Rachel: A Role Model Overcoming Challenges

  • Rachel, a non-traditional role model, inspires others with her determination and perseverance.
  • Despite not achieving her expected results, Rachel emphasizes the importance of not giving up and overcoming challenges.
  • Rachel completes a weeklong race, finishing 23rd out of 27 racers, showcasing her ability to overcome obstacles.
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Rachel has a lot of young fans. Does she think of herself as a role model, or someone they can respect? Rachael says:`I don't really consider myself to be a role model. If someone wants to think of me as one, that's great. But I don't really see why they would. Iexpected to come here, do my best, have my dogs do their best, and hopefully finish in the top 15 or 20. But that obviously didn't happen. The worst thing you can do is to give up. It doesn't matter what your 'disability' is. You can overcome it." Rachael manages to complete the race. As she passes the finish line, everybody cheers. She finishes the weeklong race as the 23rd racer out of 27 racers. Many people are very proud of her and what she has done. She has achieved a lot . After the race,Rachael stands proudly at the finish line with the other racers. Although she did not win the race itself, she successfully completed seven days of hard racing. She made it across 300 difficult miles guided by her alternate senses and her love of racing. In many people's opinions, this is what makes Rachael a real winner !

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レイチェルにはたくさんの若者のファンがいる。 彼女は自分自身を他人のお手本(※1)や、若者が尊敬するような人だと考えているのだろうか? レイチェルはこう言う「私は自分が模範となるべきだとはまったく思っていないわ。」 「もし誰かがそういう人として私の事を思ってくれるなら、それは素敵なことよ。 でもどうしてそう考えるのか本当にわからないの。 私はここに来て自分のベストを尽くし、連れてきた犬達も彼らのベストを尽くし、そしてできれば上位15か20位内にはいるつもりだったの。 でも明らかにそうはならなかった。 選択しうる最悪のことはあきらめることよ。 身体的障害が何かは問題じゃない。 皆、それに打ち勝つことができるのよ。」 レイチェルは何とかレースを終える。 彼女がゴール地点を越えるとき(※2)、誰もが喝采で迎える。 彼女は27人中23番目で1週間にわたるレースを終えるのだ。 多くの人が彼女と彼女のやったことをとても誇らしく思っている。 彼女は多くのことを成し遂げた。 レース後、レイチェルはほかのレース出場者と共にゴール地点に誇らしげに立つ。 レースそれ自体には勝てなかったが、無事7日間にわたる過酷なレースをやりとげたのだ。 彼女は視覚以外の感覚(※3)と、レースに対する自身の愛によって導かれ、困難な300マイルを走り抜けた。 多くの人の意見では、これこそがレイチェルを真の勝者にさせるものなのだ。 ※1:role model 模範生、お手本という意味です。 ※2:finish line 犬ぞりレースではスタートもゴールもテープなどははられておらず、「finish」とかかれた旗の下のゲートにたどり着いたらゴールとなります。 http://vortex.accuweather.com/adc2004/pub/includes/columns/newsstory/2014/650x366_02251956_screen-shot-2014-02-25-at-2.55.35-pm.jpg ※3:alternate senses ご質問文に出てくるレイチェル・セドリスは、全盲ですから、ここでのalternate(代替の)とは、視覚以外のすべての感覚という意味です。

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以下のとおりお答えします。 レイチェルには、若いファンがたくさんいます。 彼女は自分を役割モデルとか、人に尊重されるような者と思っているのでしょうか。 レイチェルは言います:「実際私は、自分が役割モデルであるなどとは思いません。 誰かが私をそういう者に見なしたいと思ってくだされば、それは素晴らしいことです。 でも、実際私は、人がなぜそうしてくださろうとするのか分かりません。 私は、ここに来て、最善を尽くし、私の犬に最善を尽くさせ、望むらくはトップ15ないし20に入って終りたいと期待しました。 しかし、そんなことは明らかに起こりませんでした。 できることで最悪なのは、ギブアップすることです。 『不能』ぶりがどんなであるか、それは重要ではありません。 それは、克服することができます。」 レイチェルはどうにかこうにかレースを終えます。 彼女がフィニッシュ・ラインを通るとき、誰もが歓声をあげます。 彼女は、27人の競走者中23番目の走者として、1週間にわたるレースを終えました。 多くの人々が、彼女と彼女が行ったことを、非常に誇りに思っています。 彼女は大変なことを成し遂げました。 レースの後、レイチェルは誇らしそうに、他の競走者と一緒にフィニッシュ・ライン上に立ちます。 レース自体には勝ちませんでしたが、彼女は成功裡に7日間の困難なレーシングを完走しました。 彼女は、彼女の感覚とレーシングに対する愛から交互に導かれて、困難な300マイルを横切ってそれを成し遂げました。 多くの世論では、このことがレイチェルを本当の勝利者にするものです! 以上、ご回答まで。


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    自分で訳してみても全然わからないので和訳してください!! Eventually,she has to stop and follow the ropes with her hands. She tries to get them straight by touch alone. This time,her hands are not enough, so Rachael gets her helper, Matt,to assist her. During the race, Matt has traveled along with Rachael on a snowmobile. After he helps her to move the dogs into position, she is able to continue the race. Later, Racheal reflects on the difficulties she had. ''I think the hardest part was just keeping it together,"she says. "I was just thinking, 'okay, either quit right now and stay in the cold,or finish this leg and them do this again tomorrow.' "Rachael decided to continue the race, but unfortunately, she was last across the finish line for the day's leg. Day five of the race was difficult for Rachael, but at least she made it!

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    和訳お願いします。 自分で訳してみても文にならず意味がわかりません。 よろしくお願いします。 The next morning it is snowing, but Rachael still has a lot to do. Tonight, she will camp with her dogs in the woods before finishing the race tomorrow. She must carefully pack her sled with all the supplies she will need. Rachaei's friends and family help her to check and re-check her sled and equipment. Later that morning, race organizers go over a map of the course. It is a map that Rachael cannot see. She will rely on her dogs to follow the way. She will also have Matt close by on his snowmobile if she needs help. Day six of the race is a leg that covers a total of 43 miles. Just before she starts, Rachael stops to pet and encourage each member of her dog team. She knows that each one of them has a difficult job to do,so they are her primary concern. Finally, the race starts for the day. The weather is not great, but this leg of the race is going better than yesterday for Rachael. However, there are many difficult turns in the course. Matt has to use his radio to warn Rachael about them several times during the day.

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    It is winter in the Cascade Mountains of the northwestern United States. Most of 16-year-old Rachael Scdoris' classmates are getting ready for a hight school dance,but Rachael has different plans. She is in the process of leading her team of 12 dogs through one of the more difficult dog sled races around - the 'Atta Boy 300'race. The Atta Boy is a Staged race that lasts for seven days and goes through the cascade Mountains. It is divided into seven timed legs, or sections, that total 300 miles. It is early morning on day five of the race. Rachael is getting ready for a long 35-mile run through the mountains. Being a dog sled competitor would be difficult enough for any 16-year-old. However, it is an even bigger challenge for Rachael is legally blind. 私は恥ずかしながら一切英語ができません。 頑張って訳そうとしても全く理解できません。 なので、和訳お願いします!

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    Dear Annie: My adult daughter recently visited from out of state, and she has developed some odd and off-putting habits. I really don't mean to judge her, but I'd also like to help her. At the same time, if I said anything, she might run a hundred miles in the opposite direction. She has stopped showering every day. I'm not sure whether it's a "save the water" thing or what, but frankly, she smells like the zoo. No deodorant, either. Her clothes are dirty, as well. She has also dropped table manners. She frequently eats with her hands -- says it's what they do in other countries. Her open mouth chews away as she talks, with bits of food spraying all over. She burps freely, and it's not a health/indigestion issue. Her body language says "relax," no matter what position she's in -- slumped at the table, reclined on the couch, etc. I think she's trying to be as earthy as possible. Her husband is very similar, so at least they're not offending each other. -- Judgmental-ish Mom Dear Judgmental-ish Mom: It sounds as if your flower child has taken on a whole new look and smell, and she wants you and everyone around her to notice it. It is lovely that she has found a more relaxed state of living, but not at the expense of her own hygiene. The dirty clothing and lack of bathing will eventually catch up with her -- perhaps in the form of a rash or sickness, and that would take away from her and her husband's "relaxed" state. The dirty clothing and lack of bathing will eventually catch up with herの和訳をよろしくお願いします

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    “To interpret certain sounds with your body you just have to be very sensitive. It’s certainly not easy, but with time, practice I seem to have found a way to do it.” The low sounds Evelyn feels mostly in her legs and feet, and the high sounds she feels in particular places on her face, neck, and chest. This is how she “listens” to the notes. She often performed with bare feet―mainly because she feels the vibrations of the music through the floor. “The thing about percussion,” Evelyn says, “is that you can create all these emotions―sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes sweet, and sometimes as big as King Kong. There can be a storm of sound, or the sound can be so refined.” Not all percussion is loud and pounding. Evelyn gives more than 100 performances a year around the world. She wants audiences to focus on her music rather than on her deafness, and she wants them to be entertained. Evelyn gets upset with reporters because they sometimes ask too many questions about her deafness. As Evelyn puts it, “If you want to know about deafness, you should interview an ear doctor. My specialty is music.” 問1、What is her specialty? お願いします。

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    1:The day has now come-or will come this year-when in addition to listening at a turn of the switch to music and speech it willbe possible for many to see as well as to hear from their firesides what is happening at some distant point. 2:What glorious view we might obtain could we but rise above the earth as aviators do. お願いします。

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    以下の文章を和訳お願いします>< 同時に質問しているものの続きの文章になります。 少々長いのですが宜しくお願いします>< 4. Month 2: Since starting her diet, Shumpert has gained endurance and self-discipline. She needs plenty of it as she faces temptation from her family and her fiancé. "Food is a huge part of our relationship. And so if I'm not eating as much as him, I don't know if it fmakes him feel bad, but he's just like, ’Come on, eat it. Don't make me eat by myself.'" Despite the temptations, Shumpert is sticking to her diet and talking an extra step: Although she's limiting herself to a meager 1,500 calories. And she's keeping a close record in her food journal. But is all her hard work paying off? At her second weigh-in, Shumpert, who started out at 308 Ibs., is down a whopping 14 Ibs. 5. Things are running down to the wire for Shumpert. Adding to her mounting stress is the fixer-upper house she and her fiancé bought, which needs extensive remodeling. She decides to give herself a break and relieve some tension. On her last birthday as single woman, she throws her worries aside and hits her favorite Mexican restaurant. "I don't feel bad about it. I don't feel guilty. I'm enjoying my birthday," she said that night. Of course, she pays dearly the next morning: As she's doing her leg presses, she hates those tacos. Her gown has finally arrived and it's the moment of truth: Lisa gets the dress on, but still can't zip it up. Her dressmaker holds off on alterations for three weeks-which is not alot of time to lose another four inches from her waist. 6.Her Wedding Day: by her wedding day, Shumpert has lost a total of 30 Ibs. It's short of her 40-Ibs. goal, but for her, it's an amazing achievement. The woman who couldn't fit in the largest size of her wedding dress can comfortably zip her gown. She went from a size 24 two a size 18. Did she keep the weight off? A year after her wedding, Lisa Shumpert has maintained her weight.

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    1Christians believed in one God, a God whose laws were to be obeyed by the sun and stars as well as by men. 2There are a lot of Japanese who do not feel comfortable about taking time off while their fellow workers have to continue working. 3“To make the difference” is an expression that always has a positive meaning in English. If a man tells his wife, for example, that marrying her has made all the difference, he's saying that he's very happy he married her. 例えば…の例が分かりませんでした。 4In our dreams we all aspire to be, do and have great things. Yet most of us simply aren't creating the results we want. What we need to understand is that greatness exists in all of us, but it is up to us to put it out of ourselves. It is true that we all have genius. We just need to learn how to apply our genius. 1行目とWhat~が良く分かりません。

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    Yes I know it is original, I'm always curious to see how keen a shaving edge others can achieve. There are local honing services here, but I do like to see what other professionals can achieve... If you can arrange it that would be great, if not It's not a big deal.

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    ブライヤー元首相の奥さんの話です。 It might be thought that Cherie Booth would have enough to do being the Prime Minister's wife ,but she chose to continue her career as one of the top lawyers in the country. Indeed she has become something of a model woman, who has been able successfully to juggle the demands of family and career.