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以下の文を訳して下さい!! I did things to be with you, but when those things was done, I began to change I will tell you, I have done mistakes in my life, I want to, but better in skype, soon


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君と一緒にいられるよう様々な手を打ったんだが、 いざ終えてみると、考えが変わって来た。 これまで生きてきて、どんな過ちを犯してきたか、君に話そうと思うんだ。 スカイプの方が都合がいいね。では近いうちに。



回答をありがとうございます!! いつも微妙なニュアンスがわからず再確認したくて投稿しています。 力になっていただき本当に感謝しています。


  • カッコ内の動詞をどうしたらいいですか

    カッコ内の動詞をどうしたらいいですか I began to read the book a week ago , and haven't finished it yet , but I will lend it to you as soon as I ( finish ) it. ( finish )をどうしたらいいですか? 和訳もお願いします。

  • 和訳をお願いします

    I will tell you where i am going to be, as soon as i know. よろしくお願いします^^;

  • 英語の翻訳をお願いします。

    外国の方とメールのやりとりをしています。 まだ、私の英語力が足りないばかりに、よく意味のわからない文があり困ってます。翻訳、お願いします。 I hope I had become a good friend for you, a person to “chat” with for important things. I wish I had done some things different with you, but I am glad to keep you as a friend at the end.

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1 私はあなたと一緒に居るためにそれをやったの、だけどそらが終わった時、私は変わり始めた。 2 あなたに言うよ、私は私の人生の中で失敗続きだったの。 言いたい、だけどすスカイプですぐに言った方が良い 小学4年生の娘が教えてくれました



回答をありがとうございます!! 小学4年生の娘さんが訳して下さったんですね。 本当に感謝しています。


  • 要約をお願いします☆

    Is very glad to see your letter today. When I receive it, on mine The person always a smile, and in my heart warmly. After all when I read yours Letters, I start to represent that you stand nearby and speak to me about It. I do not know that occurs, but for that time that we are familiar with You, I have very much changed. As soon as possible I always hasten to To the computer to read your letter. I have a such Feeling that I became a little dependent on you. Because for days on end I think only of you, I represent your life there, is far from me. As You think, what is it? I am afraid to tell it, but it seems to me that it Love. I am afraid of this loud word, but I tell you the thoughts. After all we have agreed with you that we will tell all secrets each other. I trust you and I hope that you as trust me. Recently I began to think of how would be much Remarkably, if could meet and learn each other better. That You think of it? I think, it is difficult to speak about something only through Letters and phone. I wish to have with you live dialogue. But I do not know, What your thoughts that I have now written to you. My dear, do not worry, we will necessarily speak on msn! ok!? We will necessarily speak in msn, I promise to you! :) "Do you agree?" Is such expression is available in Russia. I do not know, how To you it to explain. You trust in destiny? It means:"nobody knows, That the destiny has prepared for us ". Understand me? Now I will finish the letter and I will wait for your early reply.

  • 和訳をお願いします

    いつもお世話にないます。この文の正しい訳をおしえてください。 ()部分は私が相手にふざけてビルに向かって指を指していた写真に「あれ買って~あの建物買える?」とセリフをつけて送ったことです。 2行目~は「まさしくあの写真のようで。私は言うつもりだったけどあなたがどれがほしいと言わなかった」と訳しましたが。1行目の文が少し意味がわかりません。それによって全部の意味の解釈が変わるようなきがしたので 全部の訳を教えてください。 People are mean and they play with your emotions and thats not good my friend did that to me and I got hurt emotionally it is wrong to do theses things but people will do it. As for me I care dearly for the one in my life and I will do anything to me you happy. Just like the picture that you sent ( I want that,Can you buy that building ) I will but you did not tell me which building you wanted there are a lots of building in the picture.

  • 至急翻訳お願いします!

    すみません、お助け下さいませ! 以下の文はどう訳したら良いでしょうか? I will do those things on the sabbath that will help me feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ

  • このthingsって何のこと?

    訳の質問ですが、 I been good, things are going ok, i need to get my car fixed but things are good so whats been going on with you? how are things out there? 訳を教えてください 元気にしてたよ 事もうまくいってる。車が必要なんだ、、わかりません教えてください。彼のいうthingsもよくわかりません 彼と何かについて語ったこともないですし、、

  • 和訳をお願いします

    こちらの和訳を教えてください! Even though I know about something. But I will still do it. It's not easy to change. Because you might leave me, forever. The 2 choices for me are: still here or leave out of your life but I know that there is not enough time for me to try. I just want to smile with you by my side for as long as possible. I hope that someday, you will understand the things that I have done. I love you so much. I do this because I don't want to lose you. if you had a chance to read this, you will know that I have good intentions. But since I love you. Only one reason is, I need you happy and you smile every day every time, My angel.

  • 和訳お願い致します

    この表現をされた場合、行く行くは付き合いたいといってますか?異性としてみられてますよね?友達にも使うのでしょうか どんなシチュエーションで使うか気になりまた。 I really think you are a wonderful person One of the nicest, kindest people I have ever met in my life I want to get to know you better and I want to spend more time with you

  • 和訳できるかたお願いします。

    I will do as many writers have done and tell one particular detail as a way of suggesting things even worse: that Jacqueline Kennedy opened her white-gloved hand to show Secret Service agent Clint Hill the bit of skull clutched in her palm. よろしくお願いします><

  • get A change that of

    Let's get you change that of those wet things. 「あなたのその濡れたもの(服)を取り替えましょうね」と、お母さんが子供に言っているようです。 (1) get の使役は、get 目的語 to do だったと思うのですが、to がありません。このchange は動詞ではなく、名詞なのでしょうか? (2) that of those wet things の that of は文法的にどのように理解したらようのでしょうか。 that of は、どういうニュアンスになりますか。 よろしくお願いします

  • 至急お願いします。訳のチェックお願いします。

    英語訳で不確かな部分があるので、チェックをお願いします。 You taught me about what I made mistakes politely. 「あなたは私が何を間違えているのかについて丁寧に教えてくれました。」 "Plitely"の位置は最後で問題ないでしょうか。 We couldn't talk about various topics deeply. 「私達は様々な話題について深く話すことができませんでした。」 "Deeply"の位置は最後で問題ないでしょうか。それとも"couldn't"の後の方が望ましいでしょうか。 But I will definitely improve my English enough to talk with you about not only each country but also everything we are interested in deeply. 「でも、あなたとそれぞれの国についてだけでなく、私達が興味のあるすべてのことについて深く話ができるくらい必ず英語を改善します。」 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

  • 和訳お願いします

    i just wanna to tell u that maybe next two weeks i will be busy coz i will start my exams and when i end it i will be totaly freee :D..!,so i will miss you,be safe...!cya soon !!!^o^ この文章の和訳をお願いします! 友人男性から来たメールです。 ちなみに彼は英語圏の人ではありません;