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下の文を和訳していただけませんか? For his 50th birth day in 1906, Freud’s disciples commissioned the Austrian sculptor K.M.Schwerdtner to strike a medallion showing Oedipus with the sphinx and bearing, in Greek, the legend “Who divined the famed riddle and was a man most mighty”. Freud was evidently nonplussed, since as a medical student he had dreamed of being commemorated at the University of Vienna with a bust inscribed with these words from Sophocles’ play “Oedipus Rex”.


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  • 和訳していただけませんか?

    下の文を和訳していただけませんか? However, he was inspired by Goethe’s example to interest himself in science. When he entered the University of Vienna in 1873, he decided to take a medical degree before embarking upon scientific research. Belonging, as he said of himself, to the class of sedentary humans “who can be found for the largest part of the day between two pieces of furniture, one formed vertically, the chair, and one extending horizontally, the table”, Freud took eight, instead of the usual five, years to graduate. This was not through laziness, but because he dabbled in so many subjects, making him eventually into one of Europe’s most cultivated men. For example, although it was not required of medical students, he elected to study with the German philosopher Franz Brentano (1838-1917), whose book Psychology from the Empirical Standpoint (1874) introduced Freud to the idea of “the unconscious”. (This idea, which Brentano actually dismissed, had been invoked by generations of earlier philosophers to explain how ideas and forgotten memories could sometimes rise to the surface as if floating up from a hidden reservoir.)

  • 英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えてください

    英文の和訳で困っています 和訳を教えていただきたいです よろしくお願いします!! 3They publicly expressed their horror at the brutality and made it known to the East Germans that they sympathized with their fate. 4The Western press made a great show of supporting those who took part in the uprising and gave the impression that there would be Western involvement and help, but this impression that there would be Western involvement and help, but this impression was deceptive. 8The inactivity of Great Britain must be seen in the light of this stance. 15Adenauer was taken aback by popular uprising. 16He was at a loss about both the origin and the extent of the potential for protest.

  • 英語が得意な方 和訳を助けてください。

    英語が得意な方 和訳を助けてください。うまく訳せなくて困っています。よろしくお願いします。 The experience with the KPD and the DKP illustrated, on the one hand, how sensitive and vulnerable the reaction of the new West German republic was to criticism of the system and, on the other, how threatened this new state felt itself to be.

  • 和訳してください

    I'm Really worried' cause of your welfare. and yes, the whole world is now praying with the problems in Japan and Libya

  • 和訳をお願いします。

    The Crimean Regional Government was a client state of Germany created in 1918 Don (Don Republic) The Don Republic was closely associated with the German Empire and fought against the Bolsheviks. Finland (Kingdom of Finland) The Kingdom of Finland was a client state of Germany created in 1918 Georgia (Democratic Republic of Georgia) In 1918, the Democratic Republic of Georgia, facing Bolshevik revolution and opposition from the Georgian Mensheviks and nationalists, was occupied by the German Empire, which expelled the Bolsheviks and supported the Mensheviks. Kuban (Kuban People's Republic) The Kuban People's Republic was a client state of Germany created in 1918 Lithuania (Kingdom of Lithuania)

  • 和訳してくださいm(_ _)m

    Marvin was worried about the weather. After having his dinner in a hurry, he decided, at almost 11:00 that night, to go down to the small dock to check for possible ice damage to his boat. As he walked downthe three-hundred-foot slope to the lake, Marvin was followed by his dog, Max. Max loved to run around with his master. Though it was very late and cold, he seemed very pleased with the unexpected trip. At the dock, Marvin saw that his fears were right. A film of ice was beginning to appear around the boat. Marvin picked up a log and tried to push the boat to break the ice. But he did not know that water from the lake had make the dock wet. As he pushed with the log, he fell down, and his body hit the dock. He badly injured his legs, and he fell into the cold fifteen-foot-deep water. The cold waters began to pull him toward the dock, but he had little strength and soon went under the water.

  • 英文和訳をお願いします。

    英文和訳お願いします。 Factuality fits most closely with the popular view of scientific methodology. Factuality is that “universe of facts, data, and techniques that can be verified with the observational methods and the work techniques of the time.” です。自分でやってみましたが、うまく訳できません。お願いします。

  • 和訳 with the paucity of sources

    和訳 with the paucity of sources This case is representative, and even with the paucity of sources is one of our better recorded cases. この事例が代表格で、私たちのより記録の確かな事例のひとつは、 even with the paucity of sourcesである。 よく文意がとれません。ご教示ください。

  • 英文翻訳をお願いします。

    The minister protested and confronted Byng in August 1916 but he did not relent, insisting that "he had nothing against Garnet Hughes there was simply a better man for the post". The change in command between Lieutenant-General Edwin Alderson and Julian Byng was also used as an opportunity to make additional changes. Much to the displeasure of Minister Hughes and delight of the Canadian troops, the unreliable Canadian Ross Rifle began to be replaced with the British Lee–Enfield and the Colt machine gun with the Vickers and Lewis machine guns. For the Canadian Corps, participation in the Battle of Mount Sorrel is commemorated with the Hill 62 (Sanctuary Wood) Memorial. The nearby Sanctuary Wood Museum Hill 62 contains a preserved/simulated section of front line trenches occupied by the British and Canadians between 1916 and 1917.

  • これの和訳を教えてください。

    But the total collisional cross section has no physical meaning for collisional process of Keplerian particles. Thus, we are no longer concerned with the total collisional cross section.    Now we will drive the expression of the collisional rate of Keplerian particles. Let n (bi~, v)dv be the number of particles per unit area with an impact parameter, bi~, and with the velocity of the gyrocenter (or the relative velocity between the particles and the planet) between v and v+dv. Here we are concerned only with the cases ei~=0 and 4, and we assume that particles are distributed uniformly and independently of bi~ in the phase space of the other orbital elements. Noticing that the velocity of the gyrocenter of Keplerian particles can be expressed as-(3/2)bi~hv_K(v_K being the Keplerian velocity of the circular orbit), we can write down n(bi~,v) as                 n(bi~,v)=n_sδ(v-3/2|bi~|hv_K), (4・3) where δ is the ordinary δ-function and n_s is the surface number density of particles. 長い文章ですが、教えていただけると助かります。