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People always want something, which is money, friends, a time and so on. My father often says, "I want PC". If he get to PC, would he satisfied with this? I don't think so. Because he wants something is not only PC. He wants to get a car, a bicycle or a big home. I suppose that there is nothing people who don't want something. I agree with the idea that people are never satisfied with that they have. 間違っている箇所があれば教えてください。 よろしくお願いします。


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People always want something[.] [That] is money, friends, a time [to rest], [etc.] My father often says, "I want [a] PC". If he get[s] [it], would he [be] satisfied? I don't think so. Because [what] he wants is not only [a] PC. He wants to get a car, a bicycle [and] a big home. I suppose that there is [no] people who don't want [anything]. I agree with the idea that people are never satisfied with [what] they [already] have. timeは何の時間なのかははっきり示した方がいいです 例えばの話しですから何でもいいです(添削ではa time to restとしました) これ前の人と同じなのかなぁ できれば、何が難しいとか、どういう文にすればいいかわからない、などを質問していただきたいです 他の閲覧者と知識を共有できないですからね(個人的な英語レッスンの場ではないです) だからそういう質問がない場合は、気が向けば添削はしますが、あえて文法解説などはしません



ありがとうございます。 質問の仕方、気を付けます。


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    People scary die.(人々は死ぬのが怖い) This is because they don't want to die. They have wants to do before they die. If people get to something which they want to things, people don't want to die. I think it is mean people don't satisfied.(それは人々が満足していないことを意味すると思う) Please think about if you die tomorrow. I suppose that nobody want to die. Even if they thinks about satisfied with your life. It is only thinks, in fact, they think different before die.(それは考えているだけで、実際は彼らは死ぬ前には違うことを考える) That's why I think that people are never satisfied with that they have: they always want something more or something different. おかしな文があれば指摘してください。 よろしくお願いします。

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    Television brings us convenient life. (テレビは私たちに便利な生活をもたらしてくれる) For example, I don't but newspaper every day. I can't know weather in the day. Television has many programs. For instance, news, education and so on. Therefore, many people watch television. My father wants to know the news because his works is related society. He watch television after finish work. He has television for him. (彼は彼だけのテレビを持っている。) So he don't go out his room. I don't speak my father, now. I want to talk with my family. 何か間違いがあれば教えてください。 アドバイスなどもあれば教えてほしいです。

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    Hey yuna, please don’t get mad at me for bringing her up but my ex wants to make a deal with you. She says she will never try to date me and that she won’t ever do anything with me. And in return she wants to be friends with you and me. Is that something you would be interested in or do you still want me just to block her? Anyways don’t get mad at me I’m just a messenger here Anyways I want to get over with that. I just want to start talking about you. So message me when you are free because I miss you I really want to talk about meeting you

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    先日ペンパルとプレゼントの交換会をしました。 そのときにお礼の言葉をもらったのですが I opened them when I was on the Phone with my mom, and she wants to get you something special too, 私はお母さんと電話で話していたときに箱を開けた そして彼女も特別な何かをあなたとしたい という訳でしょうか?特に理解できなかったのが she wants to get you something special のwantsですがwant isということですよね? youとあるからあなたとという意味合いなのかな?と思ったのですが、ご指摘をお願いします。

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    私〇〇(バンド名)のCDほしい、CD買ってきて、 お金は払うから。 I want 〇〇's CD. Please go and get the CD. I will pay you back. ..................... 私は嘘をつく人や、隠し事をする人は大嫌いです。 I hate people who is telling a lie, keeping something secret. 1、この2文通じることは通じますか? 2、他にこういう言い方をするとかあったら   教えてください。 お願いします

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    バートランド・ラッセルの「The Conquest of Happiness」からの英文です。 If he is of a philosophic disposition, he concludes that human life is essentially wretched, since the man who has all 【he wants】 is still unhappy. He forgets that to be without some of the things 【you want】 is an indispensable part of happiness. もし彼が哲学者の気質の人であるなら、彼は人生は本質的に不幸せなものだと結論を下す。欲しいすべてのものを持っている人は依然として不幸せなので。 彼はあなたの欲しいものをいくらかなしでいることが、幸せの欠くことのできない部分である、ということを忘れている。 と訳してみました。 最初の文では【he wants 】となっているのに、次の文では【you want】になっているのはなぜなのでしょうか?

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    エキサイト翻訳などでやるとどうしてもおかしくなってしまうので、どなたか翻訳お願いします DEAR ABBY:I'm in my first year of junior high,and I've been going with this guy for a couple of months. Now he wants a more grown-up relationship, and I'm not ready for it. I don't want to have sex before I'm ready, but I'm afraid if I say no I will lose him. I don't want to lose him, but I don't want to pushed into something I'm not ready for. should I give in and risk losing him? He is very persistent, and I like him a lot. SCARED DEAR SCARED:What a wise(and honest)girl you are. If you have to ask, you're definitely not ready. Any boy who would put a girl in this position is selfish, uncarind immature and a user. Don't worry about "losing" him; tell him you're not ready for that kindof relationship, and if you lose him, consider yourself lucky. DEAR ABBY:I'm writing about that 15-year-old girl signed "Brokenhearted Four Times." She wants to stay a virgin until she's married, but says it's not easy because guys don't want nice girls anymore. I totally agree with you, Abby, when you say it's not trun but maybe she'll believe it if she hears it from a boy. I'm a 19-year-old guy. I'm not a virgin myself, but I never mess with nice girls. When I get married I hope to get someone like her. in. A. IN W. DEAR A.:Just because a girl is not a virgin doesn't necessarily mean she's not "nice." You say you never mess with "nice" girls. Well, every girl was a virgin until some guy came along and changed her no to yes, If a gguy wants a virgin for a wife, he himself should remain one.

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    (1)An English passenger kindly drew me into conservation. He was older than I. He asked me what I ate, what I was, where I was going, why I was shy, and so on. He also advised me to dine with him. (2)I think part of the uproar over cloning is that many people simply don`t understand what it is. They seem to have it confused with genetic alteration, another technology that`s creating a stir.

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    Now, whenever I am stuck, I don't give up. I start with the assumption that I can get what I want, and just start asking the people whose business it is to know. 上記の文(特に最後の部分 and ~以降)の意味をご教示願いますでしょうか?

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    英語やり直し組です "I believe we can find common ground to get something done that is big enough and effective enough so that an economy that is inherently strong gets a boost to make sure that this uncertainty does not translate into more economic woes for our workers and small business people," (1)to get something doneについて to get something doneがどういう風に訳すのかがよくわからないです。。。 そもそもfind common ground to get ~ so that…を変に見えます。。 「so that以下できるように十分大きくて効果的な何かを終わらせるために共通点を見つける」 出来るように~ために見つける、というのが変だと思うのですがこのto get something doneはどういう風に訳すのでしょうか? お願いします。。。