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Prince William and Kate Middleton got their first royal wedding from the queen: the titles Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Buckingham Palace said Friday that William is now His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, and that Miss Catherine Middleton is now Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. Because Middleton was not born royalty, she will not officially become Princess Catherine - although the public may choose to call her that, or even "Princess Kate," in defiance of royal protocol. The second Duke of Cambridge, Prince Adolphus Frederick, was the seventh son of King George III. Defying the Royal Marriage Act, he married his mistress, Sarah Louisa Fairbrother, an actress and a commoner, in 1847. Since the marriage wasn't legal, his children were all illegitimate, and the dukedom became extinct on his death, in 1904.


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ウイリアム王子とケイト・ミドルトンは、彼らの初の王室の結婚式に伴って、女王からケンブリッジ公爵とケンブリッジ公爵夫人の称号を得ました。 バッキンガム宮殿が金曜日に伝えたところによれば、ウィリアムは、これからは、ケンブリッジ公爵殿下、キャサリン・ミドルトン嬢は、ケンブリッジ公爵夫人妃殿下になります。 ミドルトンは、王族の生まれではなかったので、彼女は、公式には、キャサリン王女になりません ― ただし、市民は、彼女をそう呼ぶことを選ぶかもしれません、あるいは、王室儀礼を無視して「ケイト王女」とさえ呼ぶかもしれません。 第2代ケンブリッジ公爵、アドルファス・フレデリック王子は、ジョージ3世王の7番目の息子でしたが、王室婚姻法を無視して、1847年に、彼は愛人の女優で一般人のサラ・ルイザ・フェアブラザーと結婚しました。結婚が合法的でなかったので、彼の子供たち全員は非嫡出子でした、そして、1904年に、彼の死によって公爵位は、廃止されました。 ☆ケンブリッジ公 http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%82%A6%E3%82%A3%E3%83%AA%E3%82%A2%E3%83%A0_(%E3%82%B1%E3%83%B3%E3%83%96%E3%83%AA%E3%83%83%E3%82%B8%E5%85%AC)



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    medical research council unit for the study of the molecular structure of biological systems,cavendish laboratory,cambridge. この訳を教えてください

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    Following a plebiscite in which nearly 99% of votes were cast in favor of his return, Constantine returned as king on 19 December 1920. This caused great dissatisfaction not only to the newly liberated populations in Asia Minor, but also to the Great Powers who opposed the return of Constantine. Within two years the king's new-found popularity was lost again. The inherited, ongoing Asia Minor Campaign against Turkey began with initial successes in western Anatolia against the Turks. The Greeks initially met with disorganized opposition. However, an ill-conceived plan to capture Kemal's new capital of Ankara, located deep in barren Anatolia where there was no significant Greek population, succeeded only in its initial stages. The overextended and ill-supplied Greek Army was routed and driven from Anatolia back to the coast. burning Smyrna. Following an army revolt, Constantine abdicated the throne again on 27 September 1922 and was succeeded by his eldest son, George II. He spent the last four months of his life in exile in Italy and died at 1:30 AM on January 11, 1923 at Palermo, Sicily of heart failure. His queen, Sophie of Prussia, was never allowed back in Greece. A life and reign that had started under the brightest of auspices ended in ruin.As Crown Prince of Greece, Constantine married Princess Sophia of Prussia, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria and sister of Kaiser Wilhelm II, on 27 October 1889 in Athens. They had six children. All three of their sons ascended the Greek throne. Their eldest daughter Helen married Crown Prince Carol of Romania; their second daughter married the 4th Duke of Aosta; whilst their youngest child Princess Katherine married a British commoner.King George II of Greece 20 July 1890 1 April 1947 married Princess Elisabeth of Romania King Alexander I of Greece 1 August 1893 25 October 1920 married Aspasia Manos aka Princess Alexander of Greece Helen, Queen Mother of Romania 2 May 1896 28 November 1982 married Prince Carol of Romania, later King of Romania King Paul I of Greece 14 December 1901 6 March 1964 married Princess Frederika of Hanover Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark 13 February 1904 15 April 1974 married Prince Aimone, Duke of Aosta, nominally King Tomislav II of Croatia from 1941 to 1943 Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark 4 May 1913 2 October 2007 married Major Richard Brandram MC (5 August 1911 – 5 April 1994)

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    I chose Arabic and Persian, two languages that vaguely interested me, but when I arrived in Cambridge and met the professors of these languages, they laughed at the presumption of anyone who supposed he could learn them in one year. 自分なりに以下のように訳してみました。 ・ぼんやりながらも私の関心を惹いた2つの言語(アラビアとペルシャ)を選んで、私がケンブリッジに到着して、そしてこれらの言語の教授たちに会ったときに彼らは1年でそれらの言語を修得しうると思っているものの見込みを笑い飛ばしました。 いまいちピンと来ない感じです。。

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    ウィリアム王子とケート•ミドルトンは、女王に、初めての結婚式で、 ケンブリッジ公爵および公爵夫人(Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)の称号を与えられた。    バッキンガム宮殿は、金曜、ウィリアムは、今、ケンブリッジ公爵殿下(His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge)で、ミス キャサリーン•ミッドルトンは、ケンブリッジ公爵夫人殿下(Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge)であると発表した。     ミドルトンは王室出身ではないので、公式にはキャサリーン妃(Princess Catherine)には成らないが、一般にそう呼ぶことも出来るし、王室の礼式に反して「ケート妃」(Princess Kate)と呼んでも構わない。     ケンブリッジ第二公爵アドルフス•フレデリック王子は、英王ジョージ三世の第7王子である。王室結婚規定に反して彼(=ジョージ三世)は、女優で平民の愛人、サラ•ルイーザ•フェアブラザーと、1847年に結婚した。この結婚は法律に反するものであったため、彼の子はすべて私生児となり、1904年に彼が亡くなった時、公爵領は消滅した。



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    エッセイを読んでいます。 自分なりに訳してみましたが、分からないところは雰囲気で訳したり、抜かしたりなどしています。また合っているかどうかも含めてお願いします。微妙にピンとこない訳もあるので…。 In any case, I had no money, and Cambridge University had none for this purpose either. ・とにかく私はお金もなく、こういう目的のためにケンブリッジ大学は何も持ってなかった。 I left England for Rome, the first stop on my journey, aboard the Comet, the earliest jet plane, which soon afterwards established a tragic record of disasters. ・私は旅の最初の中継地であるローマに向けて、ごく初期のジェット旅客機であるコメットに搭乗して向かったのですが、それは程なく悲劇的な歴史を打ち立てるのでした。 I had enjoyed my five years in Europe --- in fact, when I left Cambridge I assumed that I would return and spend the rest of my life there --- but almost from my first steps on Japanese soil I knew that this is where I had wanted to be for a long time. ・私はヨーロッパで5年間の生活を楽しんで、実際私がケンブリッジを去るときに、自分はそこに戻って生涯の残りを過ごすつもりにしていたが、日本の土壌に第1歩をほとんどしるしたときから私はここが長きに渡っていたいと願っているところだということを知りました。 以上、宜しくお願いします。

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    和訳お願いしますm(_ _)m The Star Festival is based on a Chinese romantic legend to the effect that every year on the eve of July 7, Vega, otherwise known as the Weaver Star Princess, is supposed to meet Altair, or Herdboy Star, on the bank of the River of Heaven, which is commonly known as the Milky Way. The legend behind this rendezvous is that the celestial princess, who was an accomplished weaver, fell in love with a handsome cowherd. To reward her for her industry, her father, the king, permitted the couple to marry. However, the couple fell so madly in love that the princess neglected her weaving, and the cowherd allowed all his cows to stray. The celestial king was so angered by this negligence that he finally separated the lovers, forcing them to remain on the opposite sides of the Milky Way. Since there was no bridge spanning the Milky Way, the princess, who missed her lover, wept bitterly. A magpie happened to come along, and feeling deeply sympathetic, the bird assured her that it would build a bridge for her once a year. This was done with many magpies spreading their wings and forming a bridge on which the princess crossed. The legend says further, if it rains on the eve of July 7, the magpies will not make the bridge, and the celestial lovers must wait another year for their meeting. 長文で申し訳ございませんm(_ _)m

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    "Here is an animal that is a perfect model for the human condition," says Jay Neitz of the University of Washington in Seattle, a member of the team that carried out the experiment. Neitz and his colleagues introduced the human form of the red-detecting opsin gene into a viral vector, and injected the virus behind the retina of two male squirrel monkeys — one named Dalton in honour of the British chemist, John Dalton, who was the first to describe his own colour blindness in 1794, and the other named Sam. The researchers then assessed the monkeys' ability to find coloured patches of dots on a background of grey dots by training them to touch coloured patches on a screen with their heads, and then rewarding them with grape juice. The test is a modified version of the standard 'Cambridge Colour Test' where people must identify numbers or other specific patterns in a field of coloured dots. よろしくお願いします人( ̄ω ̄;)

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    He has Oxford ears and Cambridge tail. 空想の青い犬の話しをしているのですが、OxfordとCambridgeは実際にある犬種か何か なのでしょうか?ご存知のかたはよろしくアドバイスをお願いいたします。

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    You cannot force Stan to see the benefits of marriage through your eyes. His relationship with his surviving parent takes precedence over his relationship with you, and right now, Stan interprets marriage as an abandonment of Mom.https://www.arcamax.com/healthandspirit/lifeadvice/anniesmailbox/s-2030863 Stan interprets marriage as an abandonment of Mom.の和訳をよろしくお願いします

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    Between school and university Prince William spent a gap year oversea, wolking as a volunteer for charity for some of the time.

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    The word “Oxbridge” may be confusing to people from outside the UK. If you look at a map of the UK, you will not find any place with this name. This is because the word is combination of Oxford and Cambridge and refers to the two ancient universities. These two universities share so many similarities that it is possible to refer to them using only one word. Both universities are made up of separate colleges: Oxford has 39 and Cambridge has31. Each student belongs to one particular college. This is where the student lives, usually for the first two years of a standard three-year university course. Most of the student’s classes also take place in the college, through large scale lectures are usually held in the large faculty buildings. Each college is independent and controls its own finances and property. The teaching system is also very similar in both universities. The basis of it is the tutorial system. Each student has his or her own personal tutor. This tutor supervises the student’s work throughout his or her time at university. Students normally see their tutor once a week in groups of two or three. During this meeting, they read out their assignments, receive criticism and guidance, and have the opportunity to discuss their work and their progress. Thames and Cambridge are built beside rivers. Oxford is on the River Thames and Cambridge on the River Cam. Neither are very large rivers, and so they carry very little commercial traffic. In the summer months, one of the student’s favourite leisure activities is to rent a punt ------a kind of small, flat-bottomed boat that is moved and steered by means of a long pole------ and spend an afternoon gliding slowly down the river. Punting usually involves stopping to visit a riverside pub or to have a picnic under the trees. There are some differences between the two universities, however. Oxford situated in the middle of four large and important cities -----London, Birmingham, Southampton and Bristol------- and so became an important commercial center. It was also the site of Britain’s first car factory: the Morris works at Cowley. Cambridge is located in the east of England in a quiet, mainly agricultural region, and is much smaller and less busy than Oxford. Because Oxford University established itself in a busy commercial center, the colleges are spread all over the city. In Cambridge, however, almost all of the colleges are built in a line with their backs to the river. Both Universities have an excellent reputation in many fields, and so it is impossible to say which is better. Cambridge has a reputation for producing gifted scientists and mathematicians. Oxford, on the other hand, seems to produce politicians. Of the last eight British prime ministers, six, including Tony Blair, were Oxford graduates.

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    太陽系外惑星探査機ケプラーについて書かれた英文の一部です。 和訳をお願いします。m(_ _)m The findings appear to reinforce hints from ground-based telescopes that stars have relatively few close-in planets with a mass between that of Saturn and Neptune, says Dimitar Sasselov of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge,Mass.

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    ドナルドキーンのエッセイを読んでいます。 和訳をお願いします。自分でも訳しましたが、訳せていない部分もありますし、合っているかどうかも含めてお願いします。 [1]With a mischievous smile he replied that the "smoke" referred to the great fire which had destroyed most of the city of Edo! *まったくいたずらっぽい笑みを浮かべた彼は、smoke(煙)は江戸の町の大半を焼き尽くした大火を研究するのだと答えた。 [2]I chose Arabic and Persian, two languages that vaguely interested me, but whe I arrived in Cambridge and met the professors of anyone who supposed he could learn them in one year. *ぼんやりながらも私の関心を惹いた2つの言語(アラビアとペルシャ)を選んで、私がケンブリッジに到着して、そしてこれらの言語の教授たちに会ったときに彼らは1年でそれらの言語を修得しうると思っているものの見込みを笑い飛ばしました。 以上、宜しくお願いします。

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    イギリスの王室の人の名前が、 よく The Prince Charles,Prince Wales や The Duke of York,Prince William of Wales といった具合に、「Wales」,「York」といった 州や都市の名称があとに来る場合があります。 これはどういうことなのでしょうか? チャールズ皇太子はウェールズの王子でもあるということですか? また和訳するときはどのように訳せばよいのでしょうか? ウェールズの王子、チャールズ皇太子。 ウェールズの王子、ウィリアム王子 だとなんか変なんですよね。 イギリス事情に詳しい方よろしくお願いします。