最近"US Open"と改称された。 以上、ご回答まで。



補足説明まで頂いたのでBAにさせていただきます。 ありがとうございます。 今後も機会があればよろしくお願いします。


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    We use our model to shed light on the debate of who is the greatest tennis player of the Open Era of men's professional tennis since 1986. Constructing a single rankings list from our model is not trivial as there are many alternative metrics that could be used to identify which player was the best ever.

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    We note here, that there are no doubt numerous other ways to produce rankings lists and that it is unlikely that any one rankings list would satisfy all aspects of the ‘all-time greatest’ debate, but the rankings presented here are intuitive and come from a well-defined mathematical model.

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    まず、本文です! 1)With respect to mammalian systems, only two SNARE complexes have been described for ER-derived vesicles that fuse with the cis Golgi. 2)In one, Sec22b was the v-SNARE and syntaxin5, membrin and rBet1 were the t-SNAREs in NRK cells. 3)In the other, also using NRK cells, Ykt6 was the v-SNARE with syntaxin5, GOS28, and rBet1 as the t-SNAREs. 4)Both Ykt6 and Sec22b have been shown to have similar N-termini. 5)Because of their N-terminal extensions to the coiled-coil domains of the synaptobrevin-like SNARE motif of most v-SNAREs, these SNAREs have been called longins. 6)VAMP7, an additional member of the longin family (TI-VAMP, SYBL1), has not been described as an ER-related SNARE, but has been shown to be predominately associated with endosomes in mammals. 7)VAMP7 and Sec22b have both been shown to have a widespread tissue distribution whereas Ykt6 is predominantly found in brain in a lysosome-related compartment . 僕が今読んでいる論文はVessicle-associated membrane protein7(VAMP7) is expressed in intestinal ERという論文の一部です 1文目ですが、ERは小胞体のことで、小胞体由来の小胞がシスゴルジ体に輸送されると書かれていると思います。 2文目のNRKは通常ラット腎臓のことだと思います。 特に5文目からわかりません・・synaptobrevin-like SNARE motifや、longinsなど・・。

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    我々のモデルで割り出した三種のランキング表を示す。      一般的に言って、このランキングはグランドスラムのタイトルを獲得した回数に基づくランキングと、おおむね一致する、ということは、我々の判定基準がそう間違ってはいないことを意味する。     では、オープンエラのもっとも偉大なるテニス選手は誰なのか?     ロージャー•フェデラーが最優秀候補のように見えるが、ビョルン•ボーグやジミー•コナーズもそれに近い。



ありがとうございます。 いつも助かっています。


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    An incidental result of our work is to show that BRIs often provide a better fit to data than the obvious alternative of spline interpolation.

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    大学で英論文を読んで発表しなければならないのですが、英語が苦手な為さっぱりです。 テニスのランキングについての英論文の冒頭なのですが、お願いできないでしょうか。 要旨の部分が理解できれば、論文の後の部分は自分でも理解できるのではないかと思います。 リンク先のタイトルとAbstruct(要旨)の和訳をお願いします。 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0377221713010126

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    Our dynamic paired comparisons model is based on a new closed-from for Stern’s continuum of paired comparisons models which include the Bradly-Terry model and the Thurstone-Mosteller model.

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    論文の和訳でわからない訳はあります。ご教授お願いします。 The initial work-up consisted of a complete history and physical examination, chest X-ray, computed tomography (CT) scan and bronchoscopy, abdominal CT scan, ECG, and interview with the anesthesiologist. Autofluorescence bronchoscopy (ABF) with the SAFE system was introduced in 1999. Laboratory tests included blood cell counts and blood chemistry, including serum electrolytes, serum creatinine, AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, and urinalysis. の訳がうまくまとまりません。よろしくお願いします。 私なりにまとめた訳はこうです。 最初の試案は、現病歴の詳細な聴取から成ります。そして、身体検査はX線断層撮影(CT)走査と気管支鏡法、麻酔医による腹部のCTスキャン、ECG、インタビュー、を計算しました。SAFEシステムによるAutofluorescence気管支鏡法は、1999年から使われました。検査は、血清電解質、血清クレアチニン、AST、ALT、アルカリホスファターゼ、ビリルビンと尿検査を含む血球算定と血化学を含みました。

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    The dynamic element of our model is facilitated by utilizing barycentric rational interpolants BRIs.

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    下記の英語論文の簡易訳が必要になりました。 よろしくお願い致します。 the enrichment medium contained synthetic sea water (SSB), 10 ml trace elements A solution (L-1 SSB) and additional nutrients. SSB contains (L-1 deionized water) 9 g NaCl, 3 g Na2SO4, 5 g KCl. Trace elements A solution consists of (L-1 deionized water) 1 g H3BO3, 5 g LiCl, CuSO4.5H2O. The additional components of the enrichment medium are (L-1 SSB) 1.5 g NaNO3, 0.002 g FeSO4.7H2O,0.15 g MnSO4.H2O, 0.1 g CaCl2, 0.430 g (NH4)2SO4, 0.036 g KH2PO4 and 13 g purified agar. Trace elements A, FeSO4.7H2O, MnSO4.H2O, CaCl2, (NH4)2SO4, 0.605 g of the NaNO3 and KH2PO4 were added to the medium after autoclaving via filter-sterilization. The pH was adjusted to 7.0.

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    論文の和訳を行っているのですが・・・ 英語の知識がほとんどないので、 ヤフー翻訳→専門的な英単語を検索→自分なりにまとめる 方法で和訳をしているのですが、もっと効率的な方法や、論文和訳に役立つサイトがありましたら教えてください。

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    学校の課題で英語で書かれた論文(工学系)の和訳を出されたのですが、 We denote points in the image where both the eigenvalues of this matrix are large as feature of interest or "corners". の、「where 」の訳し方がわかりません…! 理系で英語が得意でない私がそのまま訳すと、 「私たちは、この行列の両方の固有値は、関心の特徴か、"角"と同じくらい大きいという画像のポイントを示す」 となって、意味が通じないのはもちろん、 「where」をどこに織り交ぜればよいのかが、検討がつきません… 訳し方(読んでいく単語の順番など)のアドバイスを してくださる方いらっしゃれば、ぜひお願いしますッ!! よろしくおねがいします><;

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    In the omics era, the development of high-throughput technologies that permit the solution of deciphering cancer from higher dimensionality provides a knowledge base that changes the face of cancer understanding and therapeutics (Cho, 2010b). Serum is one of the most easily procured patient specimens and it is perceived to contain many of the molecules that might indicate systemic function. Thus, serum is the sample source that is most often profiled in the hopes of identifying sets of biomarkers for clinical use (Gilbert et al, 2004). In this study, proteomic analyses of serum samples from patients with lung cancer and controls have identified SAA as an elevated biomarker in lung cancer (as shown by SELDI analysis and confirmed by immunoassay). It is known that SAA is secreted during the acute phase of inflammation; the conservation of this protein throughout invertebrates and vertebrates suggests that SAA has an essential role in all animals including humans (Manley et al, 2006). There are several functions of SAA protein, describedin the context of inflammation, that are compatible with the mechanism of tumour invasion and metastasis. These properties place SAA as an extracellular matrix-associated adhesion protein with a potential role in tumour pathogenesis. The SAA mRNA expression in epithelial cells was gradually increased as they progressed through different stages of dysplasia to overt carcinoma (Gutfeld et al, 2006). Accumulating evidence has suggested that SAA might be used to detect a pattern of physiological events that reflect the growth of malignancy and host response. Elevated SAA may be a primary product of tumour lesions, but can also be the product of hepatocytes. Further investigation to determine whether cancer tissue-derived cytokines stimulate SAA synthesis in liver or epithelial cells will be interesting (Malle et al, 2009). Overexpression of SAA has been reported in nasopharyngeal, renal, gastric, hepatocellular, melanoma, breast, and endometrial cancers (Cho et al, 2004; Tolson et al, 2004; Chan et al, 2007; He et al, 2008; Findeisen et al, 2009; Pierce et al, 2009; Ramankulov et al, 2008; Cocco et al, 2009, 2010; Sasazuki et al, 2010; Vermaat et al, 2010). Our study not only detected increased SAA level in the serum of lung cancer patients but also identified that elevated SAA level may be a non-invasive biomarker, useful for the prediction of lung cancer prognosis. As far as we know, the association of SAA with the survival of lung cancer patients has never been reported. Moreover, a number of SELDI peaks were found to be significantly differentiated between the serum of cancer patients and controls, as well as between the poor prognosis patients and good prognosis patients. Further identification of these peaks is awaiting. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved an ovarian cancer triage test called OVA1, containing CA125 and four biomarkers (b2-microglobulin, transferrin, apolipoprotein A1, and transthyretin) identified by SELDI-TOF-MS (Fung, 2010). This marks an encouraging step of translating biomarker discovery from laboratory to clinic. It showed that having identified biomarkers by primary screening, a standard assay may then be developed and finally converted into clinically applicable measures. Our results reveal that the level of SAA is highly elevated in lung cancer and in the patients with poor prognosis, thus warranting further studies investigating this candidate biomarker as part of a multimarker test for the diagnosis and prognosis of lung cancer. 医学系論文の一部です。 わかるところだけでも翻訳いただけると助かります。

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    Q No. 7420227の続きです.natureに掲載された論文の訳です.いよいよ最後の文章になりました.どなたか添削をお願いします. (1)We obtained 2.5 Gb (gigabase pairs) contig sequences with N50 19.3 kb (kilobase pairs) and N90 4.7 kb, and 2.7Gb scaffold sequences with N50 1.6Mb (megabase pairs) and N90 0.3 Mb. (2)我々は、N50 19.3kd(キロベース:核酸連鎖の長さ?/キロベースペア)の配列を有する2.5GB(10の9乗)およびN90 4.7kb、そしてN50 1.6MbおよびN90 0.3Mbを有する2.7Gbの足場配列を得た。 (3)The N50 (or N90) contig size is the length of the smallest contig S in the sorted list of all contigs where the cumulative length from the largest contig to contig S is at least 50% (or 90%) of the total assembly length.) RNA-seq data (ageing and low O2 experiments) were for animals from the same colony. (3)N50(あるいはN90)のコンティングサイズは,(検討した?)の全てのコンティング分類されたリストの最小コンティングSの長さである.最大のコンティングからコンティングSまでの累積長さが全アセンブリ長さの少なくとも50%(あるいは90%)だった. (4)See Supplementary Information for data analysis and additional details. (4)参照:データ解析の捕捉情報および追加細部  (5)Received 14 June; accepted 5 September 2011. Published online 12 October 2011. (5)受付:6月14日 受理:9月5日 オンライン出版:2011年10月12日