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下記の英語を日本語に訳してください。よろしくお願いします。 Of course it's ok with me. I guess all you would need is extra money to spend if you choose to do that.


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  • Him-hymn
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もちろん、私はそれでかまいません。 そうしようという選択をするなら、必要なのは、もっとお金を使うことだけだろうと思います。 以上で、いかがでしょうか?




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  • Nakay702
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>Of course it's ok with me. I guess all you would need is extra money to spend if you choose to do that. ⇒もちろん私に関してはOKです。あなたにとって必要なのは、それをしようと決めたときに使うお金でしょう。





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    Of course I didn’t want to cause any problems to you, but I think I can not die so easy unless I am strong enough to face my death. もちろん、メッセージを遺さない、あなたに負担をかけたくないという思いもどこかにありました。 でも実際、死と対面したとき、よほどの強さがない限り、そんなにいさぎよい死に方はできないと思っています。 It would be ideal of human being, but I am too scared to even imagine to die. 生ある者の理想論だと。 それを貫けるなら格好いいけれど、想像でも私はできませんでした。 After all I still love you. 私はやはりあなたが好きです。 I tried giving up from you, but I could not do. 忘れようと思ったけれど無理みたい。 I would be amazed if you think what a weird letter I sent. こんな変な手紙送って!と思ってくれれば逆に嬉しいわ。 I want to impose many burdens to you while I am alive. 生きているうちにもっと負担をあなたにかけたい。 I want to be more selfish. もっとわがままになりたい。 I want to rely on you more. あなたにもっと頼りたい。 You would be disgusted with me, but I want you to be. あなたを呆れさせても、そうしたい。 It’s because I would be nothing if I die. 死んでしまったら終わりだと思っているから。 Wish I could live longer. 生きてこそ。   At the end, Thank you for being patient with my poor letter. こんな手紙を読んでくれてありがとう。 However, it would remain you to think that I am stupid helpless girl better than a good girl. でもどうしようもない「お馬鹿さん」の方があなたの心に残ると思ったので。 I want to close this dramatize letter here. そんな演出でメッセージを締めくくります。

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    ・Having twice the size or amount. ・An unhappy feeling when you have done something wrong. ・The money that a person is ordered to pay as a penalty. ・To have an opposite result to what was intended. ・A thing that encourages someone to do something.

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    I don't think I can find a better flight, because it's so close to the date, the flights will only become less and more expensive, so if we can sort sooner, then it is better, but of course I don't want to rush you. I think I can get a flight there for maybe £800, so it's £600 cheaper than your flight to here, but then I also need to pay for a hotel, but it's still an option if getting a flight for you to here is too expensive, though of course I would like to make your dream come true and show you england. Gomen ne, there is so much english for you to read >.<

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    日本語訳をお願いします。 Well it's good to hear that you want to improvement, and hey it only gets better from here. I do wish that you would upload more cause your art is already quite recognizably good and I would love to see what else you may have up your sleeves! OwO よろしくお願いします。

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