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Facebook is repeatedly telling me "a script has stopped responding on your page do you want to stop script...etc etc" anybody else getting this today? it's messing up my internet procrastination plans.


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Facebookが何度も繰り返して「このページのスクリプトは反応していません。スクリプトを終了させますか?云々」というメッセージを出しているんだけど、今日同じような目にあっている人いますか?おかげで、ぼくのインターネットでぐずぐずする計画は台無しです。 my internet procrastination plansが難しい。 「本当は他にやらなくてはいけないことがあるんだけど、それは先延ばしにして、ネットサーフィンでダラダラと時間を私の計画」といったニュアンスかと思います。





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    Superjuniorのソンミンにファンレターを書きます! 翻訳機を使うと変になってしまうので 翻訳よろしくお願いします ソンミンお兄さんへ はじめまして(^-^) 日本に住んでいる中学生の○○といいます。 ソンミンお兄さんが大好きです!! それで少しでも気分が上がるといいなぁと思って 手紙を書きました!! はじめてのハングルなんですけど読めますか? 汚くてごめんなさい…。でも、一生懸命書きました!! ソンミンお兄さんにいいたいことは沢山あるけど 一番に伝えたいことは、 『ソンミンお兄さんみたいなステキな人を好きになれて幸せです!!』ってここです! ソンミンお兄さんのやさしい所大好きです!! お兄さんは自分が目立なくなるのはイヤだっていうけど 私はスーパージュニアを見ると、一番にソンミンお兄さんを探すよ! ソンミンファンはみんなそうだよ ソンミンお兄さんは自信もっていいんだよ! 大切なのは、ファンの多さより愛の大きさだと思う! 年下なのに偉そうにごめんなさい。 だから、ソンミンお兄さんは愛されてるってことです!! またお手紙書きますね!! 良かったらお返事もらえたら嬉しいです!! 体に気をつけて下さい! ソンミンお兄さん大好きです ってかんじです! おかしかったらいじってもいいです! よろしくお願いします

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    "KY shiki Nihongo" ("KY style Japanese"), a book published in February 2008 by Taishukan Shoten, contains alphabetical abbreviations popularly used by young people, with their meanings and usage. KY stands for kuki yomenai and refers to people who can't read "the air," or intuitively understand a given situation and behave accordingly - a skill highly valued in Japanese society. The most infamous culprit of KY is former prime minister Shinzo Abe, whose cabinet is widely known as the "KY Cabinet." "KY shiki Nihongo" was compiled after the publisher conducted an eight-month campaign to collect the most widely used KY expressions. The 439 entries that appear in the book were chosen from more than 44,000 submissions. JK stands for Joshi kosei (female high-school student); Iw for imi wakaranai (don't understand a thing); MM for maji mukatsuku (be really fed up); and CB for cho bimyo (very hard to tell) Some of the not-so-straightforward expressions include GMM for guzen machideatta motokare (an ex-boyfriend you bumped into in town); ODD for omae daigaku do suru (What are you going to do about university?); and MK5 for maji kireru gobyo mae (five seconds before I really lose it).

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    どなたか、翻訳お願いします。(きちんと翻訳してくれる人、お願いします) ※翻訳サイトを使わない翻訳をお願いします。 TUSAYAN,Ariz.,Sept.27 Sept 27 (NP)-A sight seeing plane crashed into a wooded hill near the Grand Canyon Airport on Wedensday,killing 10 people and injuring the other 11 people aboard. The aicraft's wings were sheared off by tall Ponderosa pines but some passengers survived because the fuselage of the de Haviland Twin Otter remained largely intact,said Sheriff Joe Richards.The two crew members were killed,he said. National Park Service Ranger Paul Crawford,how was among the first to reach the wreckage,said some of the passengers were walking around when he arrived at the scene on a small ridge about 275 meters east of a runway. "They were shell shocked.They had that empty,dazed look,"he said. The twin engine Grand Canyon Airlines plane went down at 9:49 a.m.,said U.S.Federal Aviation Adminis tration spokeswoman Elly Brekke. Brekke said the plane hit trees,fipped over and crashed after veering on its landing approach.Elizabeth Sebold,co-owner of Grand Canyon Airlines,said from Las Vegas,New.,that the plane was on a sight seeing fight and was comin in for a landing. Seibold said all those aboard were from the United States. The identities of the dead and injured were not immediately available. Larry Nickey,a Grand Canyon National Park Fire Department captain,said there was fuel in the plane's cockpit area but the wreck age did not catch fire. Nickey said fire fightersvcut out the plane's bottom to free a man and a woman.He said they were the only two still alive in the plane when he arrived.

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    翻訳よろしくお願いします。 「私の地元の一番の郷土料理です!美味しいよ」 すみません。よろしくお願いします。

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    いつもありがとうございます。 翻訳お願いします。 I want go to japan in this year but i still dont know that i will go or not and I have been there once when i was children I wish you to meet again friend

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    JugeSTP, a longtime member of the BelowEmpty.com STP fan forums, posted the following on the BelowEmpty.com forums yesterday. Keep in mind, these are rumors, as Stone Temple Pilots haven't officially announced the search for a permanent new lead singer to replace Scott Weiland.

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    STP are scheduled to perform on May 30th in Los Angeles at the MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert, it is not know who will front them at that show but many are speculating that it could be Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington since the event is honoring him:

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    So take this for what it is: 2nd hand info from a source I claim is reliable. It's hearsay, and/or a rumor. I'm telling you it's 100% legit, but that's just a stranger on a forum. Feel free to say I'm full of shit, or that I'm making this all up, it's up to you if you want to believe me. I'm only sharing because I'm sure you are as curious about the situation as I am.

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    They haven't made any official announcement beyond the statement because there's no news: they haven't gotten a replacement, AND Scott and his lawyers are disputing the legitimacy of the action.

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    Then Scott lobbied and pushed really hard to do Core, and the band said “fine let's try them”. So they did. And Scott just couldn't pull it off. He just doesn't have that range anymore. So the band is saying “dude we can't do it, you can't sing it” and Scott was really defensive about it.