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If I made you feel painful, I am really sorry about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are still friends, but not on Facebook . You understand me !!!???



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   私があなたに痛みを与えたのなら、私は本当に申し訳ない (謝ります)!!!!    我々はまだ友達です、ただしFacebookでの友達ではなくて(本当の友達)。  分かってもらえるね!!!???




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  • pottoni
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もしあなたにつらい思いをさせてしまったなら,本当にごめんなさい!!!!!!!!!!!!! 私たちは(まだ)友達だよ、Facebook上だけではなくね。わかる!!!???





  • 和訳をお願いします。

    i am sorry if i make you think that way . but i will still get my japanese better .remember i am still new on and i want to know no mather what but is ok ,if you feel that way about me well i let you go .. is late for me and i dont want to make you Mad ... but sorry if i make you mad ..bye チャットで知人から送られてきたのですが、いまいち意味が分かりません。。。 どなたか和訳をお願いできませんか?

  • I still feel sorry about that day.

    I still feel sorry about that day. That was,however,the best choice for us,I think. Don't you? As you say,we are now "best friends". I hope you'll live a happy,special and wonderful life. この意味わかる方いましたら教えて下さい。 よろしくお願いします。

  • うまく英語にできません…

    私の誤解からメル友(アメリカ人)を傷つけてしまいました。 彼女に謝罪したいのですが、うまく英文にできません。 どなたか助けてください…。修正 or 英訳、どうかお願いいたします! あんな事言ってごめんなさい。 I am sorry about what I said last time. でも私はてっきり、あなたは私との文通をやめたいと思ってるんだと思っちゃったんです。 (↑ 訳せません…) 私の勘違いでした。 (↑ 訳せません…) ごめんなさい。 I am sorry. もちろんあなたとのメール交換を続けたいです。 I still want to exchange emails with you, of course. でもあなたの方は本当にかまわないの? But is that really ok with you? 私があんな事言ったから怒ってませんか? Aren't you angry at me, for saying such a thing? もしそうなら、本当に本当にごめんなさい。どうか許してね。 If you are, I'm really really sorry. Please forgive me.

  • 至急です(>_<)翻訳してくださいm(_)m

    I'm sorry but we don't talk usually. I won't talk to her ever again. Yuna you really don't need to worry about something like that. She isn't even in the USA. Truly I'm so sorry for making you feel this way. I swear I really do love you.←翻訳してくださいm(__)m

  • 英訳お願いします💦怖くて死にそうです。

    The reason is that I am having difficulties getting over my ex girlfriend. We seperated many months ago but for some reason it's been very painfull for me the last few weeks. Again, i am sorry and I hope I will feel better about it soon and can forget her.

  • 和訳してください!

    昔の友人?恋人のような男性から2年ぶりに連絡が来ましたがあまりにも自分が英語を忘れすぎて彼のメッセージが正確に理解できません。。。なんとなくはわかるのですが正確に知りたいので分かる方、和訳お願いいたします。 自分の名前はAとしています。 I am glad that u are fine...i am good too ... i wanna say a couple of things to you! Back there, when we were at LA, i thing that didn't treated you the way that you deserve, and i wanna say really sorry aboute that A...you deserve to know that i have a lot of good memories about you and the good times that we had in LA I know that all this things happened a long time ago, but i want to say sorry to you anyway... U always were so nice to me, and back there i was to young and too immature to know that... So, this is your Brazilian friend saying sorry to you about something that happened almost 2 years ago, but still care about that...i know that we live really far way, but anyway, i wanna be ok with you Miss you A

  • 至急意味を教えてください。

    We should talk about our feelings because I loved you and you loved me at one point... We had such a great bond and great chemistry and somehow everything went bad...I wanted to see if maybe we could work out again but I think you still dont trust me and I dont think I am ready for such a big comittment such as marriage... Write me back with how you feel about me and not asking me more questions... You know all the answers to your questions... これは過去に私のことを愛していたのでしょう?それとも今も愛しているのでしょうか?

  • 翻訳お願いします

    どなたか英語の得意な方、下記英文を翻訳していただけないでしょうか? I'm good but busy. I have a special project I'm working on right now. How are you? I hate to do this but I feel I should be 100% honest with you. You are a very nice person and I enjoy teaching you in class, but I just don't feel like pursuing a relationship outside with you. I'm really sorry. I really hope we can still enjoy chatting at Sannomiya school. :-) Take care.

  • この英語メールの意味は?

    何度か食事をともにしている仕事仲間の外国の方(母国語が英語でない)からこのメールが届きました。私はあまり英語がわからないので、いつも簡単な文章で書いてくれますが、今回のメールは大事にことが書いてあるようで正確な意味が知りたいです。どうぞよろしくお願いします。 It was wonderful evening yesterday. And we talked about many things which was interesting for me. I hope you feel little the same....... One thing I want to know from you, help me to understand what you feel about me, and how close to me you want to be. For me difficult to explain what I need from you, but I have big hope that you will understand.

  • 英訳お願いします。わかったとこは省きました><

    but... for now I am happy just flirting online lol!! Um... I'm about to go to a meeting for a couple hours (I'm at work) but I'll send you one more email before I do. ... maybe you will not like it though, but I don't want to lie about the kind of person I am... like I already said, I like to talk about sexy things... and if you don't like that at all, I will just be honest with you now, you might not like me very much! But of course we don't have to talk about that stuff all the time, we can talk about anything... ^_^ この英文がへんなのはわかっています。 適切に答えるつもりです。