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He wants to tell the truth, and he wants to entertain his friends, and what kind of truth he tells and what kind of friends he has depend partly on the state of society as a whole and partly on the kind of life which he, as an artist, leads.



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  • d-y
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He wants to tell the truth, 彼は真実を語りたい。 and he wants to entertain his friends, そして彼は友だちを楽しませたい。 and what kind of truth he tells and what kind of friends he has depend partly on the state of society as a whole and partly on the kind of life which he, as an artist, leads. そして、どういう種類の真実を彼が語り、友達を彼が持っているかは、社会全体の状態に依存する部分があり、彼が芸術家としてどんな生活をしているかに依存する部分もある。


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  • d-y
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ちょっと訂正。 誤: 友達を持っているか 正: どんな種類の友達を持っているか


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彼は真実を話したい、と同時に友人を楽しませたい。 つまり、どんな類の真実を話せばよいのか、はたまたどんなタイプの彼の友人が、 いかなる社会情勢に片足を突っ込んでいて、それが芸術家としての彼の人生模様に どの程度関わってくるのかということ。




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  • oignies
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訳す? これは、英語ですが。



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    参考書ふうの正直な和訳をお願いします。 The facts are really not at all like fish on the fishmonger's slab. They are like fish swimming about in a vast and sometimes inaccessible ocean; and what the historian catches will depend, partly on chance, but mainly on what part of the ocean he chooses to fish in and what tackle he chooses to use — these two factors being, of course, determined by the kind of fish he wants to catch. By and large, the historian will get the kind of facts he wants. History means interpretation. * E. H. Carr, What Is History?

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    「彼は欲しい物を買うことを我慢できない。」 →He can't put up with buying what he wants. 「彼はすぐに欲しい物を買う癖がある。」 →He is in the habit of buying what he wants immediately. 「彼に必要なことは欲しい物を買うことを我慢することだ。」 →It is nessesary for him that he put up with buying what he wants. 欲張って3つ書いてみましたが、合ってますでしょうか? よろしくお願いいたします。

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    以下の英文を和訳していただけるかたに。 お願いできますでしょうか? 1文節の後半となりますので、内容が中途半端だと思いますが、 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 He saw himself as being different part of a newer world You may be curious about the kind of companions he keeps, what kind of friends he has. or what sort of people he would like to be surrounded by in his life? Your soul mate has friends or acquaintances who are seen in at the leading edge, modern exhibitions, and alternative settings. Expensive friends, in new casual clothes and fashionable settings, His closest friends are progressive, intellectually liberated people with an original or artistic turn of mind. Humanitarian and of the modern age, into the arts and computers., Your courtship will be romantic unique and totally different. You both have unusual, alternative or weird interests. You are likely to meet under the most unexpected circumstances.

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    So my husband has a collection that he has been working on for 20 years. He’s put a lot time, energy, and love into it. But now he wants to sell off some of the less expensive pieces that he doesn’t care as much about, to make room for others he wants to buy. So he’s spent the last few weeks going through and putting aside pieces he still loves, and packing up the ones he wants to sell. A good friend of his, also a collector, who he’s known for decades, has offered $7,000 for the batch. I know for a fact that these pieces cost a hell of a lot more than that. I’ve said as much, but he just wants it out. the batchは「彼のコレクションのひと束」ということでしょうか?あと、I’ve said as much, but he just wants it out.の和訳も教えてください。よろしくお願いします

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    以下の翻訳をお願いします One who travels hopefully in life knows where he wants to be and what he wants to do, but quite never arrives. Yet the pursuit of things may bring him more pleasure than would the victory. He will enjoy a wide experience of life, the highs and the lows, the wealth and the poverty, life riches tapestry of experience but he has not realized that it is the journey for him that counts, not the success or failure at the end of it. He is free with his gains, and can be lavish and prodigal, can throw himself totally into everything he becomes involved He is not extreme so much as whole hearted in things, he has no moderation. He is irascible, yet kind. He gives advice and wisdom and the benefit of his experience to those who are more expert or aught to know better than him. He has a kind of shrewd cleverness, A good judge of things as they are. And an intuitive knowledge of how to manipulate things to his own advantage in life.

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    My five year-old son is starting kindergarten and wants to dress himself. None of his clothing matches and I’m worried his friends and others will make fun of him for the way he looks. He is insisting on picking out his own clothes. My husband and I are torn over what to do. Do we allow him to pick his own clothes OR do we save him from himself and demand he wear what we tell him to? save him from himself はどのような意味でしょうか?よろしくお願いします

  • 意味上の主語と目的語が分かりません

    Every author tries to convince you, his reader, that what he has to say is true and should be accepted as truth. 上の文の what he has to say ですが、 私は what he has to say(彼が言わなければならないもの) と訳したのですが、 参考書を見ると what he has <to say> (言うために、彼が持っているもの) と訳すのが正しいと書いてありました。 その場合はto say の意味上の主語と意味上の目的語は何であると考えたらよろしいのでしょうか?

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    色々な文を英訳してみたのですが、いかがでしょうか? 『この靴歩きやすそうだ。』 This pair of shoes seems easy to walk in. 『このベッドは適度に柔らかく、寝心地がとても良いです。』 This bed is moderately soft and comfortable to sleep on. 『彼は仕事に取り掛かるまで時間がかかる。  しかも出来上がった仕事は完成度が低い。』 He takes a lot of time to get down to work, and what is worse the way he finishes work is bad. 『これは(作るのに)時間がかかりますか? すぐに行かなければいけないので』(レストランで店員に対して) Does this take long to prepare? I have to leave soon.

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    Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. の what は、疑問詞にも関係詞にも訳せます。 しかし、 There is much truth in what they say. は、関係詞のように訳さないといけません。 それでは、必ず疑問詞として訳さないといけないwhat はあるのでしょうか? あれば、文を教えてください。

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    The essential function of human community is to arrive at some agreement on what we need, what life ought to be, and then teabh our children so they can go on the right way. 人間の社会の重要な機能は~までしか分かりません。分かっても断片的にしか分かりません。 Lager communities, such as cities, open up room for peoplf to imagin alternatives, learn from people of different traditions, and invent their own ways to live. 都市のような大きな社会は代わりのイメージのために人々に…?よく分かりません。 教えて下さい。