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至急、和訳お願いします! 'IF I pour a bottle of water in, instead of wine,no one will notice it' , 'he said to himself, 'beaause there will be so much excellent wine in the barrel that the water will be lost in it. The night of the feast arrived. Everybody gathered in the village square with their jegs and their glasses for the wine. The tap on the barrel was opened,but what came out was pure water. Everyone in the village had had the same idea. お願いします! 最後、had had となる意味も分かりません

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「ワインでなく水を注ぎこんだとしても誰もきづかないだろう、 たるには、素晴らしいワインがいっぱいはいっているのだか ら、水を注いだとしても薄まるだろう」と彼はひとりごちた。 宴の夜はやってきた。 村中の者が、ジョッギとグラスをもってあつまった。 たるの口があけられたがでてきたのはまじりけのない水ばか りだった。 村中のだれもが同じことを考えたのだった。 had hadは、haveの完了形です。うしろのhadはもっていた の過去。最初のhaveは現在完了形のhaveです。 みながもちよったワインをのむという趣向だったようですが、 全員がごまかすことをかんがえたので水しかのめなかった という話です。

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すみません、追記です: 「彼」は水をワインで薄めてなどいません5行目に「pure water came out」という文がありますがこれは「ただの水が出てきたという意味です。それと、1行目にも「instead」という文字が出ていますがこれは「代わりに」という意味ですなので、「薄めた」という表現は間違いです。


「もし私が樽ににワインではなく水をいれたら、だれも気づかないだろう」と、彼は彼自身に言った「なぜならその樽の中にはたくさん素晴らしいワインがあり、そのワインの代わりに水が出てワインが失われることがないからだ」 そして、祭りが始まった すべての村人が広場を囲った、そしてワインをガラスのコップに入れ始めた 樽の中からは水が出てきた どうやら、他の村人も同じことを考えていたようだ ポイントは: 「彼」がワインを失いたくない代わりに水をいれたこと  他の「村人」たちもワインをもってきていて、「彼」と同じことを考え、水をいれたこと くらいです。 和訳が間違っているかもしれないので、おかしいと思ったところは直してみてください。

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「もし私が、ワインの代わりに1本のボトルの水をいれても、そのことには誰も気が付かないだろう。」と彼は考えました。 樽の中には、たくさんのとても素晴らしいワインがあるから、水はその中で失われるだろう。 宴会の夜はやって来ました。 村人たちは皆、ジョッキとグラスを持って集まりました。 栓が開けられました、が、出てきたのはただの水でした。 村の誰もが、同じ考えを持っていました。 'beaause は、because jegs は、jugs のスペル間違いだと思いましたので、直して訳してみました。


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    The Germans in Longueval made a determined defence but by 10:00 a.m. the 9th Scottish Rifles had taken their objectives, except the north end and a strong point in the south-east of the village, which resisted until attacked with support from the 7th Seaforth and the 5th Cameron Highlanders at 5:00 p.m. It proved impossible to capture Waterlot Farm in the second position so positions were taken in Longueval Alley, in touch with the 18th Division. At 9:00 a.m., the 9th Division HQ was erroneously informed that the village had been captured but by then the captured part of the village had been consolidated; a source of water was found before the Germans could counter-attack.

  • 次の文のwouldの用法は何ですか?

    以下はThanksgivingの説明です。 At their first feast, the Pilgrims had many reasons to be thankful. They had left England and crossed the ocean safely. They had built a new home in America. Here, the Pilgrims could pray in their own way. Here, some of them would own farms for the first time. とあります。 最後の文のwouldは単純に 「新しい土地で初めて田畑を持つことになるのである」という「過去における単純未来」ですか? それとも「新しい土地で初めて田畑を持つことができた」というcanの意味ですか?The barrel would hold two gallons of water.と同じ用法ですか? または、どちらにも解釈してもかまわないですか?文法詳しい方よろしくご回答お願いいたします。

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    The Stalker Thalassomedon was a sea monster with a very long neck. It also had a special means of catching fish: it carried stones in its stomach! These helped keep the largest portion of its body down in the dark water while the long neck slowly rose up toward the fish. The fish had no defense against Thalassomedon―they didn't see the huge animal until it was too late!

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    The advance began on 16 July at 10:00 a.m. but the casualties of the South Africans had reduced the weight of the attack, which was repulsed by the German defenders. The 27th Brigade advance were pinned down in the village by machine-gun fire from an orchard in the north end of Longueval. The survivors fell back to their trenches midway in the wood and were bombarded for the rest of the day. The situation became desperate and was made worse by an attack by Thuringian Infantry Regiment 153.

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    The researchers believe their results can be applied to evolution as a whole. it seems that , in human evolution , it was very important that the majority of people be right-handed. This is because most of the time cooperation was more important to our survival than competition. However in certain situations , competition was more important. In these cases , having about 10 percent of the population left-handed was an advantage for human beings. 文法の解説を含めて和訳が知りたいです。 回答お願いします。

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    In operating the electric pen,I got my current from a Bunsen battery consisting of two glass jars, capped at the top and controlled by a plunger with which I lowered the plates into the acid solution or drew them up when the pen was not in use.Thus the life of the battery was prolonged. The pen had a needlelike point which darted in and out of the writing end so rapidly that the eye could hardly detect it. This was operated by a miniature clectric motor small enough to be attached to the upper end of the pen.The shaft containing the needle was given its motion by cams on the rotating engine shaft so that when the current was turned on,and I wrote with the pen,holding it in a vertical position, it made innumerable tiny punctures on the sheet of paper,tracing the words that comprised the letter. After the master copy of the stencil had thus been made, I took it to the 'press',where it had to be spanned in a frame before the copies could be made.A plain sheet of paper was placed on the press,the stencil was laid on top and an ink roller passed over it. The impression of the handwriting was marked on the under sheet by the ink through the holes made by the needle.It was said that 5,000 copies could be made from a single stencil.

  • 和訳をお願いします。至急!!!!

    The response spectrum curves, which are a type of influence diagram for earthquake loads, describe the important characteristics of strong earthquake ground motions by exhibiting their effects on structures. The spectra also provide a logical measure of the intensity of earthquake ground motion which has engineering sugnificance.by means of the spectrum curves the apparently anomalous behavior of some structures during earthquakes can be explained. If the point of view is taken that structures should be designed to remain  elastic(without damage)when subjected to earthquake ground motion, a satisfactory procedure can be developed using the spectrum curves.it is true that this would be more laborious than the presently used equivalent static methods but it would not be excessively so. the real difficulty arises from the fact that in this case the structures would have to be designed for lateral loads much larger than are not prescribed by building codes. It does not seem economically justiciable that in a seismically active region all buildings should be designed to survive the strongest possible ground motion without any damage. It is more reasonable to take the point of view that the design should be such that the structures will survive the more frequent, moderate ground motions without damage but in the more rare event of very strong ground motion , damage would be tolerated so long as it was not a hazard to life and limb, this is the usual point of view of engineers in earthquake areas, it is seen from the material presented in this paper that this point of view is equivalent to requiring two different design analyses for each structure. One would be to ensure that no damage resulted from moderate, elastic vibrations, and the other would be a(limit design)type of analysis to ensure that there was sufficient energy-absorbing capacity to give an adequate factor of safety against collapse in the event of extremely strong ground motion.

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    下記の文の穴埋めと指定部分の和訳をお願いします。 Two beakers were ( 1 ) with water. In each beaker a glass cylinder was immersed, across the bottom of which a membrane was tied. The membrane allowed water to pass through it freely, but it would not allow molecules of dissolved protein to pass which ( 2 ) molecules to pass through it is known as permeable membrane. However, since the membranes used in this experiment allowed only molecules of the solvent to pass through, they are ( 3 ) as semi-permeable membranes. Two protein solutions were then made up, one at a concentration of 5g dm^-3,and the other at 10 g dm^-3. Some of the 5 g dm^-3 solution was ( 4 ) into one of the glass cylinders, and some of the 10 g dm^-3 solution into the other cylinder. The levels of the water in the beakers and the protein solutions in the glass cylinders were ( 5 ) until they were all equal. The experiment was then left for a period of twenty-four hours. After twenty-four hours, it was ( 6 ) that the levels of the water and protein solutions were considerably different from when the experiment was ( 7 ). The level of liquid in the cylinders was seen to be higher than the level of the water in the beakers. Moreover, when the height of the liquid in each cylinder was ( 8 ), /ここから和訳/ it was found that the height of the column of liquid in the cylinder containing the more concentrated solution was twice the height of the other solution. ( )内は以下の語群から、適切な形に変えて選ぶ begin/pour/know/observe/fill/allow/adjust/measure よろしくお願いします。

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    翻訳お願いします The earth is a planet covered with water. But only 2.5 percent of it is fresh water. In fact , this fresh water is so rare that it is called ''blue gold" A century ago, there were only about two billion people in the world. Now there are more than six billion, and people consume six times as much water as they did then. Today, one person in five does not have clean drinking water. According to the United Nations, there will be eight billion people in 2025, About sixty percent of them will not have enough water. The water shortage will be an urgent problem for people who live in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

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    "It has been almost thirty years since Roberto Clemente's tragic death, and still today he is remembered as one of the greatest baseball players and humanitarians of all time. We have chosen this special day to honor his greatness. September 18 will be known as 'Roberto Clemente Day."' On September 30, 1972, the Pittsburgh Pirates player Roberto Clemente of Puerto Rico was just one hit short of three thousand. Only nine other players in the 103-year history of baseball had made so many hits. At a ball park in Pittsburgh, over thirteen thousand Pirates fans were waiting for Roberto's historic hit. All over Latin America also, hundreds of thousands of people sat listening to their radios. They were hoping for their hero's success. The Pirates star hit a fastball hard. It went deep into left-center field. It was a two-base hit. The fans got very excited, but no one knew it was to be Roberto's last hit.