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自己採点をしたいので解答を教えてください。 宜しくお願いいたします。 同志社女子2013/1/26 27.Our company is the area's (most experienced housing/housing most experienced/housing experienced most/experience most housing) specialist. 28.When I stay in Paris,I (usually visit/am usually visiting/shall usually visit/would usually visit) the Louvre. 29.Utilities such as gas and electricity (including/is included/are included/are including) in the rent. 30.Jane had har fingernails (manicure/to manicure/manicuring/manicured) by the beautician. 31.I appreciate (invited/inviting/being invited/to have invited) to the party. 32.The Internet has (made/had/let/enabled) us to quickly contact even friends who are far away. 33.We regret (to inform/to have informed/inform/informs) you that we chose someone else for the job.


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27. Our company is the area's (most experienced) specialist. 我が社は、地域の最も経験豊かな専門家です。 28. When I stay in Paris, I (usually visit) the Louvre. パリに滞在するときは、私は通常ルーブル美術館を訪れます。 29. Utilities such as gas and electricity (are included) in the rent. ガスや電気のような公共料金は、家賃に含まれます。 30. Jane had her fingernails (manicured) by the beautician. ジェーンは、彼女の指の爪を美容師にマニキュアをしてもらいました。 31. I appreciate (being invited) to the party. 私は、パーティーに招待されることに感謝します。 32. The Internet has (enabled) us to quickly contact even friends who are far away. インターネットのおかげで、私たちは、遠く離れている友人にさえ速く連絡することができるようになりました。 33. We regret (to inform) you that we chose someone else for the job. 我々は、残念ながら、その仕事に他の人を選んだことをあなたにお知らせします。



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