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I wanna try a song about being blonde, blondes. I was trying to think okay what I have to say. Well, I'm a blonde and blondes are more fun. There is several against them. I decided to play with it and I get sick out of it at the same time. I am totally forgot 'o person and I know that. So it's like yeah, I'm blonde so I'm sorry and I get kind of quirky. But you know, I don't consider myself a domb person. So it was just like this is what I'm like as an individual. And yes, there is a label being blonde but it doesn't define me. I wanna try the song 'bout being blonde. They showed me this track and I really liked it and just kind of singging along to it, singging with it and the song just flew pretty quickly.


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ブロンドであることを歌った曲を作りたいの。私考えてみたの、何か言うことがあるんじゃないかって。私はブロンドだけど、ブロンドって楽しいことでいっぱい。ブロンドに対して偏見を持つ人もいるけど、調子を合せることにしたわ。本音を言うと不愉快だったけどね。 私は完全に???な人間だけどそれはわかってる。だから、そう。私はブロンドよ、悪かったかしら、ってな感じになって、少しばかり変わり者扱いされる場合も。でも私は自分のことを馬鹿だとは思わない。つまり私が言いたいのは、これが私のありのままの姿で、そこにあるのは一人の人間の姿っていうこと。勿論、ブロンドというレッテルは貼られるかも知れないけど、決してそれは私を定義するものではない。 ブロンドであることを歌った曲を作りたいの。あるトラックを聴かせてもらったんだけど、それとても気に入って、音楽に合わせて歌ってみたわ。歌っているうちにすぐに曲が仕上がったわ。 [注] 欧米ではブロンド(金髪)女性を容姿だけで脳みそがない、と馬鹿にする風潮が一部あります。ブロンドが、よくジョークの対象に出てきて、それを「ブロンド・ジョーク」と呼びます。話者はそうしたブロンド女性に対する偏見に憤りを覚え、ブロンドの曲を歌うことにしたのだと推察します。



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    it's all about being yourself. この訳がすごい訳しにくいです。 This is probably my favorite Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song. I also managed to find the English translation of the lyrics (so I could read them), and it's all about being yourself. 全文がこれです。

  • とても分かりづらい英語ですが訳を助けてください!

    訳を見てほしいのですが、ちょっとわかりづらい英語で困ってます。おしえてください。ちなみに相手mの方はアメリカンなんですが英語がちょっと自己流な感じです・・・ 分けました。 (1) I told myself That I well send you a email before I go to sleep so you well know me alittle more. This email maybe long or not, I don't know right now LOL. But what I want to say is. Alot of time when I think I know the woman or girl I can see myself marring. 寝る前に君にメールを送るということを話したけどもう少し私がわかる。このメールが長いかそうじゃないかいまはわからない(笑)でも私が言いたいこと。。。?? 私が考える多くの時間は・・・・・・・??? (2)I have to hold back what I feel and what I really want to say. I don't want that girl or woman run away of me because she think that I'm moving to fast. It is just all of my friends but one are married. And they are happy. And there is me, fun, kind, caring, a joy to be around. But a little sad. But for the good news! I do hope that are that one person I do end up with. And yeah I well be happy. 私は・・・私の感じること私が本当に言いたいこと・・・??私から逃げる女の子はほしくない。なぜなら彼女は・・・・・れは私の友達でも一人だけ結婚してる。彼らは幸せだ。・・・・・でも少し悲しいでもいいニュースだ。・・・・

  • 翻訳をお願い致します!

    “[Scott] is just kind of waking up, it's an hour after the show is supposed to have started and he's just kind of waking up and getting himself together. He's like 'alright I'm ready to go' it's just like, what's going on? And we all know what's going on. For me, to sit there- I'm actually shocked at how much an artist can crap all over his fans by making them wait that long.

  • 英語訳お願いします;

    分からない文があるので、訳してもらえないでしょうか>< ・ Also it is not form a pure family of black letter forms - a misture of textura and fraktur, so in this sense it is a bastard child of them. ・ There is a tension there , which can be played with. です。よろしくお願いします!!><

  • 英文和訳お願いします。

    英文和訳お願いします。 In general, my music is just quiet because it’s not the kind of music that is supposed to be loud, there is not really anything more to it than that. It would be pretty silly to blast strings and piano at 105db. こちらなのですが、英文和訳をお願いします。どうもthere is not really anything more to it than that.のあたりが不明で・・・。

  • 訳をお願いします。

    The charm of the scooter is that aside from being fun, easy to use and trendy, it fold up and can be carried on crowded trains, making it attractive not only to teenagers but also to office workers in their 20s and 30s. この一文の訳を教えて欲しいです。 the scooter とは、去年くらいに流行ったキックボードの事です。 making 以下の訳はわかるのですが、makingは、どこにかかっているんですか? 特にわからない所は、一行目の、 that aside from being fun, easy to use trendy の部分なので、そこを詳しく教えていただけるとありがたいです。

  • 和訳お願いします。(英語)

    (1)what kind of people do you like to meet? why? (2)who is the most interesting person you have ever met? tell me about it.

  • 英語の翻訳をお願いしたいです

    ドイツの会社で音楽で使用するドラムなどの音を販売している会社がありまして、そこで購入した音を使用し曲を作って、なんどかメールで曲を送付し聴いてもらったことがあります。 昨日、前に作った曲を音質をよくしてメールで送付したら長い文章が返ってきました。 もしお時間がありましたらぜひ翻訳をお願いしたいです。 よろしくお願いします。 I think the mix is not bad if you consider that you started making music not so long ago. The kick could be much more in the front also use parallel compression for this track. Hip Hop needs in your face kicks and basses. Low frequencies make you wanna dance in the club so the kick and bass transports all the energy of the song. There are also some bad frequencies at around 700 Hz to 1 kHz ( I can't locate exactly) and also some bad phasing which might also be the fault of the bad youtube converter. However don't be worried, mixing and Mastering are one of the most difficult parts in a usual music production chain. And it's also still a big challenge for me after 25 years of making music. And you do not want to listen to my first mixes because they really hurt :-) Also the mixing might not be that good, because I just made everything in a few hours. Usually It takes me more than 5 days to mix and master a song. So it could for example be 3db louder, that's for sure. Furthermore I just used your track from the youtube video which really has a very bad quality and it was kind of destroyed. When I gained or reduced some frequencies it got even worse. So I could not really get it to harmonize with the other instruments. Maybe you hear the difference when I removed your track at 2:00 To be honest it's very stupid to use mp3s or not to say youtube audio for mixng. It's kind of an unwritten law not to use mp3 or compressed audio material which makes sense of course. But no risk no fun :-) Anyway I hope you will like it. And BTW: You can use the track for whatever you like it's all yours. But if you should make money with it, it would be very kind if you contact me then.

  • 訳。

    次に挙げるものの巧い日本語訳の例をお願いします。 1.In ageneral sense. 2.For example, a wave of the hand can communicate either "hellow"or"goodbye",and you have to know the context to know which is meant. 3.Some aspects of nonverbal communication vary from culture to culture and must be learned, just as language must be learned. 4.physical closeness 5.Intentionality 6.A behavior may be 7.intentional and tinterpreted as being intentional 8.Anna may realoze that that is all he is doing, so she realizes that there is no intention to communicate. いっぱいでごめんなさい…。もし、スペルの間違いがあったら、ごめんなさい。よろしくお願いします。

  • 英語の穴埋め問題の解説をお願いします。

    37) I found the film ( ) and I enjoyed it. (1) excitedly (2) exciting (3) is excited (4) to be excited 39) I can’t tell how many people there were, but a hundred is ( ) figure. (1) a precise (2) a trivial (3) a rough (4) an exact 40) He is said to be the best person for the job, but I doubt ( ). (1) so (2) such (3) it (4) this 熟語なども教えて頂けるとありがたいです。